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Coral Island: How to get Silver Kelp

 Silver Kelp is an important resource in Coral Island farming sim. You can find out where to get them here.

Coral Island: How to get Silver Kelp

Silver seaweed is extremely useful in the Coral Island farming sim and you need quite a bit of it accordingly. Before you can find it or buy it, we explain it to you here.

What do you need silver seaweed for? Like Bronze and Gold Seaweed, Silver Seaweed is one of the collectible resources you need for crafting, such as the really useful Sprinkler System I. The game's description also states: "Seaweed of outstanding quality, found in a bottle of essence can be extracted. Useful for upgrades ." So you see, you won't get very far without the Silver Seaweed.

Locations of silver seaweed

As mentioned before, since Silver Seaweed is a collectible resource, you cannot craft it yourself, only find it and buy it:

  • Beach: Use the hoe to dig up the beach. Sometimes you will find the seaweed, but also other objects, which is why a little patience is required.
  • Chests: Here and there you can loot the resource by opening chests.
  • Geodes: With a bit of luck you can get the seaweed by opening found geodes at the blacksmith for a small fee.
  • Laboratory: You can also buy the Silver Seaweed in Ling's laboratory, but it costs 250 coins each, which is not exactly cheap to start with.
  • Dive: Like the bronze seaweed, the silver version can be found by diving in the sea and harvesting it with the scythe. The prerequisite for this is Ling's diving suit, which luckily you get quite early in the game. Also, you must first unlock the second level after healing 20 spots of coral, thus completing the Explore the Sea quest.
Coral Island, which plays similarly to Stardew Valley - only with more singles and an environmental theme - is currently in Early Access on PC. Console versions, including for the Nintendo Switch, are planned. We just have to be patient until the release, because the development team is taking care of other areas for the time being.