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Splatoon 3: How to disable the gyroscope camera

 Do you want to disable the camera by gyroscope controls that are active by default in Splatoon 3? Then follow these simple steps that we show you here.

Splatoon 3: How to disable the gyroscope camera

Splatoon 3 has already arrived on the market and its colorful world returns to our Nintendo Switch consoles, although for all newcomers it may be a bit shocking at first one of the default functions that are activated: we refer to the gyroscope movement controls which the game has.

If they are uncomfortable for you or they are not your ideal way of playing, don't worry, you should know that luckily you can turn them off and play in a traditional way. In this entry of our guide, we explain how.

How to disable gyroscope controls?

By default, when starting a new game in Splatoon 3, the game has the gyroscope controls activated, this means that aiming with our weapon is carried out by turning the control that we have in our hands (or the console if we play in portable mode). At the start of the game, these controls are required during the intro tutorial, and you won't be able to disable them yet.

But don't worry, you don't have to go far to deactivate them if that's what you want. After customizing your character and beating the tutorial section, you will reach Tintelia.

From now on, you can configure the gyroscope controls by following these steps:

  • Press the X button to access the game menu.
  • Use L or R to scroll to the "Options" section.
  • In the section "TV mode/desktop mode" you can configure the camera by gyroscope.
  • To turn the gyroscope on or off, check the "Yes" or "No" box for this option.
Note that you can also configure the controls for handheld mode separately, in case you prefer to have a different setting when playing on desktop or on handheld. In addition, here you can also configure the sensitivity of the camera and other functions.

And that's it , now you know how to activate or deactivate the gyroscope to control the aim of your weapons and the camera as you like.