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Walkthrough Serial Cleaners - game guide

 Passing all the plot tasks of the game for each character

Walkthrough Serial Cleaners - game guide

Talk to the character on the porch. Then you will control a new hero. Walk left to the car, pick up the corpse by pressing E, and go inside. follow the marker in the form of a black and white circle. Talk to the woman and go downstairs. Open the door. Unfortunately, only the lower part will open. Crouch down on CTRL and make your way into the operating room. Take the triangular key from the nearest table, go to the door below and to the right and hold F to unlock it. Bring the body in here.

After a short conversation, vacuum the area where the woman is standing. Press "Space". Dirt will be highlighted with bright yellow spots. Climb up the stairs (just go left-down) from where you descended as the man carrying the corpse, and finish cleaning up the dirt. Another girl goes upstairs and turns on the music. Talk to everyone. The hero will begin to remember his past.

1990 Back in Action

You need to get rid of three clues and three corpses. Go to the apartment. Note that you can distract the enemies by using the tape recorder. More precisely, with its help add noise and calmly vacuum. This can be done later, but it's much easier to get the vacuum cleaner right away and remove the blood in different places before the cops show up.

All corpses must be hidden in bags. Approach them and hold the F key. Then the corpses can be dragged or carried - the latter option is preferable. When the cops show up, hide in the lower left room. Find the round key there. With it, you will open the upper left room and take one of the clues. Gather the rest of the evidence. One of them will be large, so it must be disposed of, like the corpses, using the garbage chute in the corridor. There is an elevator near the garbage chute. On it, you can evacuate when you get rid of the evidence, corpses, and blood, but it also allows you to save the game.

If you get spotted, you can slide Shift through pools of blood to knock the cops off their feet, then hide in any cover. Use the Janitor's Sense as often as possible by holding ALT. It is not necessary to remove absolutely all the blood, so do not vacuum the blood near the enemy standing by the window in the corridor. The vacuum cleaner is still making noise. Another opponent will walk between the balcony and the back room, there should be no problems.

Another option if you are noticed is to run away, and hide in a shelter. When the cop approaches you (if he has noticed where you are hiding), choose a direction and press E to jump out of cover and knock the enemy down. You will have a few seconds to escape and hide in another cover. When everything is ready, evacuate using the elevator in the corridor.

1994 Viper

Walk up along the closed area, duck down and follow through the hole in the fence. Get into the ventilation on the left side by unscrewing the screws. Move forward and get into the hole on the right. There is a computer in the room. Hack it, then switch to various devices and activate them to turn off the lights and distract the guards. Having done this, move along the same ventilation all the way up. Run to the right along the corridor and enter the room with the round key. After taking it, you can continue to distract the guards using the nearest computer. Return to the corridor, go downstairs and look for a computer with a database in the lower room. You need it, and it will also become a new save point.

So, you have goals - two bodies and three pieces of evidence. It's clear with two clues. The third clue is a big one. Like the corpses, it must be carried to the trunk of the car. I recommend going out through the gate on the left, which opens from the inside with a latch. Also collect both keys and unlock two doors. One of the doors leads to the morgue to the second corpse. Pick up the moment and move the corpses to the lower left door of the large room. Then you can, for example, turn off the light. While the guard is moving towards the switch, drag the corpse down the corridor. You can hide in the room on the left or right. The cops may show up by this point, so proceed with caution.

A large piece of evidence can be carried directly through the ventilation, so in some ways, it is easier with it. Every time you put something in the trunk, the game will be saved.

1991 Minnesota Hal

First, run through the building, take the round key in the back room and unlock the warehouse on the left. Take the chainsaw and cut a couple of corpses. Throw limbs into wood chippers. The main character will appear soon. You need to get rid of four clues and two limbs. There is a car in the upper right corner. You need to drop limbs and heavy evidence into it. There are four cops in total. If three of them notice you, then everyone will arm themselves with firearms and shoot at you. So try to be careful. When you get rid of everything, vacuum the blood in remote places while there are no cops around. The police move along strictly defined routes, so you can study them in advance.

1991, New York, Queens, Lati

In general, the easiest task of all, with the exception of the first. First, go to the right by moving the dumpster. Please note that there are both cops and ordinary people here. Ordinary people don't care about you, but they will panic if you carry or drag a corpse. Lati, by the way, can drag the corpse, but this action is performed on straight legs, which means you will be visible.

Walk to the right and jump over the fence. Unlock the gate immediately. Having picked up the moment, enter the room on the left. Start collecting clues, big and small, as well as dragging corpses. The easiest way to do this is through this room. In addition, outside, to the right of the building, you need to go down a little and use the side stairs. There is evidence on the roof and a hole through which you will get to another corpse in a locked room with a round key. When you have moved all the evidence and corpses, wipe the blood until you can organize an escape. Corpses and evidence must be carried to the car to the left of the building.

Spring, 1983

It's simple: pick up every piece of trash, vacuum up the dirt (blue stains), then throw away the trash bag. Answer the phone and look out the window.

1991 Moorhead, Minnesota

Return to the building so that the hero talks about his cool business. You need to collect four clues and four corpses, as well as tidy up the parking lot. First, go to the nearest corpse and drop it into the trunk. If you don’t have time right away, pick up the moment when the policeman and the guard pass by. Then go outside to the right, take the evidence and another corpse. Throw it in the trunk. Go back there and find the access card near the car just above. Apparently, it is needed to use the elevator.

Go up and see the elevator itself. But first, run to the left up the rise, grab the big piece of evidence and throw it in the trunk. Now you can use the elevator. There is a key on the second floor of the parking lot. When you pick it up, immediately go down to the left, to the car that is blocking the path. Interact with her to move the car out of the way. Don't forget that it's a good idea for you to pack the corpses before moving them. When you collect all the evidence and corpses, clean the floor from traces of blood and leave the location.

To be continued...