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Gotham Knights Finding Man-Bats (Dangerous Skies) - Game Guide

 During the eighth main mission "Demon's Head: Dangerous Skies" in Gotham Knights you should find and defeat three Man-Bats. But where exactly are the bat men hiding? At this point, we show you the exact locations of the Man-Bats.

Gotham Knights Finding Man-Bats (Dangerous Skies) - Game Guide

Find all Man Bats

You get this task during main mission 8.1 "Dangerous Skies". Your task is to find and defeat Man-Bats in three different locations in Gotham City. The only information you get is that they should stay at the Elliot Center, Gotham City General Hospital, and Waynetech.

These are very tall buildings in Downtown and Lower Gotham. You have to climb onto the roofs here and run to the middle. Then the respective Man-Bat appears and starts to land so that you can fight him. In the following, we describe the locations of the Man-Bats in more detail.

Man-Bat at Gotham City General Hospital

This Man-Bat circles over the roof of Gotham City General Hospital in Downtown's West End sub-district.

Man-Bat at the Elliot Center

The next Man-Bat can be found on the roof of the Elliot Center in Downtown's financial district.

Man-Bat at Waynetech

In the very south of Lower Gotham in the Southside district, you will find a Man-Bat over the roof of the Waynetech building.