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Walkthrough Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed - game guide

 A detailed guide to all story missions and boss battles in Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed

In this guide, we will cover the walkthrough exclusively of the Destroy All Humans story missions! 2: Reprobed.

Bay City Furon Furor

Additional goals:

  • Use telekinesis to kill KGB agents.
  • Use the Disorderer to destroy the KGB vehicles.
After watching the introductory video, Crypto will be ambushed by KGB agents. Use the WASD keys to move, Shift to speed up, and LMB to shoot. Some skills are available to you. Hints are in the lower corners of the screen. Kill several agents, after which Golopox will contact you.

Walkthrough Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed - game guide

Go to the yellow marker, kill the two agents and read the information on how to use telekinesis. Use telekinesis on RMB to clear the blockage and find Holopox. After the cut-scene, chat with your friend to find out about the info cores. A new additional target will appear. Use telekinesis on RMB to lift and kill enemies. In total, you need to kill 5 opponents with telekinesis.

Reach the first info core. It is located on the roof of the building. Go into the courtyard through the archway to find the van. Jump on it, climb onto the scaffolding and climb up to the roof. Pick up the info core, which will open access to the jetpack (jetpack). Navigate rooftops by holding the Spacebar. Now is the perfect time to kill KGB agents with telekinesis. Reach the second Data Core to get a new weapon, the Disorder.

There will be new opponents and one more additional goal. Use Disorder to destroy one KGB vehicle. To do this, aim at the car and hold LMB until the arc scale fills up. When this happens, release the LMB to release a weapon charge. When hitting a target with this weapon, it will randomly jump in different directions. As you understand, the car can easily crush opponents located next to it. Defeat all KGB agents to complete your first story mission.

Where did the "flower children" go?

Additional goals:

  • Use "Free Love" to throw a party.
  • Kill KGB agents with their own grenades.
Talk to Holopox to find out the goals of the new task. Accept it and read the information about the new "Free Love" ability. With it, you will make the targets dance. The first additional objective is also activated, according to which you need to throw a party. The higher the alarm level, the more targets must dance to start the party (when everyone around is dancing). At the moment, there are three targets to be made to dance. After that, select any cop and press F several times to move into the body of a humanoid. The scale at the top will gradually empty. When it reaches zero, you will lose control over the body.

Go to the phone booth and cancel the alarm. Read the minds of any cops to find out that Freak lives in the park. To do this, aim at the target and press the R key. Follow the marker to the nearest park and read the thoughts of the hippie near the stage. You will understand that Frick has gone to his hill. The hill is located behind the stage, and there is a tent on it. Climb up there, hide in the bushes and free the body of the cop. Move into the body of a hippie girl sitting on a stone. In case you already have a hippie body, just talk to Frick.

You will learn about Coyote Junkie, who is pushing some kind of chemical substance called "Ozarin" to everyone. It was he who invited the Russians to Bay City. Go to a new search area, read the minds of any person located in it, and go to the Junk Man's house. Go inside and watch the video. Upon completion, you will receive new tasks, including one additional goal.

Before you destroy all the KGB agents, pay attention to the opponents in armor and masks. They will shoot from a grenade launcher. Pick up fallen grenades with telekinesis while holding RMB and throw them back at the KGB agents. Kill one of the enemies with this method to complete an additional objective.

Hippies get shot, don't they?

Additional goals:

  • Collect repair modules disguised as a soldier.
  • Destroy the Ozarin deposits.

Move into the mind of any hippie (for example, one of the two girls next to the dancing Freak). If one of the girls runs to the phone, press the X key to use the Forget ability. This is how you cancel your anxiety. Talk to Frick about Torchka. Go down to the marker and chat with Pox. Run along the marker to the indicated place. It is advisable to move into a person so that no one notices you. You will find Arcwoodle. Leave the man's body and shoot him with Zap-O-Met. Hold LMB to charge your landing spot. Stand in this place, hold E and find yourself on a flying saucer.

You need to collect several repair modules in order to repair the flying saucer. All of them will be marked with yellow markers. Soldiers are also located near most of the modules, and one of the additional objectives is associated with them. You need to move into the soldier and pick up the repair module without alarming anyone. To do this is quite simple. And do not forget that in order to use "Free Love" you need to remove all weapons from your hands. Then by pressing LMB you will make people dance. It can come in handy if you are surrounded by a lot of opponents. After the effect wears off, people won't even remember running to the phone booth. Pick up one repair module as a soldier, and you can take the rest as you wish. In addition, I recommend moving between modules in the true image of Crypto,

When you have collected all the repair modules, return to the flying saucer and get on board. Right now, only Zap-O-Met is available to you. Fly up and press F to activate the flying saucer camouflage. Having done this, fly to one of the highlighted targets. These will be cars. Basically, you can use any car. Hold the left CTRL to go up, aim at the car and hold the R key to drain energy from it. The bar at the top of the screen will begin to fill. The machine will explode sooner or later, so you will have to use another one if you want to achieve a full charge.

Now you need to deal with flying airships that spray narcotic gas. An additional goal is to destroy the Ozarin deposits. First, destroy all the containers that are marked on the radar with white markers. There are 8 of them in total, and they are located in different parts of the city. So you complete an additional task. After that, start destroying the airships. They will be marked on the mini-map with yellow markers and will appear several times during the battle. Don't forget about the disguise that goes off if you hit someone with a Death Ray. When you destroy all the airships, the task will end.

After the mission, interact with the drone next to the flying saucer to learn about the new vehicle weapon, the Slurpmaster V8. In addition, new sections are available to you when interacting with a flying saucer. So, you can go to the Pox store and spend the accumulated resources on upgrading weapons and other equipment of Crypto or a flying saucer. In the Gene Mixer section, there are recipes that will allow you to improve your abilities. Check out the recipe, and press Enter to track it. You need to collect a certain number of people of the specified types (for example, soldiers, policemen, hippies, or KGB agents). This is done with a special device Hlyupmaster. Use the mouse wheel to switch between Slurpmaster and Death Ray.

When you're ready, follow the marker, grab the hippie body, and talk to Freak.

The alien who probed me

Additional goals:

  • Use explosives to destroy trucks.
  • Kill soldiers with their own missiles.
  • Dodge Junk's shot.

Frick will talk about Prudence, the new passion of Junk. Go to the marker, moving into any human body. In the marked area, scan people's minds to find out that Prudence is in the park. Get to the park and rescan the thoughts of any person. A marker will appear pointing to the scene. Go to the stage and talk to Prudence. She doesn't know where Torchok is, but she will point to the Ozarin trucks. When the cutscene ends, you will most likely lose your disguise. The best way to avoid failure is to remove the weapon with the mouse wheel and use free love on everyone.

A new additional target will appear. You need to use explosives to destroy the trucks that are marked with a yellow marker. Explosives are marked with white markers. Use telekinesis on RMB to pick up red explosive barrels and throw them at the Osarin trucks near the stage. Destroy three trucks in this way to complete an additional objective.

Do this as soon as possible, then run to the road leading to the bridge. Three trucks with ozarine will pass through it. If you have time, you can use the Disorderer to destroy these trucks. After that, the task will be updated, and you still have to follow the bridge, where the last three trucks are. There the soldiers are fighting the Russians. Destroy opponents. Watch out for beefy Russians with flare guns for an optional objective. When the rocket flies at you, use telekinesis to catch it and throw it back at your opponents.

Once all three trucks have been destroyed (either with the Explosive Barrels or the Disorder), a marker will appear pointing to Coyote Junkie's lair. Climb up the hill and read the mind of any hippie. You will learn about Torchka's underground lair. Climb down, enter the tunnel, and into Junk's room. After the cutscene, the boss fight will begin. Ordinary opponents will appear indefinitely, so do not focus on them too much. Unless, if you need to heal, then pull the brain out of people by holding the E key. You need to kill four Junkheads, who will appear in turn. Doing this is easy. In addition, an additional objective will appear: to complete it, find Junk, wait for him to shoot you with a crossbow, and dodge with the Shift key. Watch the video after winning and then pick up the data core with a new weapon - Beam Disintegrator. Metamorphization will also be available from now on. You can split various items by holding E to get ammo for special weapons. For example, for the disintegrator. Split some boxes, collect ammo and destroy the metal door. After killing the enemies, get out of the tunnel to complete the task.

Who is Arcwoodle?

Additional goals:
  • Kill the cops with a TK Strike.
Chat with Pox about Arkwoodla. You need to start your own sect. A telekinetic strike will also become available. Press B to use an object as a weapon. You can swing it or hit it on the ground, causing it to explode. Move around the marker and open a new drop zone for the flying saucer.

In general, the mission is very short. In order to activate Arcwoodle, you need to raise the alarm level to orange. Just fight the cops and gradually the level will rise. Then the mission will end. But before that happens, try to complete an additional objective. Grab any cop with RMB telekekinesis. It will be highlighted in red. Press B to highlight the cop in white. This means that you have fixed it, and now you can press the LMB to hit the ground or other cops. So you will kill three cops with a TK-hit.

Cannons of Alcatraz

Additional goals:
  • Do not touch the water.
  • Kill a fleeing agent with explosives.
  • Use Talk-O-Tron to deflect the missiles.

Follow to a new place and talk to Pox. Don't forget that you can only get off the flying saucer at the landing points, so it's pointless to fly to the story marker. Go there on foot. After talking with Pox, you will need to infiltrate the island with the prison. Moreover, for an additional purpose, this must be done imperceptibly. To do this, move to a large ship near the island. Disguise yourself as a soldier. If they notice how you move into it, use free love. Let everyone dance! Pass in the form of a soldier to the ship and go to the very end. Leave the body and use the jetpack to get to the wooden dock on the island. Watch the extended cut-scene.

You need to catch up with the soldier with the briefcase. Follow along, killing ordinary opponents. To perform an additional objective when you stalemate an enemy, telekinesis the nearest explosive barrel marked with a white marker and throw it at the enemy with a yellow marker. Pick up the briefcase to find out where the atomic bombs are planted. Go to the Arkwoodle statue, launch it, and then shoot several times with a beam disruptor. If there is no ammo, use metamorphization on nearby objects (select the disintegrator and hold E when prompted).

Get on board the flying saucer and fly to the four yellow markers indicating the moving atomic bomb vans. Hold CTRL to aim and hold RMB to lift the wagons into the air. Then carry them to the water and dump them into the sea. Do these steps with four vans and the task will be updated. It remains to destroy the entire KGB base on the island. There will also be a third additional objective and access to Talk-O-Throne. To activate it, you need to press the Shift key. To destroy missiles with it, wait for them to fly towards you. They are highlighted in white. But when the rockets are nearby and are highlighted in red, be sure to press Shift to destroy them.

After this task, interact with the drone. A new location has become available to you - Albion. Interact with the flying saucer and select the new "Navigation" section. You can move to another location to continue the storyline.

Except Pox, we're British!

Additional goals:

  • Use chemical barrels to kill KGB agents.
  • Crit Oranchov with the Anal Probe.
  • Use an anal probe to kill KGB agents.

After you find yourself on Albion, chat with Pox. Move to the indicated area and read the thoughts of any person (R key). Keep following the markers and read people's minds at another point. The third marker will point to a construction site with KGB agents. Get in there, go down and enter the tunnel. Move deeper into the tunnel and use the keypad to open the gate. There will be more enemies behind them. Barrels of chemicals are marked with white markers, which you must telekinesis into the air and throw at the KGB agents. Of course, if you want to perform an additional task.

Continue moving through the tunnel until you reach Oranchov's laboratory. He will apply toxic gas on himself and turn into a terrible monster. Fight him using the desired weapon. I was approached by a beam disintegrator. If you need ammo, just look around and press the E key to turn various objects into disintegrator ammo.

When Oranchov is below 20% of his total health, he will run away and you will have to chase him. Follow, kill the enemy and pick up the data core with a new weapon - the Anal Probe. Shoot this probe into the green passage. Hold LMB and release when the laser pointer changes from white to green. The second battle against Oranchov will begin. This fight will spawn an additional objective related to the anal probe. Select this weapon, aim at Oranchov and hold LMB. When the pointer turns green, quickly release the button to deal critical damage to the enemy. In the case of Oranchov, you will knock out the virus that mutated him, and you will be able to attack a simple KGB agent, causing much more damage. Keep doing this throughout the fight.

After the cut scene, follow the Englishman who must survive. Make your way to the exit, killing all opponents. For an optional objective, use the anal probe to shoot at enemies when the beam glows green. In case of a successful hit, just wait while the anal probe sucks health points out of the enemy. You can launch multiple anal probes at different enemies. When you get outside, a cut-scene will start, after which the task will end.

Side mission. Cult of Arcvuld: Revelations

A new marker will appear on the map. This is the first quest in the Cult of Arkvuld quest chain. Go to the right place, grab the body of any person nearby and talk to Elton. Hide in the bushes and steal Mitch's body. Go back and talk to Elton again. After that, you will need to deliver the stoned poseurs home. If you want to complete additional objectives, you will have to do it in three different ways. Otherwise, choose any of the ones listed. Approach the marked poser and press Z to use the "Follow me" command. Go to the place marked with a black and white arrow to return the first poseur home. Go to the next poseur and move into his body. Deliver home and hold F to leave the body. Finally, use telekinesis (you can even inside a person) and bring the third poser home. Lower it closer to the ground and only after that press RMB. Otherwise, you will throw the poseur, he will die, and the task will fail.

For completing this mission, you will receive 10 Furotechnical Batteries, which are needed to upgrade Krypto's weapons and equipment.

Her name was Natalia

Additional goals:
  • Don't light up.
  • Use the anal probe to cleanse the mutants.
  • Kill all mutants.

In the marked place, talk to the Mi-6 agent Ponsonby. Find out about his plan. Now you need to get to the Russian art gallery. Go to the indicated point. Disguise yourself as a human and enter the area to complete the "Do Not Climb" bonus objective. Listen to Ponsonby, then use the Z key to order the marked undercover agents to follow you. Take them to the yellow zone nearby. Having done this, return to the gallery and blow up the nesting doll statues. To do this, hold the E key while standing next to them. If the body capture time is running out, it's best to play it safe: back off and grab another body.

After that, you will need to kill three mutants. For one more extra target, shoot anyone with the anal probe so that it glows green. This will cause enemies to lose the mutagen and be more vulnerable to your weapons. Talk to Natalia. After the video, you will need to stop the spread of the mutagen. Follow Hyde Park. There will be several nesting dolls that you must break. Containers with a mutagen are stored inside them. They also need to be detonated, and it is advisable to immediately fire the Zap-O-Met to destroy the flying spores. There will also be an additional objective. From time to time, you will see white markers. They point to the fleeing mutants. You need to catch up with them, use the anal probe and destroy the spores that have flown out of people. There will be 6 such enemies in total.

From Russia with a gun

Additional goals:
  • Kill the KGB agents.
  • Kill M16 agents.
  • Use an anti-gravity field to create a rift.

Follow to a new point to talk with Natalya. Move after the girl, possessing any person. Eventually, you will be attacked by KGB agents. An additional target will appear. Kill all enemies marked in white. Keep moving. When the objective is updated, you will need to finish off the M16 agents. Follow the marker and pick up the info core to get an upgrade for the flying saucer. It will be a new weapon called "Anti-Gravity Field", which is capable of lifting all objects in the area of ​​the explosion into the sky. Go back and get into the flying saucer. You need to follow Natalya, helping her destroy enemy vehicles. Some vehicles will be marked with white markers. It must be destroyed with an anti-gravity field (if you want to complete an additional task). It is only natural that you will not have enough anti-gravity field ammo. Proceed in the same way as with Crypto: use the E key to apply the metamorphization to the surrounding objects and refill ammo. After Natalia gets to the right point, the task will end.

Secrets of the "Majestic"

Additional goals:

  • Kill the humans affected by the brain flare.
  • Dodge Ponsonby's shot.

Speak with Ponsonby at the indicated location. There will also be a drop zone nearby that you can unlock (just kill the nearby people when given this task). Choose any phrases during the interrogation. When Natalya saves you, exit into the tunnel. You need to get out of the laboratory, but before that, you can complete an additional task. Press the T key to apply the brainflare. While the enemies are under its influence, quickly press E to extract the brain of one of them. wait for the skill to recharge, and repeat the action. You need to kill three opponents in this way. Then hold Shift and move from marker to marker. Your weapon still doesn't work.

When you get outside, follow to the park and chat with Pox. The battle against Ponsonby will begin. First, pick up the moment to dodge his shot. Before the shot, you will see a beam that comes from his weapon. Press Shift right before the shot, and then you can complete an additional task. After that, continue to fight using any weapon. I was comfortable killing him with a fully upgraded Zap-O-Met. At the end of the battle, there will be a cut scene, and the mission will end.

In the secret service of her Natalism

Additional goals:
  • Break down surveillance cameras by overloading them.
  • Destroy Ozarin stocks.
  • Inflict a meteor strike on several KGB agents at once.

Move around the marker and talk to Natalia. At the very beginning of the mission, an additional objective will be available to you. Go to the specified location. There will be several dozen KGB agents and CCTV cameras at the base. You need to destroy these cameras by any means. But if you want to complete an additional task, get close to the cameras for a hint, and hold down the E key to blow up the cameras with an overload. So you need to do it with three cameras. The rest you can destroy in any convenient way. We also recommend clearing the entire territory from turrets and opponents.

After that, the target will be updated. Move between the three markers and interact with the controls. On higher difficulty levels, there may be more of these remotes. When the task is completed, you will receive a new additional goal. First, go to the white markers and destroy some tanks of ozarine. We recommend using a beam disintegrator. After that, keep killing enemies and blowing up their vehicles until the mayhem bar at the embassy is full.

Then you will need to kill the enemies that run towards the yellow marker. Keep them out of the building. There will be three waves in total. Be careful, because some opponents come in from the side and almost immediately find themselves near the desired building. When you destroy everyone, move to the control panel and turn off the power supply. After the cut-scene, go up to the roof of the marked building and take the data core. You will gain access to the meteor strike.

To get started, use a meteor strike to kill three opponents and complete an additional objective. After that, they also strike at the main building of the embassy. This will have to be done several times. Use Metamorphize to get weapon ammo. Then go back and talk to Natalya. You can now travel to Takoshima.

Takoshima story

Additional goals:

  • Perform a clean kidnapping of a KGB agent.
Follow the marker and talk to Natalia. There is a lighthouse next to it. There is also a drop zone. Try to activate it. You will be asked to destroy the lighthouse. You can use a meteor strike, and then the landing zone will become active. Move to the marked area and read the minds of several people. Sooner or later you will narrow down your search. Do the same at the next location and you will find out the location of the KGB base. Go to the indicated place and you will see a couple of white markers. You need to capture one of the KGB agents without arousing suspicion. It's best to lure agents or make everyone dance. Even if you can't move into an agent the first time without arousing suspicion, move away, leave his body and do the same trick with another KGB agent.

Chat with the courier on various topics. Your answers don't matter. Take the briefcase, get to the temple and talk to Natalia. Opponents will appear. Kill the first agents and follow Natalya. Then capture one of the agents by clicking on the RMB. After picking it up with telekinesis, press B to use the agent as a weapon. With the help of LMB, hit the agent on the gongs marked with white markers. You need to strike a few gongs to complete an additional task. After that, just follow Natalya, destroying the KGB agents. Clear the courtyard in front of the Zen Temple. The task will end.

Revenge of the ninja

Additional goals:
  • Listen to the radio in the guise of the correct humanoid.
  • Collect plant samples for Pox.
  • Kill four Black Ninjas with an Ion Detonator.

Move around the marker and talk to Pox. First, you need to listen to three radios. Each is located in a separate area, so to complete an additional task, you will have to take on three different disguises (body snatching). Move to the yellow marker. Appropriate bodies will be marked with white markers along the way. Steal anybody, immediately use free love to make everyone around dance and forget about what happened. Listen to the radio (select each wave until you get the information you need). Follow to the second radio, and do not forget to change the body. Do the same with the third radio located at the military base.

You will find out where the base of the White Ninjas is located. Move to the indicated point. Along the way, get a new additional task. Move along the white markers collecting flowers. Not all markers will be visible on the minimap, so you will have to search the entire white area. When you collect the right flowers, follow the White Ninja Village. They won't attack you. Activate the idol. To do this, you will have to move into the body of the White Ninja and return to him. After that, talk to the leader of the White Ninjas.

You need to answer correctly all his questions:

  • Guru Coyote Torchok.
  • Stonewall bar.
  • On the rock
  • In an abandoned underground tunnel.
  • All of the above.
  • Majestic, Division Sixteen.
If you answer the questions correctly, you will receive an ion detonator. Immediately fire the ion detonator in front of you while holding the left mouse button to make the projectile fly a little further. Click the LMB again to detonate the projectile and kill the four Black Ninjas. So you complete an additional task. Finish off the remaining enemies.

Side quest “Cult of Arkwoodla. A fool is better than a fool"

After the task "Revenge of the Ninja", you will be able to chat with the leader of the White Ninja. You will need to collect all the mentors. An additional goal is to find all the white chickens. Chickens will not be marked on the mini-map, however, as soon as you get close to them, they will definitely appear on it. Use telekinesis to move both chickens and guides. Don't worry if it looks like you killed someone. The game seems to count even dead moved targets. When you have moved all the trainers, talk to the leader of the White Ninjas. Mission accomplished!

Doctor Go!

Additional goals:
  • Kill a ninja with a KGB agent.
  • Kill a KGB agent with a ninja.
  • Use Sonic Boom to destroy robot soldiers.
Talk to Natalia at the designated location. Travel to the nearest island and activate the Arkwoodle idol. To do this, you need to get rid of 5 fish located around the idol. We are talking about small wooden cages on the shore. Destroy them with any weapon and the drop zone will be activated. Get to the indicated place, kill three ninjas and chat with Dr. Go. You will have to protect him. To complete additional tasks in which you need to kill a ninja as an agent and vice versa, I suggest possessing a ninja, then using telekinesis on an agent and throwing him into a wall. Then do everything exactly, but vice versa. Such kills are counted: the main thing is to be in the body of the right person.

Keep moving with Dr. Guo while killing the enemies. When you meet the White Ninjas, finish off the enemies and follow the marker to get the info core. It is hidden in a rock, which can be reached from below, from the sea. You will receive a new weapon - Sonic Boom. It is used only on a flying saucer.

Climb aboard the flying saucer to get a new task. First, use the Sound Boom to destroy all the robots that will be marked with white markers. It's easy to do. After that, clear Kuro's castle from tanks and other opponents. Focus on the mini-map, on which all enemy targets are marked in orange. once you've done that, calmly destroy each building with the beam disruptor. The task will end.

Side quest “Cult of Arkwoodla. Fool the Black Ninjas"

This side quest can be picked up after completing the story mission "Doctor Go!". Talk to the Black Ninja leader in the marked area. You can even be in the guise of Crypto. You will find several tests with additional tasks. At the first stage, telekinesis grabs any black ninja and press the B key. Now you can attack other enemies and gongs with it by clicking on the LMB. First, deal with three gongs, and then destroy all the ninjas running towards the circle. Don't let them get to the circle or you will lose.

At the second stage, you need to collect all the ninja accessories. That being said, in order to complete the extra task, you must not touch the water. Use jump and dash. The Jetpack is disabled. Don't go too far ashore or the mission will fail. It is necessary to move exclusively on wooden platforms and beams. In the third stage, chase the elusive ninja. You need to pass the marked segment in the allotted time. Along the way, markers will appear pointing to ninja trinkets. Collect them to complete the goal.

Our man Crypto

Additional goals:

  • Take no damage on telekinesis hit.
  • Find additional secret documents.
  • Kill Sasha in front of Dr. Guo.
Speak with Dr. Guo to start a new quest. Go to the marked area and read people's minds. Do the same in the second location to find out the exact location of the black ninja base. Follow there. Along the way, you can move into the body of a black ninja. Chat with the leader. After that, the battle will begin. You need to kill all the black ninjas, and if you want to complete an additional objective, then you need to use the dash on Shift to dodge the attacking enemies. After defeating everyone, you will receive half of the photo.

Chat with Dr. Guo and do the same with reading people's minds. This is how you learn that Professor Yuki is in the Zen temple. Go there and be sure to move into the body of a white ninja. One of them sits on a rock not far from the temple with the professor. Chat with a woman. You need to examine the stones. A new additional objective will also become available - to find additional secret documents. First, follow the white markers. In the marked areas, you need to use telekinesis to pick up all the interactive stones in order to find a secret document. Find both and complete the side objective. Do the same in the area marked in yellow. Under one of the stones, you will find the second part of the photo with the code.

Talk to Dr. Go again, move to the KGB building, and request a meteor strike on it. After doing this, you will see a yellow marker pointing to Agent Sasha. If you just steal his body, you will immediately get the third part of the code and lose the ability to complete an additional objective. Instead, use telekinesis and take Agent Sasha to Dr. Goh. Throw it right in front of him to kill in front of the doctor. Mission accomplished. Both main and side!

You only live 137 times

Additional goals:
  • Use grenades to kill enemies.
  • Use gastrocannon to kill enemies.
  • Kill the KGB agents on the way to the exit.

Talk to Natalya to start a new task. Move after Natalia. While she's hacking the console, kill regular KGB agents. When the scale is full, you can go further. On the next segment, grenade launchers will appear. They have an additional objective associated with them. Do not rush to kill such enemies. Telekinesis picks up grenades they fired and throws them at other opponents. You need to kill three enemies with grenades in order to complete the additional objective. Grenades are also perfect for destroying robots. Don't forget the Meteor Strike and Beam Disintegrator. Use telekinesis to remove the boxes so that Natalya can hack the second console. Protect the girl while she does it.

Climb up the mountain, killing all opponents. Be careful as four turrets will appear. There are explosive barrels on the sides. Use telekinesis to throw them at the turrets. Also, use your most powerful weapon. Once defeated, protect Natalia from the agents until she fixes the console.

Going down, take the info core. The new weapon Gastro Cannon will let you unleash Gastro, a fully automatic killer robot. Release it. Hold LMB to order Gastro to focus fire on specific targets. Once you've defeated all the enemies, head up the stairs to the equipment with the red carpet. If you are moving correctly, the scale with the name of the target will fill up. Watch the video. As you move towards the exit through the tunnel, try to kill the requested number of KGB agents. In this case, you need to act as quickly as possible, otherwise, you will be flooded with fiery lava. When you are outside, the task will be completed.

Kill Kojiro Kaiju

Additional goals:
  • Avoid critical overload.
  • Hit Kojiro in the belly with the Ion Detonator.
Immediately chat with Pox to start a new task. Follow the board of the saucer and fly to the indicated place. Follow Kojiro until a cutscene plays. After that, the real battle will begin. The first thing you have to do is navigate the yellow markers in order to destroy the buildings that Kojiro is about to consume. This is not easy, because other opponents will interfere with you. Rockets constantly flying in the direction of the saucer are especially annoying. When you destroy all the necessary buildings (the last will be a tall metal tower), you will be asked to attack Kojiro from below.

Fly to the nearest landing zone and get off the side of the saucer. Run to Kojiro. Hit the pink belly at least once with an ion detonator. Shoot at him with other weapons until you destroy the boss. I recommend using an ion detonator, replenishing ammunition by metamorphizing (splitting surrounding objects).

Interact with the drone and navigate the saucer to a new region, Tunguska.

Back to the USSR

Additional goals:
  • Kill people with radioactive fog.
  • Use Brain Extraction on enemies attacking Natalia.
Talk to Natalya in Tunguska. Go to the marked location. You will see many white markers. Use telekinesis to throw barrels of radioactive fog at civilians. Kill the right amount and continue to smash everything around until you fill the main scale. Run to Natalya, destroying the KGB agents along the way. Kill four opponents and chat with the girl.

Move after Natalia. Do not rush to kill all the enemies in a row with conventional weapons. Instead, make sure to extract enough brains (E key) from the opponents marked with white markers. This will complete the additional task. The mission will end when you escort Natalia to safety.

Siberian case

Additional goals:
  • Destroy vehicles.
  • Destroy a tank with another tank.

Move to the indicated place and talk to Natalya. Then you will need to explore two areas and use mind reading on people. This will tell you where to look for fuel rods. Move to the third region. Here the first additional task is activated. Destroy two armored personnel carriers. The next two will appear after you deliver the first fuel rod to the marked location. This is done easily: with the help of telekinesis. When you deliver all three fuel rods (before that, you need to destroy a total of four armored personnel carriers), the task will be updated.

There is an Akwudla idol nearby. Interact with him. Use telekinesis to scatter the boxes that are around the idol. This will activate the drop zone. Board the flying saucer and destroy the first barricade. Use a special weapon to pick up the tank marked with a white marker (CTRL + RMB). Then drop this tank onto another tank, which will also be marked with a white marker. So you complete an additional task. Escort the truck, and destroy tanks, robots, and ordinary opponents.

Deadly reaction

Additional goals:

  • Kill humanoids with radioactivity.
  • Kill aggressive humanoids.
  • Hit the Blissk shields with Zap-O-Method.
Talk to Natalya to start a new mission. Find the first bunker. Climb up the hill to his left and look for a fuel rod (a green orb). As you approach the rod, the task scale will fill up. Pick up the rod with telekinesis and move deeper into the bunker. Insert the rod into the drop-down device in the center, and then quickly leave the hopper before the time runs out.

Move to the second bunker. There will be a robot in front of him, so use the beam disruptor. The rod is hidden behind a rock in front of the bunker, on the other side of the road. To get into the bunker, you need to steal the soldier's body. Having done this, grab the rod with telekinesis, and then go inside. An additional target will launch. Throw a rod at ordinary people to destroy them with radioactivity. In the depths of the bunker there will be a similar device in which the rod must be placed. Then evacuate immediately.

Follow to the third bunker. The fuel rod is hidden behind a rock opposite him, across the road. After picking it up, go inside and install the rod into the device. Before evacuating, you will need to (optionally) complete an additional task - kill a few enemies you encounter. In this case, there will be fewer soldiers than robots. I had to destroy two robots in order to complete the task. And do not forget about the timer - you need to evacuate in time.

Move towards the hidden object marked with a yellow marker. First, attack the huge mutant Blisk. Fire the electric cannon until you destroy his shield (the white bar under the health bar). Having done this, attack with a beam disruptor. Finish off the remaining mutants (weaken them with an anal probe) and complete the mission with a conversation with Pox.

After the task, be sure to activate the nearest idol. If there are no disintegrator projectiles, apply metamorphization on surrounding objects.

Comrade returned from the cold!

Additional goals:
  • Use Gastro to kill attackers.
  • Use chemicals to kill humanoids.
Talk to Sergei at the marked location to take the first mission related to him. Move to the two highlighted areas to read the minds of the people located there. By doing this, you will receive a marker pointing to the Orlov's house. Get to the right place, and after the video, destroy the opponents who attack you. To complete an optional objective, drop Gastro onto the battlefield and wait for him to destroy the required number of targets. Keep destroying opponents. The second wave will be much more difficult, and robots will appear. Don't forget about the meteor strike and other powerful weapons.

Read the thoughts of people in the marked place, and then move to the closed area. A new target will appear. Use telekinesis on barrels of chemicals and throw them at opponents. Once you've killed enough humanoids, start destroying the metal crates. In one of them, you will find an infocore. The task will end.

Fight on the evening of a hard day

Additional goals:
  • Use Zap-O-Met to destroy the shield.
  • Kill mutants.
  • Use the Quantum Disruptor against the Bliss Towers.

Talk to Pox at the marked location to start the mission. Move to the alien base to upgrade the targets. Move through the area. Kill normal enemies using the anal probe to weaken them. When you find Blisk, use the blaster to destroy his shield, and then kill him with another weapon. For example, a disintegrator. Take the yellow crystal and go in search of the blue one. Destroy Blisk again to get the required crystal. Go to the third marker. The red crystal is at the very top. Examine the huge tentacles and find platforms on them. Jump on them up using the jetpack. Jump over to the ledges of another tentacle and climb up to the red crystal.

Climb down, kill the enemies (for an additional objective) and insert the crystals into the sockets. Pay attention to what color the nests glow. Shoot with such weapons to reveal them. For example, if you see a blue orb around the nest, fire the blaster, and so on. Areas are constantly changing. When you install all three crystals, take the data core with a quantum splitter.

Climb aboard the flying saucer. You have to destroy the Bliskov cruiser. In fact, you will not fight with a cruiser, but with a fixed turret that fires different projectiles. To complete an additional task, you will have to use new weapons on the turrets scattered throughout the location. The charge is enough for two turrets. We'll have to fly in circles and collect green ammo. You can only shoot again when you have 100% of the charge. And so attack the tower located in the center of the location, and dodge its beams to the left and right sides. And don't forget to use the Shift key to destroy the missiles flying at you.

Good, Bad, Furon

Additional goals:

  • Talk to Dr. Orlov.
  • Destroy the humanoids.
Talk to Pox to take the last story mission on Tunguska. You need to visit two places and read the minds of the people located there. And again you will move to the alien base. Tasks will be updated. Turn around, go back and talk to Orlov to complete an additional objective. Move to the yellow marker to find Natalia. You need to destroy three radioactive cannons. To do this, get close to one of them, shoot with a discharge launcher to drop the shield, and finish it off with any other weapon. For example, a beam disintegrator. Near the second cannon, complete an additional task: kill the required number of humanoids (robots also count).

Move to Solaris.

1969: A Space Odyssey

Additional goals:
  • Destroy the moon rovers at the mine.
  • Destroy the turrets.
Talk to Natalya to take the first task on Solaris. Follow the moon rover, which will lead you to the mine. Get ready to fight against a variety of enemies or disguise yourself as an astronaut. Destroy 5 mining devices. Use the beam disintegrator. After that, go to the mine through any entrance.

Tasks will be updated. Follow down. Lunokhods will go along the road. Destroy 5 pieces to complete an additional objective. At different levels of the mine, in the right and left wings, look for additional drilling rigs. Destroy everything, then get out to get new targets. Follow the convoy. You need to destroy three moon rovers. But along the way, try to eliminate five more turrets, which is necessary for an additional task. When all three moon rovers are destroyed, the mission will end. In both cases, it is best to use a beam disintegrator.

Russian roulette

Additional goals:
  • Kill a human using Leonid's body.
  • Kill Blisk using Leonid's body.
  • Avoid detection.
Meet with Pox at the specified location and learn the details of the task. Immediately move into the body of any astronaut and move to the base. Start scanning the minds of different people. Try to talk to the astronauts, but they need Leonid. Move on, and scan your thoughts twice more. Then you will see a small search area next to the plants under the dome. Start scanning people who are looking at plants. One of them will be Leonidas. Press Z to order him to follow you, hide and move into Leonid's body.

Return to the astronauts. You need to pronounce the correct words:

  • To declaim the speech.
  • Blame Bliskov for everything.
  • Have the Blisks impeached.
  • Redirect their anger to Milenkov.
  • Manipulate them with gullibility.
  • In a hurry to invent something.
  • Come up with a quick reason.
  • Respond instantly.
  • Throw out the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Viva la revolution!

After the video, you need to urgently leave the base. Nobody needs to be killed. On an additional task, you need to kill Blisk and the human body of Leonid, but after the speech, for some reason, his body disappeared.

Space: 1969

Additional goals:

  • Use an ion detonator to destroy power suits.
  • Destroy multiple solar panels at the same time.
  • Use only the center console.

Go to Pox, next to which will be the Arkwoodl idol. Activate it. You will have to destroy three drills that are located around the crater with the idol. Talk to Pox to start a new story quest. Go to the entrance to the station. It's closed. Move along the wires to find the antennas. This is where you get the first two additional goals. Use the disintegrator to knock out the robots. When they have a minimum of durability, switch to the ion detonator. Do this with two robots. Also, use a meteor strike to destroy three antennas at once. Deal with all the antennas, then return to the entrance and go inside the station.

Listen to Pox's instructions. To complete an additional task, use the console in the center, marked with a white marker. Switch to the middle tower with the laser beam (top) and rotate it so that the beam is directed to the center. Switch to the tower on the right and rotate it (the tower on the left will also rotate) so that both beams are directed to the center. This is how you complete this simple puzzle. Watch the cut-scene.

Destination - Moon

Additional goals:
  • Use a disorderer to kill attackers.
  • Use anti-grav to kill power suits.

Talk to Pox elsewhere. This is how the task will begin. Move to the marked area and read people's minds to find out the location of the communication towers. Get to them, you can in the form of an astronaut, and start all three consoles. The task will be updated. Keep killing enemies while preventing the scientists (men in green and white space suits) from getting close to the consoles. Optionally, you can use the Disorder to eliminate enemies marked with white markers. Before that, we recommend injuring them with other weapons, and only finishing them off with a disorderer.

After the time runs out, run to the Arkwoodle idol and activate it if you haven't already. Just shoot him with the ion detonator. Destroy robots using antigrav. When you reach the required number, switch to the death ray and attack only those targets that are highlighted by the plot marker. Only they pose a threat to the lunar module, whose durability is shown on the left side of the screen. Pick up the vial to complete the quest.

Dark Side of the Moon

Additional goals:
  • Throw astronauts into acid.
  • Prevent Milenkov from fully regenerating.

Chat with Natalia to start a new mission. Accompany Natalya, killing different opponents. Destroy Blisks according to the old scheme: remove the shield with a discharge launcher, and then finish it off with a disintegrator. For an additional task, you need to drop the astronauts into acid. To do this, use an anal probe on ordinary mutants so that they turn into astronauts, and then throw them into acid with telekinesis (you can rise into the air to make it better to aim).

Keep moving. When you clear the room with four Blisks, killing all the enemies, Natalya will ask you to blow up the cocoons. Each of them will have to use different weapons. Follow the girl until she starts hacking the panel. The task will be updated. An additional objective will appear: you need to destroy the astronauts with Bliskov grenades. Astronauts are ordinary mutants who need to use an anal probe. And Bliskov grenades should be thrown, like ordinary ones - by telekinesis. In two places the woman will stop and you will have to protect her. When the path ahead is blocked by poisonous smoke, go yourself until you find the generator. It opens and closes. When the mouth opens, throw a stone inside using telekinesis. When Natalia uploads the virus for the third time (protect her), a cutscene will start.

You have to fight against Milenkov. In the battle against him, I recommend using Glasto, to whom you can give an order and a target (where to shoot). Destroy armor pieces one by one. The task will end soon. Gameplay completed!