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Splatoon 3: How to play with friends online, LAN and create private matches

 We show you what are the steps to follow and the requirements to be able to play online games with your friends from Nintendo Switch to Splatoon 3 and also how to make private games.

Splatoon 3: How to play with friends online, LAN and create private matches

If Splatoon 3 is already a very fun game, then hanging out with friends multiplies the fun. If you have just reached the third installment of the saga and want to join your friends in their games, create private games, or even play on LAN, in this entry of our guide we explain all the details and requirements that you need to know.

How to play online with friends?

The first requirement that you must meet in Splatoon 3 to be able to play with your friends is to have a subscription to the Nintendo Switch online service (obviously, as with all online games). If you already have a subscription, then the next step is to play enough to get to Tintalia and gain access to the Lobby, the place in town where multiplayer matches take place.

Before you can invite or join friends, you will have to play a first introductory game in the lobby. Simply play the friendly match and you can level up to level 2, which will already give you access to play matches with friends.

  • If you have friends currently connected to Splatoon 3 you will be able to see them in the lobby when you go to pick a match by going to the "Friends" tab (it's the fourth one from the left, the one with the two squid icon).

  • You can hover over a game mode and press the D-pad left or right on your controller to toggle between playing "Single" or "With Friends".

  • It is also possible to get to see your friends online in the lobby.
  • You can directly approach a friend in the lobby to join them (you can only join friends who are currently playing a game). This does not guarantee that you will play on the same team, but it does allow you to share the same lobby.

If you want to make sure that you play with your friends in the same team of 4, then you should create a room. To do this, choose a game mode by selecting the "With friends" option and invite the three friends who are going to be part of the group.

How to play locally with friends? (LAN)

To play local games with friends in Splatoon 3, that is, by local communication (LAN) sharing the same Wi-Fi network, you must take into consideration the following:

  • Each player must have their own Nintendo Switch, a copy of the game, and a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Each player must have reached level 4 in multiplayer.
  • Each player must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the others.
If you meet these conditions, visit the building in Tintelia called The Whirlpool and talk to the character behind the counter to access the LAN play options. Here you can create private games or enjoy them in any way with your friends through the local communication of your consoles.

How to create a private match?

In addition to playing online with your friends, Splatoon 3 also offers the option to play private matches. Of course, keep in mind that during these games there will be no rewards and you will not raise your level.

To create private games follow these steps :

  • Access the lobby and enter the selection of modes.
  • Choose the "Private Battle" mode.
  • Then decide if you want to create a key with the Y button (this is so that only the friends you want can join after sharing the room password with them).
  • If you decide to create a private room without a password, any friend can join it.
  • After creating the private room, choose the game style and scenario, as well as more settings.
  • When the players are ready, you just have to hit start the game.
A total of 10 players (with up to 2 spectators) are supported in Private Matches. Players can play any mode the lobby host selects, regardless of whether they are level enough to access those modes.