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Disney Dreamlight Valley Trick or treat - solution and reward - Game Guide

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there's a Halloween quest called Trick or Treat that's not so obvious to solve. At this point, we will therefore show you how you can solve this mission and what rewards there are for it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Trick or treat - solution and reward - Game Guide

Solution for "Trick or Treat"

The Halloween quest Trick or Treat can be found under the Village category in the Dreamlight menu. However, there are no exact completion requirements here, so it is not entirely clear what you have to do exactly. To complete Trick or Treating, you must give ten gifts to the characters in your village.

So talk to any resident and choose the dialogue option "I have something for you!". Then hand them any item from your inventory to make a gift. Tip: It doesn't have to be a favorite gift of the character. So you can, for example, just give away a stone. This is enough for the progress of the task.

However, you cannot give 10 gifts to the same resident, they must be ten different characters! So if there are not ten residents in your village yet, you must first complete further quests and unlock new residents such as Remy.

Trick or Treat Reward

Once you have distributed gifts to any ten residents, you can redeem your reward for the task from the Dreamlight menu. This is a Mickey Mouse Pumpkin that you can place anywhere you like via the furniture menu. You can find it under the Decor category.