Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough - Game Guide

 We tell you how to complete the game, find all the items, and keys, open doors and unravel the secrets of all the inhabitants of the city

Hello Neighbor 2 is a direct sequel to the original game, in which, for the first time in the series, players will find themselves in an open world and try to unravel the secrets of not one person, but several residents of a large suburb.

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After the main character crashes into a large barn and comes to his senses, look around. You can get out by lowering the red lever near the colored gears. Once in the main room of the barn, pay attention to the closed gate. To the right of them, there is the same panel under the gears. Some of the gears are already in place, but three are missing.

Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough - Game Guide

Where to find gears?

First, pay attention to the right corner of the room. There is a wooden box with a crowbar sticking out of it. Grab this tool on the E key and immediately apply it to the box by clicking on the LMB. In the future, by clicking on the LMB, you are trying to use the item that you hold in your hand. To select another item, use the inventory that opens on TAB. After opening it, switch between things with the mouse wheel. Close your inventory the moment you select the desired item.

Inside the box you will find stones. Grab one of them and turn to the right side. A little further is a glass showcase, into which one of the stones should be thrown. After breaking the display case, take the first gear and place it according to the color on the panel to the right of the entrance gate.

On the left side of the gate, you will find a door with a lock. There is a key to the left of the door. Fortunately, it is he who you need to open the lock on the door and the door itself. After doing this, you will find the second gear, which should be returned to the panel to the right of the entrance gate.

You have a mount. Select it in your inventory, go back to the car that crashed into the barn, and break the red plank in the passage on the left side. Press CTRL to duck and make your way forward. On the "Space" jump over the obstacle, go up the long ladder, and jump even higher to the ledge on the right side. Take the last (third) gear and jump down the hole in the floor onto the car. Replace the gear and lower the lever to open the front gate and leave the barn.

neighbor's house

Move forward to the only accessible house of Mr. Peterson. You can get inside the house through two doors - front and back. In the house, if you play the demo, only one floor will be available. This floor has a kitchen, a living room, a long L-shaped corridor, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a small office bordering it. There is a door with four locks in the living room. You need to open them.

Where to find four keys?

Let's go in order. To find one of the keys, you need scissors. The neighbor travels around the house, but most of all lingers in the bedroom when he lies down on the bed and rests. Pick the moment when he just leaves the bedroom and enter it. There is a safe in the office on the right side. Pay attention to the numbers depicted on the ceiling. You are interested in four multi-colored numbers (white ones are not needed). From them, it is necessary to make the correct code combination. On the left side of the safe hang four colored ribbons. This is the hint. Enter the code 3975 (it may be different in your case) and take the scissors. Use these scissors to cut the pillow in the left corner of the bedroom. It seems to be lying on a table or cabinet. Inside it, you will find a key. Use the key on one of the locks.

Note. If the item fits one or another interactive object, the cursor will turn white when hovered over. If it doesn't fit, the cursor will be red, but with an indication of the approximate type of item, you're looking for.

To get the second key, return to the office with the safe and pay attention to the corner cabinet. At the bottom of this cabinet, there is a compartment covered with a sheet of cardboard. Move it aside and take the wooden hand with the sword. When the neighbor goes to bed, enter the living room and place your hand on the wooden toy on the right. Rotate both hands. The right hand with the shield will have to turn all the way until it finally drops down so that you can see the shield. Turn your left hand with the sword so that the weapon is raised up. If done correctly, the central compartment of the toy will open and you can pick up the red handle. When the neighbor leaves the bedroom, enter it and place the crank on the stuffed bear. Lower it so that the bear opens its mouth, from which the key will fall out. Open another lock.

We leave for the third key. To get it, you need to open a secret room in the neighbor's house. Walk around the rooms and try to find similar elements that stand out from the interior. Didn't find it? Pay attention to the pictures. Some of them hang crooked. At the same time, the same pictures hang crookedly. You need to rotate them so that all five of these paintings hang exactly. It is advisable to do this at the moment when the neighbor is in the bedroom, because, passing by such paintings, if you turn them, the neighbor will stop and set them to their original position.

In total, as mentioned above, there are five paintings. One painting hangs on the wall to the right of the locked door in the living room. Look for another painting in the kitchen, on the wall on the right when you enter through the back door. You need to jump up with the help of bedside tables. Another painting is on the bathroom ceiling. Jump into the tub itself and bounce off the big inflatable chicken to rotate the painting as you jump. Look for another one in front of the front door. As soon as you enter the house through the front door, look up and see a painting opposite the door. Finally, look for the last picture in the corridor. Walk from the front door forward and to the right along the corridor. The picture hangs on the wall on the left (ahead is the bathroom). If the neighbor did not have time to notice anything, you will open the secret door and you will be able to get into the secret room (near the last painting, in the corridor, near the stairs to the second floor). In the back room, there is a third key and a tire iron. I don't know why you need it, but you can take it.

It remains to find the last key. If you do everything step by step, then getting it is more difficult than the rest. First, go to the kitchen and pay attention to the refrigerator door. It depicts a house and three characters - Mr. Peterson, a boy, and a girl. In the same kitchen is a children's house with three coasters on the roof. Above you need to place the figures of these same characters. Look for Mr. Peterson on the kitchen table in the center. Place it on the right platform of the house layout. Take a look at the neighbor himself, who wanders from room to room. Behind, on the belt, hangs a wrench. While the neighbor is turned away, run up to him, grab the wrench and run outside, away from the house. As soon as the neighbor calms down, enter the house through the front door, follow forward along the corridor and look to the right at the turn. In the corner, there is a lattice (under the ceiling), a cabinet, and a wardrobe. Jump with furniture to the grate, use the wrench on the bolt to unwind it, open the grate, climb into the ventilation and take the boy figurine. Install it on the middle platform on the house layout.

It remains to find the layout of the girl. You can go around the house, find the basement doors and take the shovel from them. Then just run behind the shed where you first spawned and dig a hole to get the girl figurine. Install it on the left platform of the house layout. When all three figures are installed, take the key (a niche in the house will open) and remove the last lock from the living room doors. Go down to the basement. At this point, the demo will come to an end.

As for the figure of the girl, here you can act consistently. At the back door there is a cat named Ginger, who is playing with a piece of the card. Enter the kitchen, open the refrigerator and look for a fish behind a plate. Put it in the cat's saucer and wait a bit. As soon as he is distracted, take a piece of the map. To get the second part of the map, go to the neighbor's bedroom and continue to cut the pillows with the scissors. In one of the pillows lying on the floor, there will be another part of the map. Both parts need to be attached to a stand opposite the bedroom and neighbor's office, in the corridor. If you attach it correctly, you will see a whole picture with the image of a house and a barn, and behind the latter there will be a “red cross”. He points to the place where the girl's doll is buried.

To be continued...

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