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Gotham Knights - Beginner's Guide

 A Quick Beginner's Guide to Gotham Knights

In this guide, we've compiled the most useful Gotham Knights tips to help make the game easier for new gamers. In addition to useful information, answers to the most frequently asked questions from users will also be marked.

How to reset skill points

How to reset skill points

Unfortunately, the developers did not provide a skill reset function, but this should not be a problem for the players. All abilities in the branches do not drastically change the gameplay, so the user will not become much more effective in combat if he chooses another skill. Please note that each hero has their own ability trees, and all experience gained is transferred to all available characters. When moving to another superhero, the player can easily distribute ability points and improve existing abilities. In addition, there are no shared account points in Gotham Knights, and all points earned are transferred to all superheroes.

How to open a cooperative

Gotham Knights has co-op, which can simultaneously participate up to two people. Players have the opportunity to connect to the session together with friends or strangers who agree to join the current story. Also, users can independently invite other players to their game to help with the passage of existing tasks. Connecting players' levels have been temporarily aligned with the host level to ensure a balanced gameplay experience.

When connecting to other sessions, the player will receive all the experience earned to his main account and save the progress made. There is also the possibility of repeating tasks with other users. Co-op is not cross-platform - players can only join people playing on the same platform as them.

To unlock the co-op, the player must complete the second story mission, The Langstrom Drive. To play with a friend, both users must first complete this task, and then go through training in the Belfry (The Belfry). After these steps, the online game is immediately unlocked.

How to unlock fast travel

Players can explore the world of Gotham Knights in a variety of ways, from riding a motorcycle, jumping from rooftop to rooftop with a grappling hook, or flying over buildings after completing The Knighthood Challenge. Users can also use fast travel, but from the very beginning of the game they have one single point open - the shelter, The Belfry. It should be borne in mind that after moving to the base, optional crime markers are deleted on the map.

The real fast travel, which is free and has no side effects, becomes available after the first mission of Chapter 2: Aka Oswald Cobblepot (Chapter 2: Aka Oswald Cobblepot.). After completing the quest, the player can talk to Lucius Fox, who will tell you some of the details of the quest.

Superheroes have to unlock fast travel points by hacking drones. After performing this action, the fast travel point remains active and becomes available for each of the heroes.

In this case, the player's goal is to detect drones in the assigned area (no more than three) and scan them from a short distance. Some drones are covered with a protective screen, so they can only be scanned while on a special docking station. Follow the drones or wait at the docking station to scan them. Inspect all drones to unlock fast travel points.

How to switch heroes

Users can switch between each of the four heroes in their hideout, The Belfry. Go to the hero costumes and select the one you want to play as. Please note that changing the character in the middle of the mission will not work.

It's also worth exploring the skill tree, as all four superheroes have individual equipment and abilities. They share a common level of experience and all have their own skill points to distribute. Some challenges, such as Guard Break or Knighthood, must be completed by every superhero to unlock their full potential. If you need to change characters frequently, players must be ready to upgrade some achievements, skills and equipment, otherwise they may have problems with the current tasks.

We recommend that you try out all the heroes in advance to understand which ones suit the user's playstyle and which do not.

Quick Tips

Below is the most important information for beginners:

  1. Play in co-op mode. The developers have added a multiplayer game function for two players, which will greatly simplify the passage and gameplay. Please note that a partner can connect to the session at any time without exception after completing the mission “Aka Oswald Cobblepot” and completing the training at The Belfry.
  2. Try all the characters. Despite the presence of a small introductory description, it will not work to study all aspects of the gameplay for different heroes with the help of a hint. In this case, we recommend that you try each superhero in turn and choose the one that best suits your play style. Look at the skill tree of each hero and determine the best one for yourself. This choice is not for the whole game - you can change the character at any time.
  3. Use traps. Before a skirmish in close combat, it is advisable to scatter mines around the location, and use useful devices in the battle. It is worth considering in advance the resistance of the opponents to certain types of damage.
  4. Move more often. Never stay at one point for too long. Soon after the battle with the enemies, the police will arrive at the scene of the battle, who will consider the superhero a criminal and begin to attack him.
  5. Skip puzzles. Some puzzles can be automatically skipped and, if desired, not to waste time on them. In the game settings there is a special CSI mode (CSI mode), which greatly simplifies the solution of puzzles.
  6. Follow the information. Pay attention to notifications, data, and emails. With the help of them, the player will be able to open new tasks and additional content, meet NPCs and receive bonus rewards. Check all exclamation marks on the computer after returning to Belfry.
  7. Study the enemy. Superheroes receive a variety of rewards for destroying opponents of certain factions. There are many different criminals who belong to certain gangs. Killing specific enemies will allow you to get some materials. The necessary information about rewards can be found in the crafting menu.
  8. Don't fight the cops. Fighting law enforcement doesn't provide any experience for superheroes, so it's best to avoid such encounters if possible.
  9. Don't be afraid to die. If the player loses all health in the process of completing the task, then he will only return to the last checkpoint. After dying in the open world, the superhero will go to the nearest safe place. In this case, after a complete loss of health, the user will lose a small amount of scrap and the progress of the collected evidence.
  10. Don't forget to upgrade your heroes. As they gain in-game experience, characters earn special skill points that can be spent on unlocking useful abilities. First of all, experience can be obtained for completing missions and destroying enemies. In addition, the more difficult they are, the more points the superhero will earn. Also pay attention to the available additional activities, challenges and searches for secrets. All accumulated experience is synchronized between all characters. so you can freely switch between them. Please note that when pumping one hero, the points of another are not spent.
  11. Operate covertly. The player can deal with his enemies silently. To do this, mark opponents and perform covert finishing moves from behind. Be careful not to make too much noise to attract other criminals. The best hero for stealth is Robin. With this character, smoke bombs can be used to get out of sight of opponents and return to their silent elimination.
  12. Pay attention to the weaknesses and defenses of enemies. All opponents have weaknesses and resistance to some elements, such as acid and fire. Before the battle, it is desirable to take into account such nuances. Information about all found criminals can be obtained from the computer. Go to the Database tab and open Profiles.