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Splatoon 3: How to transfer Splatoon 2 data and get rewards

 Here's a simple tutorial to show you how you can transfer your Splatoon 2 save data to your new Splatoon 3 game. Do it and you'll earn some very special rewards!

Splatoon 3, the brand new game in the Nintendo saga, includes a feature that veteran players of the franchise will love, and that is the possibility of transferring your save data from Splatoon 2 to this third installment to receive very juicy rewards.

If you want to know how to transfer your Splatoon 2 save data to your new Splatoon 3 game, or what rewards you will receive for doing so, keep reading because we explain it to you in this entry of our guide.

How to transfer data from Splatoon 2 to Splatoon 3? (Requirements)

Here are the requirements and steps you need to follow in order to transfer data from Splatoon 2 to your Splatoon 3 game:

  • First of all: you need to have a Nintendo Switch console on which you have played Splatoon 2 (and have to save data stored in memory).
  • If you are playing on a different console: You must transfer your original Splatoon 2 save data to the new console.
  • If you're already playing on the same console: Then you just need to start Splatoon 3 with the same Nintendo user account you played Splatoon 2 with (make sure it's the same, otherwise it won't work).
  • Connect to the Internet: Make sure, of course, that you have your console connected to a stable Internet network.
Splatoon 3: How to transfer Splatoon 2 data and get rewards

If you meet these simple requirements, when you start playing Splatoon 3 you should get a screen with a message that Splatoon 2 save data has been found. This is when you can decide whether to import it or not.

EYE! It is very important that when this screen appears, you agree to import your data by clicking on the "Import!" button. If for whatever reason you decide not to do it at this moment, you will never have the opportunity again because the game only allows you to do it the first time you open it, so you already know.

Rewards for transferring your Splatoon 2 data

Here are the main bonuses you can enjoy in your Splatoon 3 game by importing your Splatoon 2 save data:

  • You receive 3 golden licenses from Jairo: you can use them to redeem any weapon in the store from level 2 (ie you can get 3 free weapons from the start).
  • Fight in chaotic combat: you can enter the competitive mode earlier than usual (no need to reach level 10).
  • Higher rank from the start: Your competitive rank will be higher from the start; this is calculated based on your performance and rank achieved in Splatoon 2.
  • Matched Rivals: You will face opponents close to your skill level in matches.
Please note that you can only enjoy all these rewards after you have already finished playing your first online match in Tintelia's lobby. Gold licenses can be claimed in the lobby terminal, under the "Rewards" button.

That's all the rewards for importing data from Splatoon 2. You can't keep all the weapons you've already unlocked in the previous game and you can't keep your account level either, because in Splatoon 3 you start from level 1 again and with all the weapons to get, but at least this way you can have a good push to get into the third installment much faster. To enjoy!