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Rumor: Resident Evil 4 Remake Free Demo Coming Soon


Rumor: Resident Evil 4 Remake Free Demo Coming Soon

According to industry insider The Insider, we may be getting a Resident Evil 4 Remake demo soon. He recently posted an image of the Resident Evil 4 demo disc but did not provide any further information.

The Insider is a relatively new source of leaks compared to many known ones, but it has a large number of credible leaks. He was right when he revealed that God of Ware: Ragnarok would release in November 2022, days before official confirmation was given.

Most recently, he revealed the names of all the Assassin's Creed games that will be shown on Ubisoft Forward, and also spoke about the setting of one of them, which even the famous journalist Jason Schreier doubted the authenticity of, but later confirmed that it was true.

Now, The Insider has given us more cryptic information about a possible Resident Evil 4 Remake demo. He didn't provide any further information other than a picture of the original RE4 with a demo disc caption, which could hint at getting a demo of the upcoming and long-awaited Resident Evil 4 Remake soon.

Capcom has been sharing demos of their RE games for a long time, before their release, as it did with the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, and with RE 7 and Village. Therefore, there should be nothing surprising in the demo for the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Resident Evil 2 Remake received a demo about a week before its release, and RE3 Remake a few weeks later. From here, you might think that maybe Resident Evil 4 Remake is getting close to release if there really is a demo coming soon, but that's highly unlikely. The game was previously set to release in March 2023, and Capcom hasn't made any new changes to its plans since then. However, Resident Evil 7 received a concept demo a full year before release, so it's possible that RE4 Remake will get it as well.

Although The Insider does not provide any information on when we will receive this demo, we can assume that it will be released in a week during the Tokyo Games Show. TGS is a very important gaming event especially for Japanese developers as they get the opportunity to showcase their products in their home territory. The importance of TGS is very high for Capcom as well. It should be noted that since the inception of TGS in 1996, no major Resident Evil game has ever missed a show. All the main parts of the Resident Evil series were present at TGS in one way or another, so, of course, RE4 Remake will most likely be shown there, and who knows, maybe after this event, we will get a demo.