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Walkthrough Gloomwood - game guide

 A detailed walkthrough of Gloomwood, codes for the safe, all gramophones, how to find the best weapons, and much more.

At the beginning of the game, select the desired difficulty level. There are four options in total. Half Moon - Standard difficulty. Listen to the man on the other side of the bars, then pick up the ring he threw. To do this, use the F key. When the grate opens, leave the cell and go to the right side. Crouch down on CTRL and make your way under the boards. Hold Shift to sneak past the enemy. Move along the right wall. The door will be closed, so jump down to the mountain of corpses, go down, and climb up to the ledge on the right. Pick up the open suitcase. This is your inventory, which is opened with the TAB key. On Shift, with the suitcase open, you can switch between the tabs with the usual equipment and equipment. There is a bottle on the crate on the left.

Walkthrough Gloomwood - game guide

The door is locked. Read the note hanging on the wall near the elevator buttons. Press J to open the journal, which contains all the information you need. Exit through another door and see the enemy. When it turns around, sneak up from behind and steal the key. Move along the same corridor and use the key to open the first door on the left with the Power sign. Read the note hanging on the grate on the right. Pick up the red button from the elevator from the rack. There is a map of this place on the table to the left.

Go to the next room, and save your progress by interacting with the gramophone. Pick up your first weapon from the same table - a sword disguised as a cane. Break two boards with this sword to return to the elevator. Kill the first enemy. Attack with the LMB and use the RMB to block just before the opponent's attack. After winning, insert the missing button and lower the elevator.

You can stay on this floor. In the room where the enemy stood with the key, there are two empty cans on the shelves. In the rooms a little further you can find a severed head and two more bottles. Take the elevator up, hold F to grab the bottle (two are on top of the barrel), and then throw it through the hole in the fence. So you will distract the enemy and you can go further. To the left of the pit you were in, there is a lever. Lower it to create a shortcut.

A little further there will be a room with two enemies. As you approach, they will come out. In one of the boxes on the right (break) there is a syringe with medicine. You need to go outside. Having done this, turn right and hide under the lower wooden platform. Let the enemies approach her. They will not be able to attack you, and you will be able to beat them while under the platform (crouching). This way you can get rid of most opponents without taking damage.

Go to the right side, along the wooden blind area. Look into a small wooden building and take two cartridges. Go further and you will see a cave. You can walk right into it on the water. Later, you will find a note at the lighthouse, and it will contain the code for this safe. So you can open it right now by entering 415. There are two shell casings lying next to the safe (do not confuse it with cartridges). Inside the safe, you will find your first pistol with ammo.

Go back to the wooden pavement around the warehouse. Do not hurry! Pay attention to the wooden scaffolding along which you can climb up. By doing this, you will find another cartridge. Move along the canopy around the building and break the far window to get into the upper room with the safe. There is a note on the table to the left. To the right is a locked door and a switch. Turn off the light and examine the walls to find the code for the safe - 363. Enter this code and take the revolver, cartridges, and an expensive brooch from the safe.

Follow around the building, going down. Go to the dock with the boat. You can climb up the same rooftops to jump into the boat suspended in the building, smash the red box and get some revolver ammo. Jump down and go through the doorway. Take the flight of stairs on the left and go down. Lower the switch to raise the grate and create a shortcut to the gramophone. Be sure to save!

Climbing to the upper floors is useless since all doors will be locked. Go out into the corridor at the dock and go the other way along the grate, under which you can see a room with a gramophone. If you took the gun from the safe in the cave, be sure to use it in this place. First, search the room on the right and take two coins from the table. There is also a second plan of the building. After that, shoot any enemy with the new pistol. It will light up. Other opponents will come running to help and will definitely come into contact with the first one. As a result of these actions, you will burn all enemies.

One of the opponents will have a key. There are two levers on the wall. Pick them up to open the gate on the right. You can leave the building or stay inside. But first, go further through the doorway. Don't touch the red barrel, it's explosive. Climb to the left and kill the enemy. There is another lever on the left. If you pick it up, you will open the gate to the room with the enemy, who was distracted by throwing the bottle. Opposite the lever there is a ladder leading up.

Climb up and kill the enemy with an ax, who will have another key. Return to the long landing. Climb down and save at the gramophone. Climb to the top floor and open the locked door with one of the two keys. You can set enemies on fire if you have a weapon. One of the killed enemies will have a key. The door to the summit is closed, the key does not fit. The rest of the doors will be closed, so go back to where the two levers are. Raise the gate with their help and go up the hill.

There is no point in looking at the building itself. You can go around it through the pond on the right. By the way, in the boat are cartridges for a revolver. Run uphill. Hold H to hide weapons. This way you move faster. The path to the caves is impossible because the wooden path is broken. The building on the right is closed. There is firewood on the corner, there is a key on it. Open the building with the key, kill the enemy and save. If you haven't found the revolver yet, you can pick it up from the table with the gramophone. The enemy also has another key. Go down to the basement (there is a hole with a wooden ladder in the corner) and smash the barrels to find a crate with a stimulant.

There is a well in the next room. Jump down to find a secret cave. There are 11 coins on the table. In the very reservoir where you fell, you can find a gem. The door cannot be opened, so get back along the rope from the well. Going back doesn't make sense. Exit the building and look to the right. Optionally, you can shoot a red barrel with a regular revolver to kill two enemies with an explosion. There is a rope nearby. Climb up it and go inside the mine.


Follow deep into the mine and pay attention to the door on the left. She's energized. On the left hand there will be an exit to the balcony with a corpse and a cartridge. Go to the far right corner to get into the room seen through the hole in the wall. There are 12 coins and one cartridge on the table. Go back a little and turn right, passing through the central passage. Go past the pit (do not jump down yet) and inspect the grate with a note. Need a key.

Go down the passage on the left. Take the key from the table, and save at the gramophone. A little further will be the same door and a note that you saw in the pit. The door can't be opened because there are crates on the other side. Go back upstairs and open the grate with the found key. Turn off the generator and go back to the door that was energized. Kill the mutated dog and go through the door. Hold F to remove the lantern from the wall.

Follow deep into the cave. Kill the three dogs that will end up in the part of the cave where the severed heads are scattered. Go further, turn left and go upstairs to find a locked grate. We will return to it later. Climb back and kill the dog. Pick up the key, open the same door and inspect the racks. Here you will find a stimpack and revolver ammo.

Return to the adit with the dead dog, where you found the key. On the other side, there is a cave with glowing dots on the walls. Follow through it, climb up and kill the dog. After opening the door, you will find yourself in the central adit with the usual enemies. Follow down. Kill the only enemy or go around him by hiding in the side niche. Follow below and turn left as soon as possible. Climb the stairs, break the boxes (one will be with revolver cartridges). The last box needs to be rearranged because it is metal and does not break. Now you can open that very blocked door and create a shortcut to the gramophone. This is an important point, as you can now return to the generator and turn on the electricity. Having done this, run into the central room with the elevator. Kill two enemies. You can swim up to them and attack from behind. Call the elevator (read the note on the board on the right) and go upstairs. It is not necessary to touch the two enemies from above: go past and leave the mine.


Go outside, after saving and taking the cartridges for the revolver. You can go to the right and get into the very cave where we previously jumped through the well. The door opens just from this side, the switch on the left. Go along the mountain to the other side. There is a building on the right. Kill the enemies near him. One of the opponents will have a key. Enter the building, go up to the top floor and read the note by the bed. Then jump onto the roof along the wall in the corner and jump down into the room, which is blocked by boards. Get the revolver ammo, go downstairs and find a crate of shotgun ammo.

Get out of the building on the same boards and kill the next opponents. You can bring a red barrel to two enemies from above and shoot it. But be discreet. After that, the enemy will aggro a little lower. Pick up ammo and coins near the carriage. To the left of her, there is a box with a stimulator. Also, pick up bags of coins (each of the two - 15 coins!). It is useless to go further because the bridge is broken. Follow the lower path under the bridge.

Be careful in this place as there are traps in the forest. Interact with them to deactivate the traps. There is a building on the left. To the right of the main entrance, there is an opening in the wall. Pass through it and go upstairs in the corner. Kill the enemy with an ax, then find the stairs in the room with the fireplace. Climb up, save at the gramophone and smash the chest of ammo for the revolver.

Get out and move along the left wall. Along the way, you will encounter a few more enemies. Firearms will draw their attention, so try to be stealthy. Near the house are two opponents. Luckily, there is a shotgun, ammo, a key, and a stim on the table on the left. You can move a red barrel to the enemies and shoot it. If, when fired from a revolver, the barrel lights up and explodes after a couple of seconds, then when fired from a shotgun, the barrel explodes every second.

The main door to the house is closed. Use the side door leading to the basement. You will see several corpses. Climbing up is pointless, since this part of the game is still in development. Instead, use the door and go down into the cave. Open the grate, save at the gramophone and take the cartridges from the rack on the right. You can go even lower through this room to lower the rope and create a shortcut. There is a coin on the box nearby, another coin and two revolver cartridges are in the brick corridor just below.

Go back upstairs and go to the left of the room with the gramophone (when you exit it). You will find yourself on the other side of the broken bridge. Kill all enemies in the area. The gate is locked, so go to the house on the right. Climb inside the house by climbing over the fence with the help of firewood. Kill the enemy, take the key from the table. At the bottom, there is a box with shotgun ammo. Climb the lighthouse and enter the building. Save at the gramophone and read the note. Turn right and go down to the lower room. You can’t climb the lighthouse itself, it is closed. The far door leads to a room with a mirror. Go inside to chat with the woman who will appear in the mirror. After that, you will receive a message stating that the passage of the early version of the game is completed. You can linger and explore another part of the lighthouse.

To leave the lighthouse and go to the castle, look around the room with the operating table. On it, by the way, is a note with the code from the safe in the cave from the very beginning of the game. Examine the bookshelf and find the hidden switch. Interact with him to move the closet to the side and find the elevator. On it you can go down to the passage to the castle.


To be continued…