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All New Tales from the Borderlands endings

 How to get the bad, neutral and best endings of the game, how to save the robot L0U13

The storyline of New Tales from the Borderlands spans five episodes, each consisting of 5-6 chapters, and contains many choices and consequences, so it is not surprising that the game offers several different endings to choose from. In this guide, we look at all the available endings, as well as talk about what requirements you need to meet to get them.

Warning. This page contains important STORY SPOILERS for the story of New Tales from the Borderlands.

New Tales from the Borderlands has a total of five endings. Although they are all based on the relationship of the main characters (or their cohesion), only two endings require a certain assessment on this indicator. As L0U13 said in Episode 2, Cohesion Rating is a stat that can range from 0 to 100% and shows how well a team works together.

All New Tales from the Borderlands endings

Bad endings - 3/3

New Tales from the Borderlands can end with three different endings, each of which is associated with bad relations between all the main characters. Which ending you get depends on which character has the worst relationship with the other two protagonists.

In essence, to get a specific ending, you must choose one of the heroes, turn it against the rest, and simultaneously improve the relationship between the other two characters.

For example, if Anu has a terrible relationship with Octavio and Fran, and the latter get along just fine, you will get an ending where Anu dies. You want Anu's relationship with someone to be below 50%, while the relationship between the other two characters is above this value.

  • If Anu Died: Octavio and Fran returned to run Fran's shop together.
  • If Fran Died: Anu and Octavio started their own consulting company.
  • If Octavio died: Fran returned to her shop, and Anu decided to help her. Later, both heroes visit the graves of Octavio and L0U13.

Neutral ending

The Neutral Ending is one of the two true endings of the game, requiring a cohesion rating between each pair of characters to be at least 50%. Also, the relationship between Anu and Octavio, Octavio and Fran, and Fran and Anu should be +/- the same. All three heroes survive, but later on, their paths diverge.

good ending

The best ending of New Tales from the Borderlands makes the toughest demands among the five available endings. First, you must meet the requirements of the neutral ending by getting at least a 50% relationship rating between each pair of heroes and achieving even distribution between them. Second, you need to make sure your overall cohesion rating is at least 75%.

All the main characters survive, but instead of going their separate ways, Octavio, Anu, and Fran open their own consulting company.

How to save L0U13?

If the cohesion rating is at least 80%, the trio of heroes will repair L0U13 after his death in the fifth episode of the game.