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New weapons in Splatoon 3, what are the new main, special and secondary weapons?

 Splatoon 3 offers us new weapons crazier than each other. What will be your main, special, and secondary weapon of choice?

A few days ago, many of you were able to participate in the first Splatfest Splatoon 3, for 12 hours. And since you don't change a winning team, this Splatoon 3 festival made it possible to choose a team between Rock, paper, or scissors before competing for domination of the arenas made available that day with many new weapons.

Although short, this first Splatoon 3 event allowed us to try and use the new main weapons, special weapons, and secondary weapons that this new installment of Nintendo's most colorful license adds. Whether you like long-range primary weapons, melee secondary weapons, or special weapons to change the outcome of a match, you're bound to find what you need to be an Inkling pro and shine in Splatoon 3.

The two new main weapons in Splatoon 3

Braided wiper (main weapon)

This species of a sword is an excellent contact weapon that allows you to create paint splashes in horizontal arcs. When charged, this Katana launches wider and more powerful vertical projectiles.

Limons (main weapon)

The Slime is a 3-shot bow that leaves ink streaks behind before exploding.


Splatoon 3's New Special Weapons

Triple Inkstrike (special weapon)

This special weapon lets you fire missiles that mark where they land while exploding on impact.

Big Bubbler (special weapon)

This upgraded version of Splatoon 1's Big Bubbler lets you create a dome that provides protection for your teammates. However, it has a weakness, if the opposing team fires on its generator located at its top, the dome shrinks, until it disappears.

Ink Vac (special weapon)

As its name suggests, this ink vacuum cleaner allows you to suck up all the ink present around you, to release it in one go on the enemy who dares to rub you.

Killer Wail 5.1 (special weapon)

This special weapon is also an upgrade of a weapon that appeared in Splatoon 1. It creates Six Megaphones that follow the player and target nearby enemies.

Zipcaster (special weapon)

It's a grappling hook that allows you to swing from surface to surface in order to advance quickly through enemy terrain. Once the special is finished, it sends you back to your starting point if no enemy has eliminated you in the meantime.

The Districool (special weapon)

This special weapon creates a mini-fridge containing four drinks. Players who consume them get a temporary, random boost to one of their stats. This special weapon is an invitation to teamwork.

Crab Tank (special weapon)

This crab robot that you will drive will allow you to protect a time from enemy attacks while firing explosive projectiles. This strange vehicle can also turn into a ball which greatly increases your movement speed.

Trizooka (special weapon)

This evolution of a special weapon from the first opus now allows you to fire three ink shells instead of one to increase the damage taken by your opponents.

Wavebreaker (special weapon)

This special deployable weapon creates waves around it. Enemies hit by these waves take damage and can be located by the player who deployed them. Enemies can jump before the waves hit them in an attempt to dodge marking and damage.

The CavalSquale (special weapon)

This shark-shaped missile that you will ride allows you to target an opponent. Once thrown, it will repeatedly bounce off the ground before hitting its target and exploding.

Splatoon 3's new secondary weapon

Angle Shooter (secondary weapon)

This secondary weapon fires a powerful long-range beam that will reflect and ricochet off surfaces it encounters to dislodge hidden enemies.

Even if Nintendo already announces that DLC will soon enrich the game, these new features will keep you busy for a while before you master them perfectly. Of course, those who don't like the novelty can fall back on the weapons present in Splatoon 2.