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Bayonetta 3 Beginner's Guide & Best Cheats

 How to start well on Bayonetta 3? Here are all our tips on the game, its weapons, and its fights!

Bayonetta is back in this third installment, with dynamic combat and new abilities for the witch.

Whether you have already played the previous games, or are new to the license, here are some tips to get you started on Bayonetta 3!

Beginner's Guide to Bayonetta 3

Dodging activates Witch Time

Dodging activates Witch Time

This is the most important game mechanic on Bayonetta 3. Dodging attacks at the right time activates Witch Time. This allows you to slow down time, and strike many combos at your enemies.

The Witch Time also allows you to recharge your magic quickly, and thus be able to summon demons.

Unlock the bat shape

During the game, you can unlock several techniques. We recommend that you unlock the bat form as soon as possible.

The bat form allows you to avoid taking damage when an enemy manages to hit you if you press the button at the right time.

Use and make lollipops

Pacifiers are extremely helpful in getting you out of sticky situations. Craft some ASAP! In addition, the number of each material is limited to 99, so remember to use them for your recipes as soon as you have a sufficient number.

Use your demons wisely

You can summon your demons most of the time (except in tight places). Use to destroy objects around you and collect lots of materials.

Use your demons wisely

Don't forget that your demons can be knocked out. If they are in danger, the wisest method is to revoke them. You can also interrupt enemy attacks with heavy weapons.

Choose your weapons

There are many weapons in Bayonetta 3, and you can upgrade them as you play. However, we advise you to choose your favorite weapons and focus on improving them, in order to keep a good attack power in combat.