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Splatoon 3: How To Get Red Caviar Easily (METHODS)

 We show you all the ways to accumulate red caviar as easily and quickly as possible in the history of Splatoon 3. So you can unlock the areas of Alterna without any problem!

Splatoon 3: How To Get Red Caviar Easily (METHODS)

Red caviar is a material that allows you to feed Cenutrín in order to clean all the peltifying plasma that blocks the different areas of the story mode of Splatoon 3, in the mysterious region of Alterna. This resource or currency will be needed in huge quantities if you want to explore all the places, access some missions, and even get the collectibles that are hidden in the game.

In this entry of our guide, we want to show you all the effective methods by which you can get red caviar and the easiest or fastest ways to accumulate it so that you never lack it when you need it most.

Methods to get red caviar

Here below you can know the main ways that exist to get red caviar during the history of Splatoon 3:

Complete missions for the first time

  • The most effective way to get red caviar in large quantities is to complete story mode missions for the first time.
  • The first time you complete a quest there is a red caviar bonus; this counts for the first time with each type of weapon available (if there is more than one).
  • Try to complete all the missions within your reach at least once to accumulate a lot of red caviar.
  • Remember that, during the missions, if you collect armor you will also get a little more caviar at the end (+10 for each one you reach the end with).

Find hidden caviar in the areas

Outside of missions, while exploring Alterna's zones, it's also possible to earn red caviar, and quite a few actually. As with the collectibles in the game, there is a lot of red caviar hidden throughout the areas. For example:

  • You can find buried red caviar: in the form of anchors with red dots in the snow. When you see them, shoot ink at them to make them come out.
  • There is also hidden caviar: sometimes at certain points, there is hidden caviar that only comes out if you ink the area with your weapon. Cenutrín can notify you of these or you can get an idea of ​​where they are by looking at the map and looking at the areas highlighted in green.
  • Look for a red flying balloon: there is always one in each zone and breaking it will give you some red caviar. The balloon is moving, so you will have to place yourself in the optimal area to be able to explode it.
This method is one of the most generous to get red caviar since many times you can find cans of red caviar that directly reward you with 100 points. There are many hidden, so we recommend that you explore them thoroughly.

Break the orange boxes with caviar

  • Throughout the missions, you will run into orange boxes many times. When you see them, do not hesitate to break them as they contain red caviar.
  • Red Caviar from crates reports small amounts of this resource, but you can find quite a few in most quests, so they're a pretty cool additional source.

Go through caviar rings

  • In some missions, you will sometimes find orange rings like the ones you see in the image above.
  • If you pass through these rings you will receive a small reward of red caviar.
  • Try not to leave any of these hoops behind, although some are in somewhat difficult positions to reach, it is usually worth it.

Collect caviar from Agent 1

  • Lastly, on occasion, while exploring zones and progressing through missions, you will see Agent 1 appear with an exclamation mark icon above her head.
  • Approach Agent 1 and talk to her for a small red caviar reward.

Best mission to get red caviar fast

There are many quests with which you can easily and quickly earn red caviar in Splatoon 3 if you are in need of this resource. We want to recommend one of the first missions to which you have access due to its effectiveness in farming caviar.

  • The mission that we recommend is the one titled "The center of the universe? Here!" which is located in Zone 1: Future Utopian Island of Alterna.
  • Every time you repeat this quest you can earn 300 red caviar.
  • Entry to the quest costs 50 caviar, so the final reward stays at 250.
  • Completing this mission takes just 10 seconds from when you pass through the entrance gate.