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Guide for beginners on Steelrising - which class to choose, how to level up, how to improve weapons, parry and counterattack


Guide for beginners on Steelrising - which class to choose, how to level up, how to improve weapons, parry and counterattack

Steelrising is a soulslike game set in an alternate 18th century France. According to the plot, Louis XVI crushed the revolution with the help of a mechanical army. Now the main character must restore justice and overthrow the king. The project is already being called an analogue of Bloodborne for personal computer owners. In this guide, we will give some useful tips that will help you quickly get used to the game.

What class to choose at the start. The best and worst classes in Steelrising

There are four available classes in the game. We have ranked them by efficiency.

Dancer. Probably the best choice for beginners. This girl has weak but fast attacks that can easily stack into combos. They paralyze opponents and open up the possibility of a critical hit. If necessary, you can use charged attacks that deal damage from a distance. Note that the Dancer is most effective early in the game when you are learning the basic mechanics. Toward the middle of the passage, the enemies will become more dangerous, and a series of quick strikes may not save you.

Soldier. This class relies on powerful attacks. The halberd allows you to keep your distance from enemies and at the same time inflict huge damage on them with each blow. Plus, each charged attack is guaranteed to stun ordinary enemies. Grenades will allow you to immobilize several opponents at once, after which it remains only to finish them off.

Defender. At its core, this heroine is similar to the Soldier. Her light hammer blows are not very effective, so you should rely on charged attacks. Against groups of enemies, use paralyzing grenades to then kill them one at a time. But the main advantage of the Defender is armor and an increased health bar. According to these parameters, she has no equal in the game.

Alchemist. This character is more difficult to play than the others. He has weak armor and a small amount of vitality. Also, the basic weapon is inferior to the halberds and hammers that other classes have. Alchemists have no shields, and instead of grenades in the arsenal, there are vials that give resistance to elemental damage. To defeat enemies, you need to apply negative effects on them and try to avoid damage. However, the Alchemist's weapons can be charged with fire, ice, and electricity. If you choose the right element against a specific boss, then the protagonist will deal incredible damage.

How to upgrade weapons

In order for the selected weapon to deal more damage, you will need to approach the Vestal Virgin or the Horseless Wagon. Choose the type of weapon you want to improve. Keep in mind that for upgrades you will need certain resources:

  • Bronze. Can be found in chests or collected from the corpses of ordinary enemies.
  • Cast iron. Dropped from high-level enemies.
  • Bismuth. Dropped by mini-bosses.
  • Orichalcum. Found as a reward for killing Titan bosses.

How to level up quickly in Steelrising. How to upgrade a hero

To upgrade, you will need the Anima Essence resource. This is an analogue of the souls from the games of the Dark Souls series. But you can farm at the very beginning of the game. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Develop Engineering. It will allow you to get more essence for killing mobs and bosses.
  • Use the Greed module. Thanks to him, each defeated mob will bring even more Anima essence. But during battles with especially strong bosses, it is better to switch to the combat module. We talked about them in more detail in the section on character builds.
  • Return to previously explored areas after killing the bosses. Thanks to new tools, new areas will become available to you over time, where you will find additional Anima Essences in chests.

Also, note that increasing any stat to level 10 will affect the benefits received. At an early stage, it is better to pump different parameters, and not one specific one. In this case, you will receive more bonuses and become stronger.

How to fast travel in Steelrising

To unlock fast travel, you need to complete the "Machine Masters" quest. After that, you will open a horseless wagon with which you can move around the map. It is worth noting that you will have to run to her every time you need to teleport to another location.

Like the Dark Souls series, there are special resources in the game that make it easier to move around: Disassembly Tokens and Carriage Tokens. They will take you to the wagon with the loss of Anima Essence (in the first case) or with unused points saved (in the second case).

Where are the locations with upgrades for oil buret

There are two ways to improve the oil burette in the game. Lavoisier's catalyst increases the number of doses of treatment, and Lavoisier's sublimator increases its effectiveness.


Saint Cloud

After you defeat the boss known as Unstable Lancer, head to the nearby forest. The road to it goes to the left of the vestal. If you follow it, you will see a well. The chest is behind him.


The necessary vestal is located next to Mirabeau's house. From there you need to turn left and go down the stairs. The chest is on the right.

Comedy Square in Luxembourg

You will come to this area in the course of the story. Run forward first and then to the right. Use the hook to fly over the fence. Turn right, go further, and cling to the balcony again. Move to the next building and go through it. Then jump to the adjacent balcony. At the end of the room, on the right, is a chest with a catalyst.


Climb up the stairs and turn left. There is a suspended wooden platform next to the cannon. Jump on it. From there you need to get back to the wall, to the next mortar. There is a chest next to it.


House of the Invalids

The chest is located in the Factory Port. 

La Cite

You need to get to the Vestal Virgin on the broken Pont Neuf. Move forward to the place of collapse and get down downward.


Go to the High Vienna. Move to the other side of the quarry and climb up with the grappling hook. Then turn around and go down to the platform, which is located a little lower.


You need to get to the Royal Alley. If you walk along it to the end and turn right, you will find yourself in a square with golden statues. The chest is on the opposite side, in the far corner. 

How to parry and counterattack

Not every ax or hammer in the game is suitable for parrying. Open the "Equipment" tab, select your weapons and look in the lower left corner. If you see the inscription "Counterattack" there, then you can parry. To do this, press the button that is responsible for the secondary attack. For parries, Nemesis Claws and the Wheel of Vengeance are best.

But keep in mind that for a successful parry, you need to accurately choose the time. As a rule, you will have about half a second to repel an enemy strike. A successful counterattack will deal massive damage to the enemy and may knock him down.

Best builds in Steelrising

Build for Soldier or Defender

  • Primary Weapon: Griboval's Halberd, Vengeance Wheel, or Fire Flail.
  • Secondary weapon: Charleville 1789 Shield Musket or Armored Fans.
  • Priority skills for pumping: Strength, Durability, and Energy.
  • Modules: Durability, Efficient Loading, and Endurance.

Build for the Dancer

  • Primary Weapon: Nemesis Claws.
  • Secondary weapon: Charleville 1789 Musket Shield or Glass-core Clubs.
  • Priority skills for leveling: Agility, Engineering, and Energy.
  • Modules: Paralysis, Endurance, and Efficient Ventilation.

Build for the Alchemist

  • Primary weapon: Gribeauval's Halberd or Charleville 1789 Musket Shield.
  • Secondary weapon: Clubs with a glass core.
  • Priority skills for leveling: Elemental Alchemy, Engineering, and Strength.
  • Modules: Durability, Efficient Ventilation, and Long Suffering.

Types of weapons in Steelrising and how they work

  • Fan. They have low damage but allow you to attack with incredible speed and perform combos that immobilize opponents. A good choice for those who pump Dexterity.
  • claws. A fast, medium-damage weapon that doesn't immobilize enemies as effectively as fans. Meanwhile, if you're investing experience points in Dexterity, you might want to look into the claws.
  • Chain. A slow but powerful weapon that is suitable for those who rely on the Force. If you chose him, rely on strong single hits.
  • Halberd. This weapon is much slower than the chain. However, the low speed is compensated by the huge damage, especially if you pump Strength. The halberd is most effective against single targets and allows you to attack them at a safe distance.
  • Twin swords. A great option for those who pump both Dexterity and Strength. They are not as fast as the fans and do not deal as much damage as the Halberd, but are somewhere in between the two weapon classes.
  • Mace. A good choice for a bodyguard. The huge damage from each attack will become even higher if you invest experience points in Strength.
  • Wheel. In essence, it resembles a mace, only more powerful. Moreover, each blow will require more time to swing. Of the advantages of the wheels, one can note the ability to stun opponents.
  • Club. The best choice for an alchemist as a secondary weapon. She can place negative effects on enemies and hit them with elemental damage (fire, lightning and ice).