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FIFA 23: ALL celebrations on Nintendo Switch and how to do them

FIFA 23: ALL celebrations on Nintendo Switch and how to do them

 We show you how you can execute all the celebrations of the Legacy version of FIFA 23 for Nintendo Switch since they are performed in a different way than the rest of the platforms.

In this entry of our FIFA 23 guide, we focus on showing you only and exclusively how to do all the celebrations with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con in the new installment of the EA Sports soccer simulator. Since FIFA 23 only has a Legacy version on the Nintendo console, you should know that some celebrations are unique to this platform and others are done completely differently than the PlayStation, Xbox, or PC versions.

Having said that, we are now going to list all the FIFA 23 celebrations on Nintendo Switch and their step-by-step tutorial so you know how to do them.

Naming Notes:

  • LS: stands for left stick.
  • RS: means right stick.

Career Celebrations

Running celebrations can be done just after scoring a goal when our player is running and celebrating the goal. At this moment we can move the scorer around the field with the left joystick and if we perform certain combinations of buttons, the desired celebration will begin.

This is the list of FIFA 23 career celebrations for Nintendo Switch:

one arm raised

  • Keep A pressed.

thumb sucking

  • Hold Y.

ear gesture

  • Hold X.


  • Press A, then hold A.

arms out

  • Press Y, then hold Y.

wrist movement

  • Press X, then hold X.


  • Hold RS.

pointing to the sky

  • Keep RS up.


  • Keep RS down.

Do you hear me?

  • Keep RS left.

open hands

  • Tap RS right, then hold RS left.

Let's go!

  • Tap RS left, then hold RS right.

send kisses

  • Tap RS down, then hold RS up.

double twist arm

  • Tap RS up, then hold RS down.

flying bird

  • Tap RS right, then hold RS right.

hand overhead

  • Tap RS left, then hold RS left.

Heart symbol

  • Tap RS down, then hold RS down.

arms up

  • Tap RS up, then hold RS up.


  • Give RS a complete turn to the right (clockwise).

completion celebrations

Finishing celebrations are moves after the running moves mentioned above and conclude with the entire team celebrating the goal scored.

Below you can see all the completion celebrations in FIFA 23 for Nintendo Switch:

little dance

  • Hold ZL then up, up with RS.


  • Hold L then down, down with RS.

riding the wave

  • Hold L and then press X.


  • Hold L and press Y.

pointing to the sky

  • Hold L and press A.

A little bit of respect

  • Hold L and press A twice.

big uncle

  • Hold L then hold right RS.


  • Hold L then keep left RS.

point up

  • Hold L then left, right with RS.

Personal Definition Movement

  • Press B.

Back jump (agile players) or arms to the public

  • Hold L then up, up with RS.

Front somersault (agile players) or roll and punch

  • Hold L and turn full right with RS.

spin on the ground

  • Hold L and turn full left with RS.

trunk goes

  • Hold ZL, press A.


  • Hold ZL, press Y.

spanish archer

  • Hold ZL, press X.

hands behind ears

  • Hold ZL, press Y twice.

Sweep the floor

  • Hold ZL, press X twice.

Slide on knees and arms outstretched

  • Hold ZL, hold RS up.

I don't hear you

  • Hold ZL, hold RS right.

slide sideways

  • Keep ZL, keep RS down.


  • Hold ZL, hold RS left.

slide on your knees

  • Hold ZL, up, RS down.


  • Hold ZL, left, right RS.

Who I am?

  • Hold ZL, right, left RS.

Slide to your knees and sit

  • Hold ZL, down, down RS.

missed sweep

  • Hold ZL, left RS.

Jump (agile players) or cartwheel

  • Hold ZL, full turn RS to the right.

Somersault in the air (agile players) or roll

  • Hold ZL, full turn RS to the left.


  • Hold ZR, press RS.


  • Hold R, double tap X.

kiss the field

  • Hold R, double tap A.

To the order!

  • Hold R, press X.

chest blows

  • Hold ZR, down, down RS.

press it

  • Hold R, double tap A.

elegant slip

  • Hold R, left, left RS.


  • Hold L, press Y twice.

Here and now (Cristiano Ronaldo)

  • Hold R, press A.

Looking at the sky

  • Hold R, keep RS left.

kiss the doll

  • Hold ZL, press A twice.

The old

  • Hold ZL, press RS.

calm down everyone

  • Hold L, double tap X.

bear claws

  • Hold L, hold up RS.


  • Hold L, hold down RS.

robot dance

  • Hold L, up, RS down.

Move it

  • Hold L, Right, Left RS.

clapping palms

  • Hold L, right, right RS.

Marking muscle

  • Hold R, up, RS down.


  • Hold R, Right, Left RS.

The worm

  • Hold R, full right turn with RS.


  • Hold R, down, down RS.

rampant bird

  • Hold R, press Y.

Horse dance

  • Hold L, press RS.

Unlockable EAS FC Festivities

EAS FC unlockable celebrations are movements included in FIFA 23 in its Legacy edition of Nintendo Switch that are unlocked after having played a lot of FIFA and having leveled up your EA account. Normally this level is not reset from one installment to the next, so your level will continue to rise year after year.

These are all the unlockable EAS FC celebrations in FIFA 23 for the Nintendo Switch version:

many bows

  • Hold ZR, hold up RS.


  • Hold ZR, hold right RS.


  • Hold ZR, double tap X.

slide backwards

  • Hold R, double tap X.


  • Hold R, press RS.

irish dance

  • Hold R, up, up RS.


  • Hold R, right, right RS.

back worm

  • Hold R, full left turn with RS.

Uncontrolled backflip

  • Hold ZR, full right turn with RS.

Pine tree

  • Hold ZR, full left turn with RS.

twists and falls

  • Hold ZR, up, up RS.

Rowing on your knees

  • Hold ZR, left, left RS.

Seated rowing

  • Hold ZR, right, right RS.

walk on your knees

  • Hold ZR, press X.

cradle baby

  • Hold ZR, press Y.


  • Hold ZR, press Y twice.


  • Hold R, hold up RS.

karate kicks

  • Hold R, hold right RS.

Flying kick

  • Hold R, hold down RS.

Ice skating

  • Hold R, down, RS up.

Golf club

  • Hold R, Left, Right RS.

dance 1

  • Hold ZR, down, RS up.

dance 2

  • Hold ZR, up, RS down.

dance 3

  • Hold ZR, left, right RS.

dance 4

  • Hold ZR, right, left RS.