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Multiplayer in Tower of Fantasy: Add and invite friends, create groups...

 If you want to enjoy your Tower of Fantasy games in the company of friends, here we tell you how to add new friends and how to invite them to your group to carry out activities together.

Multiplayer in Tower of Fantasy: Add and invite friends, create groups...

Tower of Fantasy is now available to download for free on PC and mobile, and one of its great attractions is the possibility of sharing its futuristic open world with our friends. The game allows and encourages cooperation between players, so you will more than likely want to know what to do to enjoy its multiplayer features.

In this entry of our guide, among other things, we explain how to create online groups and how to add new friends and invite them to your session.

How to play multiplayer Tower of Fantasy?

You can start playing multiplayer in Tower of Fantasy practically from the first minutes of your game. Shortly after selecting your starting character, beating the "tutorial" and progressing through the story a bit, you'll unlock the ability to create or join parties.

Create a group or join one

  • The menu for the multiplayer functions in Tower of Fantasy is located on the right edge of the screen.
  • It is the button that is represented by the icon of a flag and a blue "+" symbol.
  • To create a group or join one click on this icon.
  • By doing so, you will see the two options available; select the one you want.
Of course, if you create a group, you will be the leader and host of it, and therefore you can invite up to 3 other players maximum to join your adventures.

On the contrary, if you join another group from the "Lobby" or "Nearby teams" section, choosing the "Request" button, you will become a member of that group only if the leader allows it.

How to invite players?

Inviting players to your party is very intuitive and easy. You can do it in two different ways :

  • Invite players from your party screen: On your party screen, you can tap on the crosshairs next to your character to open a tab that allows you to invite friends or nearby players.
  • Invite players from the chat: If you wish, you can also open the world text chat, click on a player's name, and from their character sheet select "Group invites".
Keep in mind that in order for other players to join your group they must be on the same server and channel as you. That is, if your friends play on a different server, you will not be able to invite them to your game. Also, once there are already players in the group, remember that you have to press the blue button that says "Go" for the group session to start.

How to add new friends?

Naturally, in Tower of Fantasy, we can make friends with whom we can share our games. Adding friends helps us to have a list of regular users to play with quickly. Sending friend requests is very simple, but if you have doubts, here we clarify the steps to follow:

  • Start by opening the menu in the upper right corner.
  • Now select the "Friends" section.
  • In this section, you have to press the lower left icon called "Search and add".
  • This opens a screen with different users.
  • You can send friend requests or if you prefer, write the name of the player you want to add in the bottom bar.

Remember that the players that appear in this list of possible friends are only the same ones that share a server with you. That is to say that in order to add friends you have to be playing on the same server.

Apart from what we have told you, there are also more alternative methods to add friends quickly. One of them would be directly from the world chat, opening a player's card after clicking on their name and then choosing the "Add friends" button. You can do the same by clicking on another player's character that is close to you.

As you can see, it is very easy to make friends and invite them to your game. Playing Tower of Fantasy as a group, there are a whole host of cooperative activities to do, such as opening special chests, boss fights, and much more. Don't hesitate to play multiplayer, you will surely have a great time!