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Disney Dreamlight Valley Evil wears many masks - unlock condition and reward - Game Guide

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the village quest "Evil wears many masks" may pose a problem for you because the game doesn't tell you what you have to do for it. At this point, we will show you the solution and also tell you what reward there is for it.

Solve "Evil Wears Many Masks".

The Evil Wears Many Masks quest is located in the Village category of the Dreamlight menu. It is one of the Halloween tasks, but the game does not tell you what you have to do to solve it. In order to successfully complete the mission, you must put any mask on your character via the wardrobe menu.

There is a separate category for masks in the wardrobe menu. So if you own one, it will be listed here. However, we have not been able to discover any masks in the normal game and in Scrooge's shop. The only source of masks currently seems to be the villain's starpath. This Halloween event runs until November 22, 2022, and you can unlock the following masks here with earned pumpkin tokens from the event tasks:

  • Super Mask of the Incredibles: Can be purchased at event level 3 for 25 Pumpkin Tokens.
  • Plague Mask: Can be purchased at event level 5 for 40 Pumpkin Tokens.

Tip: In order to quickly reach the higher event levels with the masks, you only have to unlock at least three rewards from the previous level with tokens.

After future updates, more masks will surely find their way into the game, with which you can solve the task.

The reward for "Evil Wears Many Masks"

If you put on a mask, you can collect the reward for the task. This is the Halloween Candy Collector's Purple Loot Bucket. You can place it anywhere you like using the furniture menu. You can find it in the Decor category.

As a reward for the task, you will receive a purple Halloween bucket