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SCP: Secret Files walkthrough - game guide

 A detailed guide to all SCP: Secret Files story missions, collectibles, and documents locations

SCP: Secret Files walkthrough - game guide

After the introductory video, move to the turnstile and pick up any Level 1 access card from the shelf on the left. Attach it to the left turnstile, run forward, and enter room #914. Interact with the computer, and accept the confidentiality agreement. Chat with colleagues, choose any options, and then start the training system.

First Training, Jason Carter (SCP-7457)

Equip the suit and pick up the equipment. Walk forward, enter the elevator and get into the truck. Drive along the markers and collect garbage. It is important to gain 100 kg, although you can collect all the garbage, and only after that go to the incinerator. Lower the lever.

Pass the psychological test by filling in the right field twice with the proposed figures. Eat a burger and enter the sleep room. At the analysis stage, just wait for the observation to end.

On day 23, press the "truck" button again, and repeat the steps. During the psychological test, choose (5+5+5)/3, 1+1+1+1+1, and 5+0. Go to bed and wait.

On the fifteenth day, pick up the rubbish and burn it. Run along the lines to the building on the horizon and go inside. go forward, then try to pass the test and get out. Ride the truck, then follow through the city to the anomaly. As a result, you will understand why the black coils weighed so much and where did the test subjects go...

black box incident

Chat with colleagues, then head to the dining room. After a while, after loading, re-enter the chat. After lengthy interviews with Bella, you will finally control the girl. Run forward until you are near the fence. Search the black container to get the equipment for the mission and a photo of the black box (collectible item 1/3).

Take a few steps towards the building. Once inside, go a little forward and drop the anchor of reality. Enter the first room on the right, pick up the plant pot and take the coin (collectible 2/3). On the bench, a little further are the research protocols (1/4). The door opens with key 101, but you don't have it.

Open the metal locker and take the Job Description Document (Document 1/7). Go along the corridor, behind the counter, and listen to the recording on the recorder. In the corner is the Resource Request Form document (document 2/7). Examine the two pots near the large window to find Key-101. Go back and open the door.

Move through the technical rooms, raise the red bridge and follow on. When you reach a dead end, climb through the window on the left. Do the same with the second window on the left and pick up the "Shopping List" document (document 3/7) from the drawer. Get out and move forward. Climb through the window on the right to see the elevator door. Enter the room to the right of the elevator and read the play lying on the table. Give an injection.

The interrogation will continue, then you will return to the Pony facility. When the elevator stops, open the doors and drop the beacon of reality. You are on the fourth floor. The exit door will be blocked, so keep going until you see a monster hallucination. Enter the restroom on the left. Read an excerpt from scenario 1 in the hands of a dummy (rehearsal scenario 1/8). Open the adjoining restroom and find a dummy with a fragment of scenario 2 (scenario for rehearsal 2/8) in one of the stalls.

At the end of the corridor, climb the stairs, climb through the ventilation and jump down into the room. In the hands of the mannequin will be the script for the second rehearsal (script for rehearsal 3/8). You can read the message on the computer. In one of the metal lockers you can find the document "Fragment of Incident 1" (documents 4/7). To open the lockers with archives, you need a round handle. There is a mannequin near the door. Take the script for the third rehearsal from him (script for rehearsal 4/8). The mannequin will disappear. Enter the room, listen to the audio recording, and view the footage from the projector. Find a round handle next to the safe. Return to the previous room and place the handle on the cabinet. Move it to the left so that it is directly above the other vent.

Before running to the seventh floor, run down the stairs, and on the fifth floor, pick up the "Rehearsal Announcement" (documents 5/7). To get out of here, you need this document and the clues it contains. So, on the blue clock, set the time to 21:00, on the red - 7:46, and on the yellow - 11:11. Each time you will hear a beep (if the time is set correctly). If nothing happened, but you set the correct time, go back to the blue clock and interact with it again. There should be the seventh floor. Go to the seventh floor and install the beacon of reality.

Walk to the right and pick up the bolt cutters sticking out of the doors. Watch the cut-scene. First, go down the corridor to the corrugated pipes and find research log 3, Tyler Cooper (research logs 3/4) under them. Go back and go into the room on the left. Crouch and make your way under the yellow tape to the tape recorder to listen to the recording. Go back under the tape and go along the broken window to the other end of the room. Papers are hanging on a whiteboard, and one of them is a report on the experiment (documents 6/7). Return to the corridor and go to the end, make your way under the pipes, where the note lay. Ahead you will see three mannequins and a sparkling wire. Nearby, on the floor, is the script for the fourth rehearsal (script for rehearsal 5/8).

Enter the room nearby and examine the computer desk in the far left corner. There is a fragment of incident 2 (documents 7/7). Lower the lever on the device on the other side. You can read mail on a computer. Return to the previous room and open the far door by interacting with the panel. Follow the corridor, down the stairs and soon you will find yourself in a large hall with many mannequins going to the right, into the 705 compartments. Enter the glassed-in room on the left to find the script for the fifth rehearsal on the table (scenario for rehearsal 6/8).

Go to where the mannequins are moving, open the large gate, and take the black box from the stage. A passage will open. Go down the stairs. Go under the stairs to find a homemade doll (collectibles 3/3). Go to the elevator.

After talking with the agents, you will return to the theater hall. Go to the stage a few times until a monster appears. Immediately, as soon as this happens, wait about a second and run to the right side, along the chairs. The monster will not be able to catch up with you. You also need to get to the stage and go to the landing (the passage will open when you are next to it). Just before the aisle, there is a fragment of scenario 3 (the scenario for rehearsal 7/8) lying around. Go down the first ladder and pick up the research log, Tyler Cooper 4 (research logs 4/4) from the drawer. Continue walking in the next room, to the table on the right, and find the script for the first rehearsal (scenario for rehearsal 8/8). Go where the dummies are following to find a sewer with hanging people. Next, you will find a sequence of simple steps.

When you return to your office, click on each red entry and move it to the right to add it to the report. Then send it. Go to chat with colleagues.

Click on the word "espresso" to move on to the next task. Make reports in the same way as the previous one (just add red entries in the right field). After three reports, go to chat with colleagues. Join Dr. Trevor's conference.

SCP-1762 and me

Look at the intro first, and then play the keys for the different staff lines to play the melody correctly. The final rating does not affect anything. Pick up the mousetrap lying in the corner. To repair the dragon, select the yellow patch and place it in the small notch on the left wing.

Switch the radio to the desired wave, and play the flute again. Run for a piece of paper. Repair the dragons and play the flute again. Gather all things in a bag, and continue reading the text. Then fix the dragons, collect the scraps of paper, and put them together. Play the flute for the last time and chat with your friends.

The Witch's Plan

Move from one object to another, then wind up the music box. Open the door, open the next one. Run away from the enemy. Turn left at the fork. The doors will open automatically. Then turn right and left. In general, be guided by the green signs indicating the exit. As a result, you will find yourself in a large hall with an anomaly located under a glass dome. Connect the lines as shown on the screen (a glowing spark will appear to indicate the correct sequence).

Go inside and take the toy horse from the chair. Place the horse on the music box and wind it up again.

Go through the green door, go upstairs, and inspect the reception desk. On it lies the document "Notice of Visit" (2003 1/8). In the next room, you again need to connect all the nodes so that they do not intersect. You can use a hint in the form of a glowing moving spark. After the cut scene, pick up Sean's employee card (2003 2/8) from the center table. On the cabinet opposite is Sean's diary (2003 3/8). Enter the next room and find the test report from Dr. Sean Pierce's assistant (2003 4/8) on the panels on the left.

Interact with one of the panels in the corner. View the scene with scientists, and check the security cameras (monitors on top). Then pick up the indicated item from the box. Install it on the music box, wind it up, and go through the blue door.

Retrieve the memory fragments as you did before. Get Violetta's employee card from the cabinet (2004 1/6). On the same table, find a list of books to buy (2004 2/6). Violetta's notes (2004 3/6) are on the armchair on the left side. Open the door, go down and open the powerful gate by interacting with the panel on the right side. Approach the glass room. Interact with the book lying on the bed.

Interact with the image of the elephant. You need to set it up correctly. First, reduce the left ear (for an elephant, it is right). Lengthen the tail, and reduce the thickness of all legs. Go further through the zoo and look at the image of birds and lions. Control the flight of the robin so that it does not crash into the poles. Continue watching the scene, then enter the elevator and ride to the third floor. Approach the big glass behind which there is an anomaly. At the end of the scene, pick up the second toy horse from the floor. Put it on the box and wind it up. Enter the pink door.

Keep following the silhouettes of the scientists. In the room with a whiteboard on the right and a lot of notes, look for the SCP-239 experiment plan (2004 4/6) on the cabinet. Go downstairs, at the end of the scene, pick up from the floor, in the ajar door, the upper part of the music box. Set it in place and start the item.

Enter the last, yellow door. Retrieve another memory and view the scene. Take Violetta's death certificate from the table (2005 1/7). On the other side of the table is Sean's reinstatement certificate (2005 2/7). Go around the table and find the document "Voting 05-06" (2005 3/7). Nearby there is another document "Voting 05-07" (2005 4/7). Find two more of the same voting documents - "Voting 05-09" (2005 5/7) and "Voting 05-11" (2005 6/7). Go to the next room, and after the cut scene, destroy the car. Then control the pile of trash and make it bigger by moving it around the room. Click on E at the moment when the slider is in the marked area. You will fail the next test anyway. Run along the electric cable. If necessary, turn off the path. The wire will lead you to the third toy horse. Install it on the box and start the item. Interact with the box again and break it.

Walk along the corridor. Follow through the open door on the left and restore the memory. Search the large room, which will contain documents and a telephone. Open the next door by restoring the memory. Don't forget that you should only connect pieces of the same color! The task will end.

Mysterious woman

Return to the office, and complete the report. Chat with your friends. Follow the elevator in the opposite direction, through the turnstile, and go to another floor. Go through the door on the right and take the “Bread Advertisement” (collectibles 1/4) from the table. There is also a certain “Note” (collectible item 2/4) with the code “0426”. Listen to the instructions of the mysterious woman. Take the access card (collectibles 3/4) from the same table and open the nearest door. Use the card on the reader and enter the code 0426. Open the passage to area B, turn left, right and enter room B-426.

Experiment log: 426-1

Interact with the computer. As a result, you will control a black man, and the game will change the view to isometric. Examine the bed to get a pack of cigarettes. Sit on the toilet to chat with your cellmate. When the jailer comes, go right along the corridor and use the elevator. Stand on the panel in the center of the room, go to the right and place yourself on the same panel. Go downstairs, to the right and you will enter a room with a toaster. Interact with the device from above to lower the fence. Interact with the toaster itself. Return to the laboratory and report the results to the doctor.

Return to the cell, and when you turn into a toaster, go to the socket on the left, above the bed. Interact with the toilet, sink, and bed to get a wire, a piece of iron pipe, and a piece of cloth. Combine the wire and the piece of iron pipe to get a plug. Connect to an outlet. Experiment completed.

Experiment log: 426-3

Now you control the old lady. Do the same, go to the toaster, and inspect it. Return to the cell, and inspect the pillow to get the stolen access card. Pick up one piece of bread from the bed. Exit the chamber by interacting with the grate on top. Collect all the bread in the canteen. First from the tables, then from the trash can. The door to the kitchen will open - go there, and eat all the bread until the task is completed.

Experiment Log: 426-6

Control a new hero. First, do everything you are told, and then fight the guards. Eventually, the subject will kill himself.

The game will end anyway, no matter which door you choose.