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How to play Tower of Fantasy with a controller on PC and mobile

 We show you step by step how to easily set up a controller to play Tower of Fantasy with adapted controls on PC or mobile and which controllers are compatible.

How to play Tower of Fantasy with a controller on PC and mobile

The new and successful free-to-play Tower of Fantasy has hit the market with the option of playing with controls adapted to a controller on both PC and Android and iOS mobiles. Yes, you read correctly, it is possible to play the futuristic MMORPG with a gamepad.

If you have doubts or do not know how to do it, in this entry of our guide we are going to show you step-by-step how to configure a controller to play Tower of Fantasy and some of the controllers that are compatible.

How to play with a controller on the computer?

Tower of Fantasy supports a controller to play on PC:

  • You can play with any Xinput controller.
  • It is possible to play both by connecting your wired controller via USB.
  • As it is also available to connect your wireless controller via Bluetooth.

The Xinput feature means that all plug-and-play compatible controllers are immediately recognized by the game when you connect them to your computer. For example, official Microsoft and Xbox-branded controllers (Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S) are compatible with Tower of Fantasy. Most third-party controllers on the market today also have Xinput functionality, so you shouldn't have too much trouble playing the title at hand with them.

If you use Sony, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 5 controllers, you should know that you will first have to download a software called DS4Windows on your PC that allows you to configure this kind of controller since these controllers are not compatible with Xinput (but the program takes care of converting the gamepad input satisfactorily).

How to play with a controller on Android or iOS mobiles?

Tower of Fantasy in its mobile version of Android and iOS also offers support for most controllers of the new and past generation of consoles via Bluetooth, so if you have a controller from a major manufacturer (such as Xbox or PlayStation), it is quite likely that you will be able to enjoy the title without problems with this support.

Generally, these are the steps to follow to configure a controller on your Android or iOS mobile using Bluetooth:

  • The first thing is to make sure that the Bluetooth of your device is activated.
  • After this you must put your controller in pairing mode :
    • On a PlayStation 4 or 5 controller: You must press the PS button and the Share button at the same time.
    • On an Xbox Wireless Controller: You must press the Pair button.
    • If you have a different controller: from another manufacturer, consult the model's instructions to find out how to activate its pairing mode.
  • Once the pairing mode of your controller is activated, in the settings of your mobile, within the Bluetooth section, the recognized controller should appear. Click on its name to finish connecting it.
If, on the other hand, you have a wired controller, you will have to make sure that you also have an adapter that allows you to connect it to your device so that it can recognize it. This depends a lot on your mobile model and your controller and the inputs it has available, so don't be afraid to research online what exactly you need

Set up gamepads

Please note that at launch Tower of Fantasy does not fully support controllers at all levels. These controls can be seen from the game settings menu, in the "Control" section and the "Control keys" section.

Initially, the controller can be used for combat and exploration, but not for the menu functions, where you will necessarily have to use the keyboard and mouse (on PC) or the touch screen (on smartphones). Its managers have assured us that the control options will soon be expanded and these functions are currently being optimized, so it only remains to wait for greater customization in this regard.