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Seven Educational Games for Students

Seven Educational Games for Students

Education is becoming more and more interactive and fun these days. Enjoyable methods prove to be a lot more effective than former conventional methods. Joining fun and education is an effective way of grabbing and holding students ' attention. Whether pre-schoolers or high school students. Learning through pastime gives children a deep, easy understanding of subjects and facts.

Games help students develop skills, talents, and understanding in school work or extracurricular activities. Learning through games is a multifunctional process. Educational games are on a constant increase every day. So, everyone needs to keep up with the developments, especially teachers, students, and parents. 

With the proper use of educational games, students can develop skills in science subjects, literature, writing, and many more. With this knowledge, they can be employed in medical fields, custom article review writing services, engineering occupations, and so on. This will help broaden everyone's scope and understanding of choosing the best educational games and how best to use them.

Here is a list of the best educational games for students.

SplashLearn-Reading and Math Games 

Splashlearn uses games that develop motivation and learning in children. These games develop curiosity and a fearless thirst for knowledge in children who use all they learn. The games keep a child's attention by being interesting and fun. Boredom is eliminated. So, the children become excited to learn more and retain the information better. 

Splashlearn offers different games in subjects and grades. 




Elementary, preschool, and highschool


Elementary, preschool, and highschool

Reading and letters from A-Z



CBeebies is only available for preschool kids ages 6 and under. The games usually encourage playfulness, and their programs are very simple for preschoolers to understand. They provide options such as video clips to watch and fun pastimes to learn. Their programs are simple, fun, and very child-friendly. They protect children from bad content that will affect them negatively because children's minds are very receptive at that stage. The kind of programs they offer are easy to understand and stick to the students' memories for a long time. 

 Online games available on CBeebies: 

  • Puzzle.
  • Colouring.
  • Games for exploration. 
  • Fun outdoor games.  
  • Memory-enhancing and many more.

Shifu Plug

Shifu Plugo is mostly suited for children in elementary school. It focuses on realistic early learning, which is interactive and engages children through stories. These stories are very realistic and enjoyable for children of all ages. Shifu kits have a gamepad of 5 kits in tunes, slingshots, counting, lettering, and links. 

 Some games available are: 
  • Reboot: Includes wonders of the earth, dinosaurs, planets, etc. 
  • Plug: Includes realistic and interactive stories. Children develop their vocabulary, word spelling, alphabet, Grammer, phonetics, and so on through these stories. 

CBC Kids Games  

CBC kids games are available for elementary students aged 8-13.  These games help children to be curious about their world and everything around them. They are pushed to question and try to find answers about everything around them. Pastimes include adventure, puzzles, learning about animals, playing sports, action games, and many more fun and exciting ones. 

Math Playground 

Math Playground is an amazing mathematical game available to students of all ages. Students learn math formulas and how to apply them through interactive and fun processes. They have characters like Superheros teaching them in environments like playgrounds. Math playground captures students' attention from the beginning of the learning process to the end. 

 Featured games: 

  •  Step-by-step equations 
  •  Division Derby 
  •  Sum stacks 
  •  Number sequence 
  •  Amusement park addition 
  •  Factor pair up 
  •  Algebraic Reasoning and many more 


Colory is an art game. It focuses on artistic aesthetic development in students. Students understand the use of colors and how best to put them together to form something beautiful. The colory interface is very easy to use and understand, making it ideal for students of all ages to use. 


  • Provides different options of painting tools for children to use. From brushes to palettes, paints in different colors, and so on. 
  • It helps students know the names of different art tools and understand how to use them. 
  • Access to many kinds of pictures to paint.
  • Children learn about many great artists and get inspiration from them.
  • Sharing of their work on social media is possible. This increases social activities among students. They can roam one another.
  • It is available, even offline.
  • It serves as a means of reducing stress. 

Name that Tune 

This is a perfect game for music lovers. Students in high school enjoy this type of game much more than younger students. Studies have shown that most students around that age appreciate music and use it in most activities. They listen to music as they do school work, do house chores, drive, visit with friends, and do other fun activities. Whether alone or with friends. 

How this works:
  • Involves two or more participants 
  • A moderator arranges a collection of songs from different genres 
  • Then plays it for participants 
  • The participants are to say the name of the artist, genre, or song title. Depending on what they provide 
  • The number of rounds they can play is unlimited. 

Name that tune is a type of game that increases music appreciation in students. It allows them to broaden their music choice and learn about different artists and genres. 

Code Spells 

The most important feature of this game is its focus on coding. Every parent and guardian must know how important it is to teach their wards about codes and how to use them. Computer coding uses a set of instructions to communicate with a computer. There are many coding languages existing with their own set of rules. Learning about all these coding languages can be a difficult task for students. However, with the use of this coding game, progress is made as easy as ABC. 


We all have to keep up with the new introductions in this fast-changing world of technology and its many inventions. Every child, parent, and teacher should always be updated on the new and interactive games introduced and learn how to use them properly. These games make the whole learning process so much easier for everyone. Especially the children who can be educated in a fun and interesting way, making them seek more than knowledge through education at all times.