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Tower of Fantasy VS Genshin Impact: Differences, Similarities and Which is Better

 We compare Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact to show you what their differences are, what aspects are common to both games, and which one is better overall.

Tower of Fantasy VS Genshin Impact: Differences, Similarities and Which is Better

From its early alpha and beta phases in China to its global release, Tower of Fantasy has been compared to Genshin Impact dozens of times. Sometimes the comparisons are odious, but in this case, they are more than understandable, since we are talking about two free-to-play oriental titles that share many similarities. Both the Hotta Studio game and the HoYoverse game are extremely interesting proposals that arouse passions in their fan communities, but which is the best?

In this post, we want to put one against the other and compare both the differences and the similarities that exist between Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact.


In this section we are going to compare the biggest differences between Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact:

different genres:

  • Tower of Fantasy is considered an MMORPG, that is, its world is shared and there are many activities designed for multiplayer.
  • Genshin Impact is an Action RPG in which you can play with other users, but the gameplay is more designed to be enjoyed alone (the online features are almost anecdotal).

The setting and story:

  • Tower of Fantasy has a futuristic sci-fi setting, somewhat darker and similar to the other HoYoverse game, Honkai Impact 3rd. His story takes place on the planet Aida, in a post-apocalyptic period in which there are many threats and hostile beings.
  • Genshin Impact has a more colorful aesthetic with a fantasy setting inspired by medieval times. His story is about finding a character who has been kidnapped by heavenly forces.

Personalization and protagonist:

  • Tower of Fantasy has a main character that is fully customizable. Its template creator allows us to design the protagonist as we like, both men and women, not only in his physique but also in his clothes.
  • Genshin Impact forces us to play choosing between two pre-designed and fixed twins.

World exploration:

  • Tower of Fantasy offers a world with less environment-based puzzles. On the other hand, there are vehicles and mounts to travel faster, as well as boosters or speeders.
  • Genshin Impact bases its exploration on a lot of puzzles and is mostly on foot or via teleportation.

Obtaining characters and weapons:

  • Getting new characters in Tower of Fantasy is much easier and cheaper, and weapons are also unlocked at the same time. SSR characters/weapons are guaranteed at 80 banner rolls, but even if you get them sooner, it doesn't reset this count.
  • In Genshin Impact it is more expensive and gradual to obtain 5-star characters and weapons. They are obtained separately and although there is a 50/50 system, it can be restarted early.

Combat and skills:

  • Tower of Fantasy combat is less based on character skills and more focused on weapon combos. Only one character is used, but it is allowed to switch between 3 weapons.
  • In Genshin Impact, the development of a team of four characters and their special abilities in combination with elements to create reactions and special chains of damage prevail.

Rarities and qualities:

  • Tower of Fantasy features up to 3 rarities described as R, SR, and SSR.
  • Genshin Impact has rarities for star points, up to a maximum of 5.


Next in this section, we point out the main similarities between Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact:

  • Anime aesthetic: Obviously, the two games share a strong anime aesthetic.
  • Both games take place in an open world: you are being attacked by monsters and you are spread out in camps.
  • There is a companion character in both games: who serves as an assistant or guide and who is with you throughout the story.
  • In the opening scene of the story: we are asked to choose between two characters, one male and one female.
  • You can climb through wilderness terrain: but doing so consumes a stamina bar.
  • Both games are gacha titles: they contain banners or "wishes" where players spend coins to randomly receive characters, weapons, and useful items. In both games, there is a permanent banner and a limited one (in addition to those of temporary events).
  • There are many resources to farm: it is required to do it to improve characters or weapons.
  • Cookable: Using ingredients and recipes to prepare food with special bonuses.
  • When you unlock new characters and weapons: you have to level them up individually.

Tower of Fantasy or Genshin Impact: Which is Better?

Leaving aside subjective aspects, if we go towards criticism, analysis, and opinions, we can look directly at the press releases that Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact have managed to harvest with their release to find out which of the two games is better or higher.

In this case, we refer to the Metacritic review collection website.

  • Tower of Fantasy currently garners an average of 60 based on 6 professional reviews.
  • For its part, Genshin Impact reaches an average rating of 84 based on 20 press reviews.
From these figures, we could clearly conclude that Genshin Impact is a superior game to Tower of Fantasy. Although, it should be noted that this first one has more than 2 years ahead of its recent competitor, which still has a long way to go in terms of updates, improvements, and content expansions.

After having reviewed both the similarities and differences and the notes between Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact, it is now up to the readers to draw a conclusion and determine which game is better for each player. This comparison does not necessarily make one or the other better or worse, it simply puts them in a showcase to differentiate them from each other. At the end of the day, it is each user who decides what he likes or what convinces him more of the two games according to his preferences. No more no less.