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Where to find all Lavoisier catalysts and boosters in Steelrising

 Detailed instructions for collecting upgrade items for the oiler in Steelrising.

In Steelrising, players can find eight items that will upgrade the Oilcan and increase their number and health regeneration. In this guide, we will cover the location of all Lavoisier boosters and catalysts.

What are catalysts and amplifiers for?

What are catalysts and amplifiers for?

Throughout the game, in some well-hidden areas, the player will be able to find catalysts and Lavoisier boosters, each of which will improve the performance of the oiler:

  1. Catalysts (4 units) - increase the number of oilers Aegis has.
  2. Amplifiers (4 counts) - increase the effectiveness of the oil can and increase the amount of health restored by the automaton.
Please note that there are a total of eight items in the game that allow you to increase the value and effectiveness of oilers, one improvement per location. In the following sections, we will indicate their location. Collecting all the oil can upgrade items will earn the player the "Professional Grooming" achievement.

Where is Lavoisier's catalytic converter at Saint Cloud Castle

After receiving the compass from the chest near the dilapidated tall building, you need to jump down to the vestal. We move along the marker but do not climb over to the embankment and go up the path to the left. Near the well is a chest with a catalyst.

Where is the Lavoisier amplifier in Les Invalides

The player must reach the Vaucanton workshop and activate the lift. On the way to the lever, Aegis will have to go through the factories. We follow the right building, get on the platforms to the left building and get out to the embankment. As soon as we find ourselves on it, we immediately turn left and open the box next to the locked gate.

Where is Lavoisier's catalyst located in the Tuileries Castle

On an additional assignment, Aegis must get to Mirabeau's mansion. Along the way, the player will pass through the apartments and get out into a small arena with two arrows and an automaton with hammers instead of hands. We defeat the enemies, follow the stairs and, before climbing to the vestal, open the chest with the catalyst.

Where is the Lavoisier Amplifier in the Cité

In this location, according to the plot task, the aegis must find the ring. As soon as this happens nearby, it will be possible to activate the vestal. We approach the cliff and do not jump over the bridge. We go down the abyss and find the chest.

Where is the Lavoisier Catalyst in the Luxembourg Palace

Aegis will reach Comedy Square. From the theater-like building, we leave to the right and go in a straight line to a powerful enemy against the wall. We use the hook and cling to the balcony on the upper left. We jump behind the wall, pass into a small courtyard and use the hook again. On the platforms, we get to the apartment and exit from the other side. We jump over the street to the apartments opposite and go out onto the balcony, on the right is a chest with a catalyst.

Where is the Lavoisier Amplifier in Montmartre

The player in the story will get to the mines. We pass through them and later we will go to an open location - a large deposit. Carefully inspect the extreme platforms. On the lowest of them is a chest with an amplifier. You can jump there, jerk forward to slow down the fall, and fly to the platform. You can also go to the box in a slightly different way. From a large deposit, after opening the gate, we do not go down the hill at the fork. We go along the road up and get to the wooden scaffolding.

Where is Lavoisier's catalyst in the Bastille

In the process of exploring the fortress, Aegis will be at the very top and climb out onto its wall. Using the platform, we move to the next section and near the large golden cannon, we open the chest with the catalyst.

Where is the Lavoisier amplifier in Versailles

We move along the markers and move to the third vestal. To do this, after meeting with the allies, you need to go along a long alley and open the gate. We immediately go into a small maze, use the hook and get to a group of fountains that look like an amphitheater. At the top level is a chest with an amplifier. After collecting the last item, the "Professional Care" achievement will unlock.