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Splatoon 3 Unlock and enlarge locker - Game Guide

 The locker hall is one of the new features in Splatoon 3. Here you can design your own locker with decorations, stickers, and clothes, which the community can then admire and rate. However, the Locker Hall is not available from the start. In this guide, we explain how to get your locker.

Splatoon 3 Unlock and enlarge locker - Game Guide

How to find your locker

The locker hall is located in the lobby on the right behind the capsule machine. Please note that you can only enter the lobby with an active internet connection. The locker hall is initially closed and you cannot enter it.

To unlock the locker hall, you must first prove yourself in classic turf warfare and increase your level. When you reach level 4, the requirement for your locker is met. However, you are still not allowed to enter the locker hall. Before that, you have to visit the "Deko & Co." store Hotlantis, where you can buy various items for your locker.

When you return to the lobby afterward, the locker hall is open and you can examine your locker. If you've already played Story Mode, you should "pick up your stuff" from the Lobby Terminal to receive the decorations you found in Story Mode.

Got a bigger locker

In the locker hall, you can marvel not only at your locker but also at the lockers of your fellow players and distribute likes. You may have noticed that some lockers not only have different colors but are also larger.

You'll get a bigger locker more or less automatically as you level up. Once you reach level 15, your locker will be enlarged. New design options such as the color will then also be unlocked, which you can then buy in the "Deco & Co." shop.