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CORSAIR K100 AIR WIRELESS RGB Review | Strong high-end keyboard in a low-profile format

 Mechanical keyboards with tall switches are basically the norm, complemented by space-saving tenkeyless models without a number pad. But now more and more low-profile keyboards are appearing, which certainly have their advantages, especially if you not only game but also have a lot of typing to do. After the Logitech G915 and Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro, Corsair is now also getting involved with the flounders and is launching the K100 Air Wireless onto the market for a whopping 299.99 euros.

I honestly love low-profile keyboards. Especially when it comes to the job. Gaming, on the one hand, writing a lot on the other – with a flat keyboard, that’s faster and less tiring, at least for me. No wonder flat keyboards like the Logitech G915 or the Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro have been consistently found on my desk for the last few years. That's why I cheered a little when the Corsair K100 AIR Wireless was in my mail.


The price, however, is a real deterrent. Even for a state-of-the-art keyboard with all the extras, 300 euros is a damn hefty number and we can only recommend waiting until the price has normalized a bit. For the price, you have to expect certain flawlessness. However, this is also offered, apart from the fact that there are no other switch alternatives apart from the tactile version.

The processing of the K100 AIR is simply a dream. Although the keyboard only weighs around 780 grams, it still has flawless brushed aluminum housing. The dimensions amazed you at only 437 x 156 x 17 mm. At its thinnest point, the keyboard is only 11 mm high. Uff. However, there are adjustable feet and a superb non-slip rubber coating on the bottom. The keyboard was almost a little too flat for me during the familiarization phase, although I'm used to low-profile keyboards. But that's almost petty nagging and it subsided after a day or two anyway.

The K100 AIR is a full keyboard with a number pad, but Corsair hasn't skimped on the extra keys either. Profile selector, lighting, and game mode switches are present, as well as four macro keys named G1 to G4, as well as four buttons, and a spin roller for media control. They are also excellently processed, nothing rattles or wobbles at all. There is also a power switch on the back and even storage for the USB wireless dongle. The fact that there is also a USB-C port for the connection and charging cable is not really surprising given the equipment.


The keyboard can be operated either by cable or, of course, wirelessly in the 2.4 GHz range using Corsair Slipstream technology. Add to that BlueTooth 4.2 as an additional connectivity option, so the K100 AIR can be used on pretty much anything that requires a keyboard. The keyboard spoils you wirelessly with good battery runtimes. Up to 50 hours with and 200 hours without RGB lighting are announced and we can largely confirm these values.

The K100 AIR is also packed with modern technology. It starts with AXON Hyper-Polling technology, which enables a sampling rate of 8,000 Hz in cable mode, i.e. a latency of just 0.125 ms. Needless to say, N-Key rollover and anti-ghosting are also included. In addition, there is RGB lighting with all the chicanery and an 8 MB memory for up to 50 profiles. You can use the iCUE software as usual for the software settings.

But the real highlight are the brand new Cherry switches. The Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile was only introduced this year and immediately won a number of awards. The extremely flat switches use their very own mechanism, which differs massively from conventional switches (which is why it is not recommended to remove the keycaps, as this can destroy the switches).

The switches have actuation travel of only 0.8 mm and can therefore be operated extremely quickly. Nevertheless, they have tactile behavior with a clicky stroke but are comparatively quiet. However, it is a pity that there is only this tactile version of the switches so far, but they basically cover both the tactile and the clicky area - I don't even know if I would like to have a linear version as well.

Unless you are a complete opponent of low-profile keyboards, the typing behavior can basically only inspire. The switches are fast and extremely precise, whether you're typing or gaming. I'll lean far out of the window and say that I've probably never had a better keyboard under my fingers.


Strong high-end keyboard in a low-profile format

I'll admit I'm a fan of low-profile keyboards - they offer the best of both worlds for me. Fast and precise reaction for gaming, short, finger-friendly distances, and smooth typing behavior for work. The Corsair K100 may be a bang-up and we'd really recommend waiting until the price drops before buying it, but my goodness... what a board. The processing is first class, and the typing behavior of the Cherry switches is beyond any doubt. Add to that the Hyper-Polling and the state-of-the-art connectivity – a dream come true.

The scramble at the top of the low-profile keyboards has become more exciting and the previous top dogs Logitech G915 and Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro not only had competition but were clearly put in their place. If you are looking for such flat keyboards, you will not find anything better in the gaming sector at the moment. It's just a shame that the K100 is so expensive that only a few people will shortlist it. In any case, it is not due to the quality, the part is almost flawless.


  • high quality
  • 8,000 Hz Hyper-Polling (via USB cable)
  • BlueTooth and 2.4 GHz wireless
  • additional multimedia and macro keys
  • extremely flat dimensions
  • fantastic cherry switches
  • good battery life


  • very expensive
  • no other switch variants so far