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2K hacked, the publisher confirms to have been hacked

 2K like Rockstar Games suffered a hack as confirmed by the publisher by email to its various customers and explained that data was stolen.

2K hacked, the publisher confirms to have been hacked

Many major video game publishers are currently under attack from third parties who seek to steal information about upcoming games as in the case of Rockstar Games with the GTA 6 leaks but also want to steal data as in the 2K Games case.

2K Games has also confirmed by email that the data of several users have been stolen. In order to avoid future problems, we recommend that you change your password.

2K Games has been hacked and confirms it by email

One of the major players in the video game industry, 2K Games, was hacked a few days ago, and confirmed the information in a press release on Twitter. 

Since then, little information has been given by the publisher, but recently, users on Reddit confirm to have received an email from 2K Games that explains a little more about what was potentially stolen during this hack. According to the editor, the hacker or hackers managed to steal email addresses, help IDs, Gamertags or even details related to the consoles. To avoid any future inconvenience, we strongly recommend that you directly change your 2K account password and potentially also your console account password, even if you have not yet received a message from 2K.