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Splatoon 3: How To Get Food And Drink Coupons (METHODS)

 This is all you can do to get food and drink coupons in Splatoon 3. Get them and spend them in the lobby shop to get special power-ups.

Splatoon 3: How To Get Food And Drink Coupons (METHODS)

Food coupons and drink coupons are two of the most important items in Splatoon 3 to acquire special power-ups that give us benefits. Specifically, these coupons can be spent in the snack shop that we find in the lobby, and you will surely want to get them at some point since in said shop you can acquire, among others, bonuses to level up faster or earn more money in games.

Next, to help you always have coupons, in this entry of our guide we show you the methods available to get both food coupons and drink coupons.

Get food coupons in the story

Some Splatoon 3-specific food stamps can be obtained as one of the game's story mode collectibles. If you explore the different areas of the story mode well and discover their secrets, you will be able to accumulate more coupons for your inventory. In case you don't want to miss any, we have a guide where we review all their locations. Take a look!

Get coupons on Salmon Run capsules

In Splatoon 3 through the Don Oso, SA building located in Tintelia, players can participate in the game mode called Salmon Run. This cooperative mode offers juicy extra pay rewards as we accumulate points, and among these rewards are the capsules that can give us coupons:

  • Red capsules: in capsules of this color you can receive random food coupons.
  • Blue capsules: in capsules of this color you can receive random drink coupons.
Depending on the quality of the capsule, you are likely to receive more or fewer coupons. The thing is, playing Salmon Run games is one of the most efficient ways to earn coupons. Of course, remember that you can only accumulate a maximum of 1200 points for extra payments every 2 days. After that time the counter restarts.

Receive coupons from the prize machine

In the lobby, near the elevator where you choose the multiplayer modes, there is a jackpot machine where you can do random rolls like a gacha. This machine works only with money, and its prizes are always random, but among them are food and drink coupons.

  • If you want to try your luck, roll the prize machine to see if you get coupons.
  • Remember that the first spin of each day is reduced to 5,000 money.
It's never guaranteed to get coupons this way, but at least it's another method that's available and it's worth knowing.

Coupon rewards in the catalog

Finally, in Splatoon 3, when you reach level 4 of your account, you will unlock access to the catalog, content with seasonal rewards (as if they were a kind of battle pass) in which you can receive coupons in addition to other prizes.

  • The catalog is received in the Abyssal Miscellaneous shop when you have reached level 4 (marked as "miscellaneous" in the menu).
  • Every 3 months the catalog resets to offer new rewards.
  • You can climb a total of 100 catalog levels and claim food and drink coupons along the way.
The level of your catalog can be increased simply by playing Territory War, Salmon Run or Chaotic Combat matches. Keep in mind that getting wins will make you progress faster through the catalog level.