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Disney Dreamlight Valley Complete the Sugar Rush and what the rewards are - Game Guide

 In line with Halloween, you can complete the new village task "Sugar Rush" in the Dreamlight menu in Disney Dreamlight Valley. But what exactly do you have to do for it? At this point, we show you the activation conditions and what rewards there are for it.

Complete Sugar Rush

The Sugar Rush Challenge can be found in the Dreamlight menu under the Village category. Unfortunately, it does not describe exactly what you have to do for it. In order to solve all three levels of the sugar rush task, you have to eat sweets a total of 45 times. To get sweets, you have the following two options:

  • Collect Halloween Buckets: For the period of the Villain Starpath, you can find Halloween buckets all over your village. Collect them and eat the sweets out of them.
  • Craft Candy: There is also a recipe for Candy. All you have to do is throw either a sugar cane, a cocoa bean, or vanilla into the saucepan.

Sugar Rush Rewards

After every 15 candies, you'll get rewards in the form of jack-o'-lanterns. The exact rewards are as follows:

  • 15x Candy: Happy Jack-O-Lantern
  • 30x Candy: Mischievous Jack-O-Lantern
  • 45x Candy: Friendly jack-o'-lantern
You can place the jack-o' -lanterns anywhere in the village via the "Decoration" category in the furniture menu and thus create a Halloween atmosphere.

As a reward for "Sugar Rush" you will receive three different jack-o'-lanterns

Since the Sugar Rush quest is in the Dreamlight menu, it doesn't appear to be tied to the Villain Starpath event period. So you can still complete them after the Halloween event.