Walkthrough There is No Light - game guide

 A detailed guide for completing all story levels, bosses, finding pages and cubs of the Mother

At the beginning of the game, select the desired difficulty level. Defeat all enemies by attacking with LMB. Press the button at the moment when a red icon appears above the enemies. Keep fighting. The spacebar is used to dodge. When everyone is gone, go to the wounded woman and talk to her by pressing F. Move to the left and interact with the exit point.

Walkthrough There is No Light - game guide

Kill a few more enemies and go up. There will be blue butterflies next to the wall on the left. Interact with them to jump over to the roof of the building. After killing the enemy, jump up to other butterflies. Soon you have to fight a big demon. During combat, attack 3-4 times and then roll back to Space. Don't forget to use powerful RMB attacks. When the enemy falls to his knees, interact with him.

Walk down and jump onto the building on the left. Move the only way. Jump on the train and jump off at the other end. Go through the settlement, eavesdrop on the conversation of the soldiers and jump off the wagon. Leave the location on the left side.

Central Station

Just move left, up, and enter the temple. Review the ritual. Follow the only path and talk to the Skullhead. Pick up a first aid kit from the plant and use it by pressing R. Keep moving and go to the central station.

Go right and up. In the temple, go behind the screen on the left, along the left edge of the screen, then fight the Hand. Deal 1-2 hits and dodge attacks marked with a yellow marker. Then watch the cut-scene. Follow down the temple until Samedi teleports you. After talking, interact with the worm on the right to return to the station.

Old Nimbus

While at the station, enter the temple and go up without turning anywhere. If necessary, go around the corridors on the right or left dead ends. Ultimately, you will move to a new location through the upper opening. Turn left and move to a new location. Jump down and you will be at this location.

Chat with different characters. Depending on what you say to them (“green tick” - yes / agree, “red cross” - no / refuse), you can get good or evil points. There is a transition point in the upper left corner - jump on the roof, jump even higher. Get over the abyss by pressing the "Space". Read the first note.


You are at the depot. Activate the camera to save, upgrade and fast travel. Break the boards and go up. The Samedi will appear and you will understand the consequences of the words you say. Keep moving and you will soon find yourself on the railroad tracks. There are many wagons here, but a few secrets are also hidden. If they were careful, they should have known about the Essence of Death. It can be obtained by killing elite enemies or destroying purple vessels.

Follow up and to the left. On the web (some) you can climb on the wagons or go down from them. You can't jump on the wagon where the blue butterflies are flying. Usually, such ledges are used only in the opposite direction - you can jump off them. Walk up and to the left. Get off the wagon and fight the first spiders. Then go down and go to the right to find a corridor leading below. Walk along it, to the left, and up to get to the car with a purple flask on it. This will be your first Essence of Death. After that, go up to the upper left corner and find a place where you can climb onto the wagon, and from it to the upper ramp. Run to the right, break the boxes, and activate the lever to open a niche with another purple flask.

Continue to the top to the left side and go between the cars below. Kill the spiders. Don't rush to jump onto the ledge on the left. Instead, go down the corridor and go through it until you find the third vessel with the Essence of Death. Jump over the cliffs (climbing to the ledge). Take your time. Go down to the lower left corner to find a plant with a first aid kit!

Break the boards and climb up. Jump to the right and walk along the train car to find a nest with a baby spider. Go back and look a little higher for a camera to improve. Climb onto the wagon, from it - even higher and run to the right. At the end of the path, kill a couple of spiders and pull out the first page of the book. Walk to the top left, read the note on the cocoon and jump down. You are attacked by a lot of spiders. Huge spiders now and then use yellow attacks. Don't forget to use RMB interrupt against such attacks. Timely interruptions will allow you to knock out fragments of the treatment.

A little further, use the upgrade chamber, go left and break the boxes in the nearest corner to open a secret passage above. Go into it, read the note, and jump onto the ledge on the right. At the end of the path, you will find the Essence of Death. Move to the left of the upgrade chamber, and jump down. Be careful as spitting spiders will appear. Then start jumping across the bridges using a dash. After going down, first, go left and find a plant with a first aid kit. Then jump over the platforms to the right.

Then you will need to bypass poisonous puddles. Well, how to get around - to fly jerkily. At what there will be a minimum of space, and when a huge spider is chasing you, I recommend running at breakneck speed and not trying to fight with it. Keep moving, defeat the big spider in front of the ledge and jump up. Behind the room, with the equipment, there will be a chamber for improvement. Keep moving. In the next section, you will surely lose a lot of health points. Therefore, when you destroy the equipment blocking the path, do not rush to go to the right. Run up, jump over the puddles and find the button under the box. By activating it, you will open a cache with a plant that will give you a first-aid kit.

Then you will find a difficult battle in a confined space. Kill ordinary and huge spiders, but watch out for small monsters that shoot at you. Even if you die, you will start in the same place. Follow on. Spiders will run away from you. Cross the section with the destroyed bridge. Find a passage down the narrow ledge to find the secret Essence of Death. Move along the wagons. At the end of them, go down and find a baby spider in a cocoon. Soon you will come to a new area.


Go to the left side and climb the web to the edge. Follow the above, jump over the bridges and find the second page. Find a person who will say that you must meet the Mother. To the right of it there is a passage. Follow these and chat with the Mother (spider). The mother asks to find her children. These are the same cubs that you found earlier.

After that, exit and go up. You will see a girl in white. Hidden behind the cobweb on the right is the third page. Keep going left until you reach a new location.

New Sunrise

First, move up the stairs, killing a lot of enemies. Scythe enemies will only attack with yellow slashes, so they need to be dodged or right-clicked. Climbing up and going to the left, pick up the Essence of Death. Make a couple of dashes to the left on the red disappearing platforms. Follow on. When you go down the stairs, go to the left and up from them. This path will eventually lead you to the fourth page. Then go back and go down even lower and to the left. Move across the platforms, including red and white pieces of land.

Get down below. Leaflets are scattered everywhere. On the left there is a camera for improvement. On the right is a blocked path, a blue drawing, and five fire bowls. Fire the bowls in the following order: bottom right, top left, top, top right, bottom left. If everything is done correctly, the path to the right will open. Perhaps the combination will be different in your case. The meaning of what is happening: find the first bowl that lights up, then pick up the second one. If, when approaching it, the first bowl goes out, repeat the steps, but choose a different one as the second, and so on.

Listen to the stranger on the right. He was going to the Archive of the First. It is this character that needs the pages that you found earlier. Bring him 39 pages and you'll be rewarded. Next to it will be the fifth page.

Move on mobile platforms, the first of which is located to the left of the improvement chamber. In principle, there is nothing complicated here, and soon you will find another camera to improve. Deal with several enemy waves, then climb a little higher. At the top, there will be two moving in opposite directions. On the first one, move to the right and move to a fixed platform. From it, start jumping on the red disappearing ones down, left, down, left and you will find yourself in a cocoon with a baby spider. When you're ready, move across those very platforms, from one to another, and higher to the ground.

Go to the right along the narrow ledge and find a plant with a first aid kit. Move up, killing enemies on the platforms. Take your time! Save in the chamber for improvements. A little later, new flying enemies will appear. Climb up the screen. To kill the enemy blocking the path, you will have to move in a circle, counterclockwise, dealing 1 hit and dodging. Don't forget that red platforms tend to disappear. Soon you will reach the improvement chamber. Talk to the girl with red hair. Agree to help. She asks to kill a certain creature and bring her scalp.

There are two passages from here. Use the right and move to the right. Climb higher, jump over the platforms, red and moving. Follow the left-up to find the camera for improvements. Keep moving up. Jump on the red platforms in a clockwise direction to kill another enemy blocking the path. Soon you will reach the first full-fledged boss of the game.

How to defeat the Behemoth

During the battle with the Behemoth, the main danger is the minions he summons. They will appear in sequence. After defeating all the minions, you will be able to attack the boss twice. Then new ones will appear and you will have to repeat them. In total, there are about 6 enemy groups to defeat. They will consist of two, three, or even four enemies. The lower the Behemoth's health, the more minions there will be. All of them are divided into four types. A minion with an ax on his head will jump, a mage will create exploding blue areas under you, a shooter will shoot from afar (he is the easiest to defeat since you will interrupt his attacks with normal attacks on the LMB), and a crawling enemy will yell when approaching you, dealing damage.

Move up, because now the Behemoth is not blocking the path. Pick up a crystal shard on the left, move on and jump up. Insert the crystal into the stand by the upgrade chamber. On the left is a warrior who will say that Corelia has gone mad. Walk to the right of the camera and find the first aid kit. Pass above the chamber and follow to the right. Jump to the ledge, go up and chat with the man. On the right is a baby spider.

Go back and climb up and to the left. Hit the device to open the door. To go further, you need to activate two of the same devices. To the right and left you will find platforms with levers. By activating and deactivating them, you will start or stop the platforms. Use this to avoid getting hit by fire from the pipes. Keep moving, go around the fire tubes, press the button, and activate the upgrade chamber. Move further on the platform to a new location.

Arch of Heaven

First, go left. Under the vases there are two buttons - one will activate the trap, and the other will open a niche with the Essence of Death. Go up. You need to quickly, bending around the fire, activate four devices to open the passage further. Walk forward and open the upgrade chamber. Follow to the left, and defeat all the enemies that attack you. A red-haired woman will appear.

Walk up. You need to open the next door by activating two devices. First go to the right, killing the enemies. When two passages from above open, first go down and jump over to the right to find the page.

To be continued…

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