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Splatoon 3: How To Get Boost Points Fast (METHODS)

 We show you all the ways to get boost points as easily as possible during the Splatoon 3 story so you can upgrade your elite gear.

Splatoon 3: How To Get Boost Points Fast (METHODS)

During the story mode of Splatoon 3, embodying Agent 3, players can accumulate the so-called power-up points that, together with the collectible Anchovies, help us to acquire new abilities of the elite equipment. That is, with these points we can unlock improvements and power-ups that make us more powerful.

Since this is an important aspect, in this entry in our guide below we show you all the methods by which you can easily and quickly get boost points in Splatoon 3:

Find secrets and collectibles around the zones

The most effective way to get boost points in Splatoon 3 is by finding the secrets and collectibles that are scattered throughout the areas of Alterna. We refer to the following:

  • Ornaments
  • anchovies
  • food stamps
  • golden discs
  • card packs
  • scrolls

Finding any of these items gives you a nice boost in your boost point progress, so if you want to quickly increase the number of points you have at your fingertips, feel free to take a look at our guides of said collectibles to know where. they are and how to get hold of all of them.

Removes skinning plasma nuclei

Throughout all the areas of Alterna you will find many peltifying plasmas, those hairy and mysterious forms of purple colors that cover different terrains. There are many that you have to clear if you want to advance, but others are optional.

In any case, you should know that :

  • Removing hairy plasmas by throwing your Cenutrín on their cores is one more way to progress your buff points.
  • Every time you clean one of those plasmas, you increase your progress bar of these points, so we recommend that you do not leave any without cleaning.
Remember that to eliminate the nuclei of the skinning plasmas you will have to feed Cenutrín with red caviar (we have a guide with tips and methods to farm this resource).

Ink everything in your path

Finally, another way to accumulate buff points (although less efficient and quicker than the two mentioned above) is to ink everything you see in your path.

  • We mean shooting with your gun and filling everything with ink; the ground, the objects, the buildings…
  • Ink it all. The more you ink with your weapon the more progress you will receive for your buff points.
  • This method is progressive and slowly raises your points, but little by little it is one more way to accumulate them.
  • Note that you can ink everything you see both in explorable areas and during missions.