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FIFA 23 vs FIFA 22: ALL the news, changes and main differences

These are all the main differences between FIFA 23 and FIFA 22. Learn about the news and changes included in the new installment of EA Sports for the 2022-2023 season.

One more year, EA Sports presents us with a new installment of its football simulator par excellence: FIFA 23 arrives to replace FIFA 22 as the most recent edition of the saga that, how could it be otherwise, presents some new features and substantial changes in different aspects.

Whether you are a curious player or a buyer who is considering making the leap to the new installment of the franchise, in this entry of our complete guide we are going to show you all the main differences and novelties that FIFA 23 includes with respect to its last edition.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news

The Ultimate Team modality is once again the main protagonist in FIFA 23 and this year it presents great novelties, such as the FUT Moments experience or the renewed Chemistry system. In this official link, you can read more details and you can review the changes in the following video as a summary:

To dig a little deeper into these FUT features, here below we talk about the most striking changes in FIFA 23:

FUT Moments

FUT Moments is a new experience in Ultimate Team that gives players short challenges (between one and three) that they can complete in fast-paced game situations with adjustable difficulty levels.

FUT Moments

  • Challenges will be added throughout the season - to bring you new FUT moments.
  • Every Moment begins with a Story – and each Story is made up of chapters based on seasonal themes, FUT campaigns or actual events from football past or present. Some stories will be limited and need to be completed before they expire, while others will be available throughout FUT 23.
  • Completing these challenges will earn you Stars – a brand new currency.
  • Stars can be redeemed: in the Moments Star Gallery for players, packs, and more.
  • The higher the difficulty of the challenges you complete: the more Stars you will earn for your account and with it the more prizes you can claim.

New Chemistry system

FUT 23 redefines the player chemistry system to give more flexibility when creating teams. These are the improvements that chemistry has received:

  • Simplified Links – Link players in your starting eleven based on shared clubs, leagues, and countries, as players gain chemistry no matter where they are on the pitch.
  • Chemistry Gauges: The new diamond gauge on the squad screen shows you how much chemistry each player in the starting eleven provides to your team on a new 0-3 scale, while the chemistry panel shows each club, league, and country represented in your template to maximize your links.
  • Positions: Players can now have up to three secondary positions. Reposition your players with a single repositioning item to find new options for your squad, whether it's a striker who also plays on the wing, a full-back who can play left or right, or a midfielder defender who acts as a center-back.
  • Attributes: In this edition, all players on your squad will play with at least their base attributes, even when playing out of position, with zero chemistry. The more chemistry you have in your squad, the greater the boost you'll get to their stats.
  • FUT Icons and Heroes – Some of the most memorable players in the history of the sport, FUT Icons and Heroes give a unique buff to your squad chemistry, and will always have maximum chemistry, as long as they play in the correct position. In FUT 23, Icons will count double towards their country's chemistry and FUT Heroes will count double towards their partner league.
New Chemistry system

Template Creation Challenges (DCP)

The new chemistry system brings changes to Template Creation Challenges (SBCs). This year there are two ways we will be asked to develop templates:

  • Total Chemistry of all players combined, up to a maximum of 33.
  • Chemistry points per player are between 0 and 3.

More customization in FUT

New additions to the FUT Stadium further enhance the visuals to make your club's Fortress more dramatic.

  • Levels 1, 2, and 3 – have a completely new design on the ceilings and the lighting color matches your stadium theme color.
  • Add life to the stadium: with animated baseboards and mega-reality textures, plus animated typhoons and pitchside obstacles that will move as the match is played.
  • Real Club VIP Areas - Updated with new smoke effects and add more life to crowds with increased dynamic movement on our crowd banners and flags.

What's new for Career and Manager mode

What's new for Career and Manager mode

FIFA 23 Career mode, one of the pillars of the franchise, returns for another year and does so with a lot of changes. Listing them all would be eternal, although you can consult them at this official link. However, we are going to mention one of the most striking changes: the Playable Highlights.

Playable Highlights

In Playable Highlights, you'll take control of key moments in matches to try and define their outcomes, especially key plays that affect the scoreline while letting the rest of the match play out.

You can take a look at the following overview video to better understand how this feature and Career Mode work in FIFA 23:

In general terms, Playable Highlight is a system that does the following:

  • Evaluate the two rival sides for each game: taking into account their strengths and weaknesses, both defensive and offensive, based on the players in the lineup and their statistics at the exact moment of the season.
  • By using all this data: it generates the number of scoring chances that each team will have and distributes them throughout the match.
  • Each goal-scoring opportunity triggers a highlight: making the player jump into the game to convert a potential scoring chance (offensive highlight) or to prevent the CPU AI from doing the same (defensive highlight).
  • The highlights are diverse: both in type and position on the field, mimicking the variety of situations that can be found in normal matches.
  • You'll see everything you'd normally expect in a match: but with less time to affect the outcome, so you'll need to make your chances count to succeed.
  • The new experience is available alongside all the progress options from previous matches: so you can still choose to play the full match, sim to the end, or use the interactive simulator.

Improvements, changes, and new gameplay mechanics

Among the main gameplay improvements that FIFA 23 receives, we find the advances in new generation HyperMotion technology with double the real data captured and more than 6,000 unique animations (you can visit this official link for more details). In addition, this installment also features cross-play between platforms of the same generation.

It should be noted that FIFA 23 includes new game mechanics and more changes like these:

  • Zapatazo: New shooting mechanic, based on skill and the balance between risk and reward. Create space away from the defense, pick the gap, and activate a power shot to give your shot more power and create scoring opportunities.
  • More football variety: new shooting trajectories, aggressive tackles with clearance, new types of passes, tactical AI improvements...
  • Reworked Set Pieces – Give you better control over free kicks, penalties, and corner kicks, and choose where you hit the ball to change direction, trajectory, spin, and more.
  • Improved On-Field Physics: Advanced hitting physics in the new generation and even new physics for the goal net. There is also a new collision prediction system that improves players' perception on the pitch.

Improved match experience

Improved match experience

FIFA 23 includes in the new generation (PC, Stadia, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S) among its novelties and improvements compared to FIFA 22 the following features related to matches :

  • Augmented Reality Replays: Give you more information during the shot and free kick replays, giving you a great level of detail and including statistics on expected goals, shot power, distances on goal, and much more.
  • Match Previews: Vibrant scenes inside and outside the stadiums combine with a new sound to convey all the energy and anticipation before the biggest games, elevating the atmosphere of the state and the tension in the fights for the titles, the direct confrontations, cup finals and much more.
  • Hyper-realistic field surfaces: the field looks better than ever; See the wear and tear on the pitches as players slide to tackle opponents or celebrate goals. All with greater depth and detail, creating a more realistic match experience.
  • Improved Stadium Atmospheres – New crowd detail makes stadiums feel more alive with more variety among fans, new types of clothing, and more.
  • Realistic 3D Nets – New 3D textures bring improvements to the lighting and feel of the net, allowing for that iconic ripple as the ball hits the back of the net.
  • Referees: For the first time the game includes female referees, with mixed-gender refereeing teams in FUT, Pro Clubs, and much more.
  • New Trainer: Adds a more modern and visual design, with new graphics that will help you take your skills to the next level with or without the ball.
  • Improved Camera: Great depth of field from the new cameras provides a new layer of visual quality, bringing it closer to the style of real football broadcasts.
  • In-Match Music – Enjoy a more casual atmosphere in matches, with the ability to listen to music from the FIFA 23 soundtrack instead of commentary.
  • New Sound Effects After Goals – Celebrate your goals with new sound effects like sirens, bells, animal sounds, and more.
  • New celebrations: new ways to celebrate your goals.

FIFA World Cup

EA Sports has confirmed that FIFA 23 will feature the pinnacle competition in international football, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. But that's not all, the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023™ will also be included.

  • All of this will arrive as a free content update.
We will be able to enjoy these two tournaments for free in FIFA 23, although at the time of writing this article no more in-depth details have yet been given.

women's clubs

women's clubs

One of the biggest draws of FIFA 23 is that, for the first time in franchise history, this installment includes women's clubs.

FIFA 23 features the following women's leagues :

  • Barclays FA Women's Super League.
  • Division 1 Arkema.
If you are one of those players who has always thought that FIFA should also have a place for women, then perhaps this installment is for you. Furthermore, it should be noted that the women's clubs have also received unique and realistic animations thanks to the incredible movements captured by HyperMotion2 in the new generation.

Pro Clubs and VOLTA Football

Pro Clubs and VOLTA Football

Two other new modes in FIFA 23 that go quite a hand in hand are Pro Clubs and VOLTA Football, two experiences designed for playing with friends. If you want to know everything about them, you can check this official link.

In general terms, below we will summarize the changes in these two ways:


In general, the Pro Clubs mode receives these new features in FIFA 23:

  • Club Skill Games – A chance for you to take your Virtual Pro to the training ground to play the catalog of Skill Games in FIFA 23. There are a total of 66 games.
  • Club XP for VOLTA Matches – All VOLTA matches, including arcade matches, will now give you Pro Club Player Progression XP for the time you spend in VOLTA.
  • Match Rating and Level Changes: The amount of EXP awarded for each action has been adjusted. This achieves a fairer distribution of the EXP points of players who contribute to the victory without putting the ball in the back of the net.
  • Shared Season Progression – Now, whether you play VOLTA or Pro Clubs, you'll earn Season Points (PT) to help unlock new items for your virtual Pro.


Among other changes, the VOLTA Football mode receives these new features in FIFA 23:

  • Arcade Game Updates: New and improved games give you more ways to take on your friends.
  • More improvements like the sound of the public, the new obstacles, the balls of dynamic colors, the new sound effects and much more bring more excitement every time you go to the arcade.
  • New “XL” Stadiums: A new stadium that is larger and shorter on the sides has been introduced.
  • Unique Skills Update: Unique skills have been fine-tuned to be more powerful.

This is not all, FIFA 23 includes even more news. If you want to review them all in-depth, we recommend that you visit the official website of the game.