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How to complete all villagers' tasks in Steelrising

 A detailed description of the location of all the inhabitants of the city in Steelrising

Throughout the game, Aegis can get acquainted with the stories of some of the inhabitants. If you satisfy their requests and listen to all the remarks, then the achievement "Friend of the People" will open to the user. In this guide, we will detail the completion of these tasks and the location of the secondary characters. Please note that you can only find these heroes before visiting Versailles since you will not be able to go back.

Home for the Invalids (first visit in the story)

In this location, Aegis will be able to meet two people:


Home for the Invalids (first visit in the story)

After activating the first vestal we climb over the fence on the right. The heroine will be next to a small well. We pick up a bottle of water near the human body. We continue to walk along the path forward and pass by a locked grate.

We follow up the slope but do not pass into the open courtyard near the fortress. We go past the passage to the right and continue the path until we return to the locked gate on the other side. Unblock the fast path and don't use it.

We go in the opposite direction to the right and run into a house with a red-white-blue symbol, which marks all the doors in the game. We talk with the woman and give her the previously found bottle of water.

The male

We follow further along the path and get to the square, which is engulfed in fires. Behind the arrow, we climb the platforms to the balcony of the apartment and exit from the other side to a new location. We go forward and pass by the well. Opposite it is a house in the center of the square. We talk with the man and he will ask Aegis to leave. We defeat all the automatons nearby and return to the inhabitant. We talk with the man until he asks to leave.


In this location, you can meet residents in three places.


We move on the assignment and go through the entire location to the arena with the boss. It is easily distinguished by the large open area in front of the castle. We activate the vestal and talk at a neighboring house with a soldier who survived the battle. We climb into the arena along the ramp. After defeating the boss, we use the hook and again communicate with the man until the last remark.


We return back to the destroyed bridge. Earlier, Aegis activated the vestal on him and met with an ally. We follow in the opposite direction from the bridge along the road leading to the locked gate. A light is on in the first window to her right, and the door is marked with a familiar symbol. We talk to the woman and tell her about the whereabouts of her son. This is a survivor. As a reward, we will receive several active items.


We continue on the path of the plot task. We use the hook obtained in the battle with the giant, and we move over the roofs. In a small passage between buildings, we listen to the dialogue of men until the very end. At the end, we go outside and come back.

We continue like this until one of the characters in the dialogue agrees with the other. You can’t interact with men, so listen to all the lines to the end and go to another location.


In this zone, you can meet four residents:


We follow the location through the gardens to the first vestal. We destroy the automaton on the street and rise to the balcony from above. We leave from the other side and continue to move along the streets. We pass through a small archway and turn right to the house with the already familiar symbol. We continue to talk until all the dialogues are completed. In the last remark, the girl will ask you to stop the automatons.


We go out onto a long street, with two spearmen with shields and an arrow. On its right side, not far from the wooden barricade, we find a house with a symbol. In a conversation, a man will ask you to bring medical instruments for his friend.

The Doctor's Bag can be found in the area of ​​the Luxembourg Palace in Lemagnier's room. Aegis will get to these apartments in the process of completing the side quest "In memory of the Dauphin".

A woman and a man

After meeting with Mirabeau, we get the key to the golden gate located in front of the vestal. We move straight, turn into the zone with the enemy and jump over the closet on the ground. Right around the corner, we talk with the inhabitants.


According to the additional task "The Last Path of Nicolas Flamel", Aegis will go to the sewers, where she will find drawings of Ludia. After destroying the wall near the grate, you can hear a conversation. We communicate with them until the completion of all replicas.

Luxembourg Palace

In this location, the player will be able to find four places with residents.


We move along the street forward from the carriage and destroy all enemies. After that, a dialogue should start. Near the broken carriage we find the door marked with a symbol. We listen to all replicas. If the dialogue does not start, then it is recommended to re-enter the location, kill the enemies and repeat the action again.

Hotel owner and visitor

After activating the first vestal, we climb the stairs and listen to the dialogue between a woman and a man. We restart several times at the vestal until the very end of the conversation.


According to the plot, we get to the Luxembourg Palace. The only way to enter the building is through the broken fence. We jump down from it and do not climb into the building.

On the left, we find a window with a symbol. We talk with a man. You can also walk to this place from the vestal near the park. We get down from the left side down and move to the window.

Man and woman

We return to a small park and break the wall. We pass into the nearest arch and listen to the conversation of people near the door with the symbol.

Home for the Disabled (re-visiting the location according to the plot)

In this location, there are only two places to talk with residents.

The male

We get to the Vaucanson's mansion and activate the vestal. Next to her, we talk with a local resident.

A woman and a man

We follow the locations and find the Church of St. Mary. We defeat the boss at the entrance and activate the vestal. We stand with our backs to her and to the path. We go down the left stairs, turn left and talk to the residents near the barricaded window.


Three villagers can be found in this area.

Man and woman

On the additional task "Family Business", Aegis will get to the desired zone. The door with the symbol will be next to the target.

The male

We move along the main road to the Bastille. On the way, you will have to go down a small slope and meet with a musical automaton. We go around it and get to the door with two columns, located on the right.

The male

We move along the road and, as soon as we see the fortress, immediately turn left. In the corner, we find a loaf of bread on the floor. We climb into the fortress and immediately approach the door on the left.

We return the found item and get the achievement "Friend of the people" (Friend of the people).