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FIFA 23 first owner player, how to get one?

FIFA 23 first owner player, how to get one?

 In FIFA 23, there are cards called "Player first holder" and we will therefore show you the method to obtain them.

FIFA 23 is now available and as in previous games, you will be able to acquire many cards which can be Ones to Watch, Teams of the Week, or even First Player Holders.

Some are also wondering how to get these special “ First Player Holder ” cards on FIFA 23 and if this is your case, you will get them by completing objectives, completing DCEs, or within the different game packs.

How to get first-owner player cards on FIFA 23?

If you're wondering how to get a First Holder Player type card on FIFA 23, well, you have different methods to acquire one, and here are the ways you can get it:

  • By completing objectives
  • By completing certain DCEs (Team Building Challenges)
  • By opening packs, it is also possible to obtain some

For those wondering what these cards are good for, well, they allow you to complete certain DCEs (or SBCs) which may require you to use one or more First Owned Players as a requirement to complete it. We remind you in passing that the cards belonging to this category can be sold without any problem in order to earn some VC which are useful for you to buy other packs. Finally, don't forget that OTW cards can evolve over the course of the season and allow you after a certain time to have exceptional players.