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Google announces the closure of Stadia and will reimburse all players

 Google's cloud gaming service, Stadia, is closing its doors! It will soon no longer be possible to access it, and all players will be reimbursed.

A few years ago, Google launched its new Stadia cloud gaming platform! The principle is simple: subscribe and access a large number of games on all the platforms of your choice, simply with a good internet connection! Thanks to this system, it was possible to run games in very good quality even on a bad PC or an old console.

Unfortunately, the concept did not take hold enough, since Google made the decision to close Stadia! The decision was announced in an official press release, and players who have made purchases on the platform will be fully reimbursed.

Google closes Stadia and players will be refunded

It is on January 18, 2023, that Stadia will be officially closed, it will no longer be possible to subscribe, or to access the games. Luckily for current gamers, it's announced that all purchases made from the Stadia store will be refunded. The platform team aims to make all refunds by mid-January 2023!

Google closes Stadia and players will be refunded

Regarding the reason for the closure of the platform, it is very simple. The results expected by Stadia were not achieved, which forced Google to make this decision. More information is given in the official press release.