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Temtem: Luma Guide - this is how you catch Shinys in Temtem

 In Temtem you have a minimal chance of dusting off so-called luma. We'll tell you what Luma Temtem are and how you can catch them.

Temtem: Luma Guide - this is how you catch Shinys in Temtem

In this Luma guide to Temtem you will learn:

  • What Luma are in Temtem
  • how to catch them
  • What advantages do they bring you

Temtem is currently making a name for itself as a kind of Pokémon MMO. The Luma Temtem is one of those similar elements that are very reminiscent of game content from the Gamefreak classic. You get the feeling that Crema has taken the phenomenon of the Shiny Pokémon as a model.

Up to Pokémon Arceus for the Nintendo Switch, the Shiny system in Pokémon has prevailed over the years. These are extremely rare different colored Pokémon. In Temtem they are called Luma and in this guide, you will find all the relevant information.

What are the luma in Temtem?

Luma are Temtem with an unusual color. As soon as they appear, you will recognize them by a sparkle effect at the beginning of the fight. They always have three perfect values ​​on each one stat. They're extremely rare, so you'll either have to be very lucky or spend a lot of time to get one.

The Luma are so rare that there are even players who offer their Luma for sale to other players. Always exercise caution with such stories, however . Actions like this can easily get ripped off. Besides, it's a much nicer experience to run into your first Luma yourself and catch it on your own.

How to catch a Luma in Temtem?

The chance that you encounter a luma is in a ratio of 1:7500 . So it's much less likely to find a Luma in Temtem than a Shiny in Pokémon. Since the sixth generation of Pokémon, the probability of encountering a Shiny is 1:4096.

Once you've caught one, it will be easier for you to get more Luma and you can even earn the perfect Temtem. Because the chance of getting another luma increases enormously.

Temtem Radar: Increase chance of Luma Temtem

If you defeat the Dojo Ladder one more time in Rematches, you will get a Temtem Radar. With the Temtem Radar, you can increase your chance of Lumas. As soon as you activate the item, depending on the radar, certain Temtem will appear in the game world (you can see them in the grass as opposed to the wild Temtem), which you can fight and catch.

The radar lasts until you escape from one of the radar fights or defeat or catch a Temtem that didn't belong in the radar. Your chances of getting a Luma Temtem using the radar increase as follows:

  • 200 Radar Encounters: Luma Chance x5
  • 300 Radar Encounters: Luma Chance x10

What are the benefits & how can I breed Luma?

You increase your chance by growing your Luma. For this, you need another Temtem of the same element and opposite sex. Using a two-element Temtem will also work, as long as one element is the same as your Luma Temtem. Breeding has a 1 in 1000 chance that another Luma will hatch from an egg.

If both parents are Luma Temtem, the chance even increases to 1:100. Since Luma always have three perfect stats, they are predestined to be bred. There is a 40% chance that the bred Temtem will inherit the stats of the higher-level parent.

Also with a 40 percent chance, the bred Temtem can get an average of the stats of both parents. The remaining 20 percent gives your breeding Temtem the stats of the lower-level parent of the two. So the search for the best Temtem pays off and gives you great advantages for the PvP mode.

However, be warned about breeding. You cannot use a Temtem as a breeding item indefinitely. After seven breeding processes, it is no longer possible to use it for further mating. So think twice about which Temtem you pair with each other.