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Pulpotron P4-T4S in Splatoon 3: How to defeat him, best strategy and tips

 We give you the best tips and strategies so you can easily beat the final boss Pulpotron P4-T4S in the story of Splatoon 3. Make him bite the dust!

Pulpotron P4-T4S is the first final boss you face during the Splatoon 3 story. This robotic enemy, controlled by Doctor Octovius, appears right at the end of The Crater's tutorial zone, after beating all four missions there.

So that you don't have any problems, below in this entry of our guide we show you the best tips and what is the most optimal strategy to follow to defeat this final boss as easily as possible. Let's go there!

Strategy to beat Pulpotron P4-T4S

The fight against Pulpotron P4-T4S takes place in a circular arena and is divided into several phases depending on how the boss attacks.

First phase

Strategy to beat Pulpotron P4-T4S

  • First, Pulpotron P4-T4S will fire his clenched fists at you like rockets.
  • What you need to do is shoot ink at them before they hit you or hit the ground.
  • If you get it right in time, the fist will shoot back at Pulpotron P4-T4S dealing damage.
  • Alternatively, the boss can also fire his drill-like hands. This attack must be dodged and let the hand sink into the ground. Once it's nailed down, quickly fill it with ink so it can shoot back towards the Pulpotron P4-T4S.
  • When you've done enough damage to him in these two ways, Doctor Octovius will be thrown towards the center of the stage. Shoot him quickly to damage him.

Second stage

  • From here the Pulpotron P4-T4S can activate a vacuum-shaped mouth while continuing to shoot from his hands as before.
  • When the vacuum mouth starts to suck air, what you have to do is throw your Cenutrín with the R button into the suction current. In this way, Cenutrín will clog the mouth of the vacuum cleaner for a while.
  • While the vacuum cleaner is stuck, you will be able to damage the punches it throws at you as in the previous phase.
  • Also, watch out for the electrified ink shot balls that the P4-T4S Pulpotron launches from time to time.

Third phase

  • For this third and last phase of the fight, the Pulpotron P4-T4S only has one new attack, the rest will continue to be a combination of all the previous ones.
  • His new attack consists of shooting one of his hands with an open palm, in such a way that it will fall on the stage and create an expansive wave of ink (to dodge it, jump in time).
  • Remember that he will still use his aspiration attack, so use Cenutrín again to jam him.
After dealing enough damage to Doctor Octavius ​​in all three phases, the fight will come to an end.