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How to complete all optional objectives in Destroy All Humans 2!: Reprobed

 How to complete each optional objective or objective during story missions

Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed has a total of 28 main story quests with 71 side objectives to complete. Completing all optional objectives will unlock the "Complete and Complete" achievement. The game is divided into five large maps, each containing several main missions. In this guide, we'll show you how to complete all of the secondary objectives of the story missions.

How to complete all optional objectives in Destroy All Humans 2!: Reprobed

None of the secondary objectives can be skipped. You can play previously completed missions at any time by interacting with the flying saucer, which is marked on the map with the corresponding marker. Having done this, select the Holopox menu. You can not only replay previously completed tasks but also complicate/simplify them by activating certain modifiers/cheats. The use of these modifiers is completely legal and does not invalidate anything. For some targets, it's actually best to replay the mission later with a modifier like infinite ammo or invincibility. Thanks to this, you will turn really difficult goals into incredibly simple ones. Additional goals from side quests are not needed to get the achievement.

All optional Bay City objectives

Mission 1: Furon Furor in Bay City

  • Use telekinesis to kill KGB agents. Aim at the KGB agents (men in black suits), hold RMB, and release to throw enemies in any direction with TK (telekinesis). You can throw them at each other or toss them high into the air to die from the damage they take from the fall.
  • Use the Disorderer to destroy the KGB vehicles. After unlocking the Arranger, aim at the KGB car and hold LMB to load the weapon. Then, when it is fully charged, release LMB to fire a shot and destroy the car.

Mission 2: Where did the flower children go?

  • Use "Free Love" to throw a party. At the beginning of the second story mission, you will automatically receive the Free Love ability. Click LMB a few times to make people dance. At the same time, you should not have a weapon in your hands (“Free Love” is considered a weapon and is selected using the mouse wheel or the number key).
  • Kill KGB agents with their own grenades. After you enter the KGB hideout, the enemies will attack you. Don't kill them right away. Instead, wait for them to throw grenades and throw them back at the opponents using telekinesis (RMB).

Mission 3: Hippies are being shot, aren't they?

  • Collect repair modules disguised as a soldier. After activating the landing zone for the flying saucer, head to the yellow markers indicating the repair pods. There you will meet soldiers in green ammunition (do not confuse the cops in blue uniforms). Nearly every repair pod has soldiers. Use the Free Love ability (LMB a few times with this weapon selected) on one of the soldiers, and then press the F key a few times to steal his body. Now, in the skin of a soldier, pick up a repair capsule. You only need to do this once. The rest of the capsules can be lifted as you like.
  • Destroy the Ozarin deposits. After recharging the flying saucer's shield, shoot the purple water towers scattered around the city. They are marked with white markers on the map. You can hold LMB and shoot them until they explode.

Mission 4: The alien who probed me

  • Use explosives to destroy trucks. Near the trucks (the main objective of the mission) there are red barrels with explosives that you must destroy. Use telekinesis by holding and releasing RMB to pick up and throw red barrels at trucks.
  • Kill soldiers with their own missiles. When you cross the big bridge to destroy the trucks, the soldiers will start shooting at you with rocket launchers. While the missile is flying towards you, hold RMB to catch it, then aim and release RMB to send it back at the missilemen. This must be done twice.
  • Dodge Junk's shot. When you encounter a boss, don't rush to kill him right away. The junkie is marked with a yellow marker above his head. When he shoots Krypto with his laser crossbow, press CTRL (or Shift) to dodge to the side. If you fail, try again until you complete the additional task.

Mission 5: Who is Arcwoodle?

  • Kill the cops with a TK Strike. Click on the RMB to lift the cop into the air. Then press the B key to make the cop turn white (the first time he is picked up, he will be in a red shell). After that, you can use it to attack other enemies. To do this, release all keys and click on LMB. Kill three enemies. To throw a cop, press B again and release RMB.

Mission 6: Cannons of Alcatraz

  • Do not touch water. Move to the large ship in the northern part. Move to the far side of the ship, then use the jetpack to fly to the island without touching the water (hold Space after double-pressing it).
  • Kill a fleeing agent with explosives. A yellow marker will appear above the fleeing agent's head. On the path he follows are red barrels of explosives. Take one of them with telekinesis (hold RMB) and then throw it at the agent. The barrel can be taken at the very end, when the agent stops.
  • Use Talk-O-Tron to deflect the missiles. Wait until the missile is next to your saucer and press Shift to activate the shield and destroy the projectile. You need to do this at the moment when the rocket marker is red (not white).

All Albion Extra Objectives

Mission 7: Without Pox, we are British!

  • Use chemical barrels to kill KGB agents. When you get to the construction site with the KGB agents, you will find a barrel of chemicals in front of the tunnel entrance. It will be marked with a white marker on the mini-map. Use telekinesis on RMB to grab and throw this barrel. The poisonous gas is supposed to kill three KGB agents (men in black suits). If you fail, you can reload the last checkpoint to respawn in front of the chemical barrel at the construction site. Also, you can still find chemical barrels inside the tunnel after interacting with the keypad that opens the tunnel door (it's also good for reaching the goal).
  • Crit Oranchov with the Anal Probe. Select an anal probe on the weapon wheel or with the mouse wheel. Hold LMB and release it at the moment when the appeared beam turns green. By doing this, you will deal critical damage to Oranchov, and he will lose his mutant form. You can then attack him with any other weapon.
  • Use an anal probe to kill KGB agents. After defeating the boss, use the anal probe on the normal KGB agents (men in black suits) to kill them. Do this three times.

Mission 8: Her name was Natalia

  • Don't light up. Complete the first 2 main tasks, actions are stealthy. You need to steal the body of a person by pressing the F key several times, and then no one will be able to recognize you. This can be done with any person: for example, with the first people with their backs to you. Press the Z key while aiming at the two VIPs marked with yellow markers so that they follow you. Escort them to the marked area. If they stop following you, press Z again and wait in the extraction zone. Then return to the garden and hold down the E key to blow up the nesting dolls. However, you still need to be disguised as a human.
  • Use the anal probe to cleanse the mutants. Fire an anal probe at any mutant that shoots poisonous green balls.
  • Kill all mutants. When asked to destroy the spores, take a look at the mini-map and look for white markers on it indicating the location of the mutants. Kill them all (be sure to use the anal probe). After you destroy the spore, new mutants will appear. If you use an anal probe to clean up mutants, be sure to destroy the flying virus that leaves the bodies of infected people.

Mission 9: From Russia with gunfire

  • Kill the KGB agents. At the beginning of the mission, you need to kill all the KGB agents while accompanying Natalya. You will do it naturally.
  • Kill M16 agents. Kill M16 agents while escorting Natalia. And again, you will do it naturally. Be sure to do this before interacting with the flying saucer drop zone.
  • Use an anti-gravity field to create a rift. In the flying saucer, select the anti-gravity field using the mouse wheel. Use LMB to destroy enemy military vehicles marked with white markers. These will be trucks and tanks. Only those goals that are marked with white markers are counted. Non-military equipment, buildings, people, other military objects and so on are not considered if they do not have a marker. Don't worry, there will be a lot of vehicles marked with white icons on the way to follow Natalia.

Mission 10: Secrets of the Majestic

  • Kill the humans affected by the brain flare. Press the T key to use the brainflare. While enemies are under its influence, use the E key to pull out the brains of one of the agents. You need to kill three people in this way. The effect of the brain flare lasts for a few seconds, and at a time you will have time to kill no more than one person. Therefore, you will have to repeat the use of the skill, which also has its own cooldown.
  • Dodge Ponsonby's shot. Use dodges to dodge Ponsonby's shot. Only after the task is completed, kill the boss.

Mission 11: In the secret service of her Natalie

  • Break down surveillance cameras by overloading them. Your first objective is to destroy a few surveillance cameras marked in yellow. As for the overload, you need to find these cameras, get closer and hold down the E key to blow it up. Do these steps with at least three security cameras.
  • Destroy Ozarin stocks. Ozarin stocks will be marked with white markers on the map in the territory of the enemy complex. They look like purple water towers. Destroy them all.
  • Inflict a meteor strike on several KGB agents at once. Select a meteor strike as a weapon using the mouse wheel. Then hold LMB and aim the laser pointer at the place where the KGB agents are located, marked with white markers. The impact area of ​​a meteorite impact is quite large. Then release LMB and after a few seconds a whole hail of meteorites will fall on the marked area. Make sure to kill at least three agents with this shot. KGB agents will be marked with white markers. If you have already killed all the agents, reload the last checkpoint so that new agents appear at the entrance to the complex.

All optional Takoshima destinations

Mission 12: Takoshima Story

  • Perform a clean kidnapping of a KGB agent. You must press the F key several times to steal the body of a KGB agent - a man in a black suit (not to be confused with cops in blue uniforms). KGB agents drive around in black cars. Let one of them notice you, wait for him to get out of the car, and press the F key several times to complete the task. Alternatively, you can do this near the main mission location when you are asked to wait for the KGB courier to arrive. There will be many KGB agents in the area. You need to steal the body without anyone seeing.
  • Hit the gongs by the KGB agents. Use RMB telekinesis to grab any KGB agent marked with a white marker on the mini-map. After that, throw it at the gong. Alternatively, while holding the KGB agent on the RMB, press B, in order to then swing the agent with the LMB.

Mission 13: Revenge of the Ninja

  • Listen to the radio in the guise of the correct humanoid. During the first task, you must listen to three radios (yellow markers) using suitable humanoids. The people you need are marked with white markers on the mini-map. First you need a man in a white suit or a buff, half-naked man with tattoos. Then you are interested in the man in the straw hat. Finally, the third radio receiver must be listened to in the body of a military man. You can steal their bodies right on the street using the F key. Then use the Free Love ability to make people dance while you run to the radio.
  • Collect plant samples for Pox. During the next task, you will pass through the park area. Check the mini-map for white markers that indicate the location of plants. Plants are colored blue: get close to them to automatically pick up each one. Explore the entire area as the white markers only appear when you are close to a plant.
  • Kill four Black Ninjas with the Ion Detonator. Immediately after unlocking the ion detonator, 4 ninjas will appear in front of you. Hold LMB, wait a bit for the shot radius to increase, and release. Then click on the LMB again to explode the projectile. You must kill four enemies with one shot. You can only do this at the very beginning of the battle, when all four enemies are in front of you. If it doesn't work, we recommend that you reload the last checkpoint and try again.

Mission 14: Doctor Go!

  • Kill a ninja with a KGB agent. Click on RMB to activate telekinesis, pick up a black ninja and throw it at a KGB agent (a man in a black suit). As you escort Dr. Guo, you will encounter quite a few ninjas and KGB agents. In this case, it is not necessary to throw a living ninja at an agent. It might as well be a dead man.
  • Kill a KGB agent with a ninja. Click on RMB to activate telekinesis, pick up a KGB agent and throw it at the black ninja. While accompanying Dr. Guo, you will encounter quite a few ninjas and KGB agents. In this case, it is not necessary to abandon a living KGB agent. It might as well be a dead man.
  • Use Sonic Boom to destroy robot soldiers. Select this weapon with the mouse wheel, then shoot at five large robots, which will be marked on the mini-map and screen with white markers.

Mission 15: Our man Crypto

  • Take no damage on telekinesis hit. Ninjas often "teleport" and suddenly appear in front of you to strike. Before they can hit, you'll see a foggy "Ninja" badge in front of you. Use the jetpack to avoid getting hit, and if the ninja icon appears, dodge with Shift while in the air. If you stay on the ground, you're much more likely to get hit. But while flying and dodging in the air, dodging such an attack is much easier. This is one of the hardest objectives in the game and it may take several attempts to complete.
  • Find additional secret documents. After talking to the girl in the white ninja costume, go around the yard and check the white markers on the mini-map. They show the location of the documents. Both documents are hidden under rocks that you need to pick up using telekinesis (RMB).
  • Kill Sasha in front of Dr. Guo. Sasha is marked with a yellow marker and appears after the destruction of the KGB building. Grab him with telekinesis and move to the white marker on the map to return to Dr. Goh. Throw Sasha into the tree right in front of Dr. Go, thus killing him in front of the NPC. If Sasha dies on the way to Dr. Go, you can reset the checkpoint. And don't try to steal Sasha's body, as this will automatically complete the quest!

Mission 16: You only live 137 times

  • Use grenades to kill enemies. After entering the base, various opponents will start shooting at you. Some of them will throw grenades. This is done by big guys with big grenade launchers and big robots. Pick up grenades with RMB telekinesis and throw them back at enemies. The grenade instantly kills any humanoid (of course, if it's not a boss). At higher difficulty levels, not all enemies die from a single grenade hit, so it's best to weaken them first. Make sure Natalya doesn't kill too many enemies. You must kill a total of three enemies with grenades.
  • Use gastrocannon to kill enemies. After unlocking this weapon, select it with the mouse wheel and click on it to release Gastro. Wait until he kills seven opponents. He attacks them automatically, although you can hold down the LMB to point at specific targets.
  • Kill the KGB agents on the way to the exit. When you are prompted to escape through the burning tunnel, you will see several opponents on the metal platforms. Be sure to kill them before you reach the end of the tunnel, which will complete the quest. But remember that burning lava is chasing you, so you need to act quickly.

Mission 17: Kill Kojiro Kaiju!

  • There may be an error in this assignment. If this happens, Kojiro will get stuck on the beach after trying to eat the second building. If so, take your time. If you land on a flying saucer when Golopox offers to attack from the ground, and Kojiro remains on the beach, an error will fly out. The developers are already solving the problem, and you just try again and do not destroy the second building. Let Kojiro eat it.
  • Avoid critical overload. Shoot at Kojiro or the marked buildings so that the boss can't build up overload. If this happens, the screen will turn red and the target will be crossed out.
  • Avoid critical overload. The same additional objective is repeated during the second combat phase. Shoot at Kojiro or marked buildings without letting the enemy get overloaded. If this happens, the screen will turn red and the target will be crossed out.
  • Hit Kojiro in the stomach with the Ion Detonator. Land at the drop zone and proceed on foot towards Kojiro. Use your mouse wheel to select the ion detonator and shoot at Kojiro's pink belly to deal critical damage to the enemy. Overall, this is one of the most effective ways to defeat the boss.

All additional objectives of Tunguska

Mission 18: Back to the USSR

  • Kill people with radioactive fog. Look at the mini-map and look for white markers indicating the location of the radioactive barrels. Throw them at people using telekinesis on RMB and wait for them to die from the effects of the fog. It doesn't matter if you kill civilians or enemies. In fact, everything counts. Just make sure you complete this objective before completing the main objective "Create havoc and attract the attention of KGB agents." It's actually very easy to do the damage you want before you can kill the required amount of people with the radioactive fog.
  • Use Brain Extraction on enemies attacking Natalya. Press the E key while aiming at people marked with white markers on the screen or mini-map. This will rip the brains out of their skulls. You need to do this a total of 12 times. On the way to the goal, you will meet many opponents, so there should be no problems.

Mission 19: Siberian business

  • Destroy vehicles. Destroy the four vehicles marked with white markers on the mini-map. At first, you will see only two armored personnel carriers. One is in the middle of the ice, and the other is in the western part. The same armored personnel carriers will respawn after you deliver one or two fuel rods to Sergey.
  • Destroy a tank with another tank. When moving on a flying saucer, select a special weapon, hold CTRL and LMB to lift a tank into the air, then release LMB to drop it onto another tank. As a result, both tanks will be blown up.

Mission 20: Deadly Reaction

  • Kill humanoids with radioactivity. When you get to the second bunker, throw a fuel rod at the people inside it a few times to accumulate the required number of kills.
  • Kill aggressive humanoids. After placing the third fuel rod, kill the opponents who attacked you, marked with white markers. You don't have much time, so hurry up.
  • Hit the Blissk shields with Zap-O-Method. When you get to the alien base, you will see three green monsters chasing you. To complete this optional objective, equip the right weapon and shoot the big monster. Keep going until his shield is destroyed.

Mission 21: Comrade returned from the cold!

  • Use Gastro to kill attackers. Expand Gastro by selecting it with the mouse wheel and do nothing. Let him kill everyone automatically.
  • Use humanoid killing chemicals to kill humans. When you find the artifact, get to the factory with a lot of radioactive barrels. Throw them using telekinesis at opponents.

Mission 22: A hard day's evening fight

  • Use Zap-O-Met to destroy the shield. As in the twentieth task, use the standard electric weapon to destroy Blisk's shield.
  • Kill mutants. Kill the enemies marked with white markers before destroying the shields and placing the crystals in the sockets.
  • Use the Quantum Disruptor against the Bliss Towers. To complete this additional objective, it is recommended to replay the mission with invulnerability and infinite ammo cheats enabled. This is necessary for several reasons. First, the quantum splitter uses very rare ammo. You can only fire a shot if you have 100 charges. Collecting these same ammunition in the air takes a lot of time. And you have to do this while avoiding a flurry of lasers and projectiles flying at you. It goes without saying that the inclusion of the aforementioned cheats greatly simplifies the task at hand.

Mission 23: Good, Bad, Furon

  • Talk to Dr. Orlov. On the way to rescue Natalya, stop at the KGB base and talk to Dr. Orlov (white marker). We'll have to go back, but it's an easy task.
  • Destroy the humanoids. While getting rid of the second device, kill the required number of humanoids (white markers). You can use a meteor strike, which speeds up the process of reaching the goal.

All Solaris Extra Objectives

Mission 24: "1969: A Space Odyssey"

  • Destroy the moon rovers in the mine. Enter the mine that the main objective marker points to and you will see several white markers on the mini-map. These are moon rovers. Destroy them to complete an additional objective.
  • Destroy the turrets. Exit the mine. You need to follow the convoy, but at the same time try to destroy the five turrets that you see on your way as soon as possible. All of them are marked with white markers.

Mission 25: Russian Roulette

  • Avoid detection. To accomplish this goal, you need to scan the minds of people in order to find Leonov and at the same time remain unidentified. The best way to do this is to grab the astronaut's body, sneak into areas with yellow markers, and then read people's minds.
If you are interested in how to pronounce Leonid's speech correctly, then here it is:

  • To declaim the speech.
  • Blame Bliskov for everything.
  • Have the Blisks impeached.
  • Redirect their anger to Milenkov.
  • Manipulate them with gullibility.
  • In a hurry to invent something.
  • Come up with a quick reason.
  • Respond instantly.
  • Throw out the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Viva la revolution!

The following goals:

  • Kill a human using Leonid's body. It is highly recommended to replay this mission with the invulnerability and infinite ammo cheats enabled. The reason is that you will be attacked by Blisks and it will be difficult to complete this task and stay alive. After the cutscene, Leonid's corpse will be behind you, on the ground, and will be marked with a white marker. Use telekinesis on RMB and throw Leonid's corpse at two people, killing them. If you lose Leonid's body, follow the white marker on the mini-map. It should also be noted that Leonid's body may fall out of sight and completely disappear from the map. If this happens, reload the last checkpoint.
  • Kill Blisk using Leonid's body. It is highly recommended to replay this mission with the invulnerability and infinite ammo cheats enabled. The reason is that you will be attacked by Blisks and it will be difficult to complete this task and stay alive. After the cutscene, Leonid's corpse will be behind you, on the ground, and will be marked with a white marker. First, weaken any Blisk by minimizing its health bar. Then use telekinesis on RMB and throw Leonid's corpse at this Blisk. Repeat the same steps with another Blisk. If you lose Leonid's body, follow the white marker on the mini-map. It should also be noted that Leonid's body may fall out of sight and completely disappear from the map. If this happens, reload the last checkpoint.

Mission 26: "Space: 1969"

  • Use an ion detonator to destroy power suits. Drive around the area for a bit and you will see white markers. They point to power suits, giant mechs controlled by humans. Use the ion detonator to blow them up. You may need to use E metamorph: aim at inanimate objects and press E to turn them into ammo.
  • Destroy multiple solar panels at the same time. Move towards the yellow markers. Then open the map and stand in the middle of the three solar panels. Place an ion detonator here, step back and click on the LMB again to blow up all three antennas. Or call a meteor strike.
  • Use only the center console. First, kill everyone in the room. If you leave at least one red target alive, the enemy will kill you while you are standing at the main console. Then approach the main console in the middle of the room, which is marked with a white marker. Rotate the turrets so that the laser beams cross in the center of the room.

Mission 27: Destination - Moon

  • Use a disorderer to kill attackers. Equip your Disorder by selecting it with the mouse wheel and use it to kill the approaching enemies marked with white markers. While doing this, remember to kill the scientists trying to reactivate the consoles. Please note that you must complete this optional task before the time runs out.
  • Use anti-grav to kill power suits. Switch to anti-grav and click on the left mouse button to launch it when you aim at the power suits. Repeat as many times as necessary to complete this additional goal.

Mission 28: Dark Side of the Moon

  • Throw astronauts into acid. When you accompany Natalia to the Bliskov base, you will be ambushed by mutants. First, use the anal probe to turn them into humans, and then use telekinesis on RMB to throw the humanoids into the green acid. You can fly up on a jetpack to make it easier to aim specifically at the acid pool.
  • Kill astronauts with Blisk grenades. After Natalya disables the first Blisk barrier, use the explosive ammo scattered along the path (white marker) to blow up the enemies in your path. In order for the astronauts to appear, you need to use an anal probe on normal mutants, separating them from the virus.
  • Prevent Milenkov from fully regenerating. Milenkov's armor is regenerating its health and you need to stop that. Shoot him with everything you have: Gastro, Ion Detonator, Meteor Strike and Beam Disintegrator. And you can kill Milenkov in the blink of an eye.