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Gotham Knights: How to solve the owl head puzzle in the maze

 Stuck on the owl head puzzle in the Gotham Knights quest Between Gotham's Walls maze? We show you what is the correct solution to complete it.

Gotham Knights: How to solve the owl head puzzle in the maze

The history of Gotham Knights sometimes puts us in front of some other intellectual predicament that we must be able to solve if we want to move forward, as specifically happens with the owl head puzzle that is in the labyrinth during mission 5.2 "Between the walls of Gotham" corresponding to case 05: The Court of Owls.

If you've come this far, it's probably because you're stuck and can't find the right solution to this puzzle. Do not worry, in this entry of our guide below we show you what you must do to be able to solve it and move on.

What is the solution to the puzzle of the owl head in the maze?

Mission 5.2 "Between the Walls of Gotham" from the main story of Gotham Knights leads us to end up trapped in a labyrinth full of traps. During this mission, at one point while trying to escape from the labyrinth, we will end up locked in a room that has a huge statue in the center in the shape of an owl's head, and in this room, we will see several pressure plates with some symbols (two on grappling points and two on the ground).

The key to getting out of here and solving the puzzle is to activate the four pressure plates in a certain order to make the owl's head rotate correctly. Of course, in addition, you have to press the plates quickly before the position of the owl head resets and returns to its original orientation.

That said, the solution and order of this puzzle, therefore, is as follows:

1st pressure plate

  • The first pressure plate is the one at the grapple point behind the owl's head at the back of the room from where you enter it.

2nd pressure plate

  • From the grappling point of the first plate, this second one that you have to step on the ground is the one that remains in the lower left corner.

3rd pressure plate

  • Taking the grip point of the first plate as an orientation, the third one that must be stepped on the ground is the one that remains in the upper right corner.

4th pressure plate

  • The fourth and last pressure plate is the one on the grappling point just above where you enter the room (that is, the one on the opposite side of the first plate to be activated).

Basically we know that this is the correct order by the figure that is inside the owl's mouth, which indicates which is the next pressure plate to activate, according to its symbol. If for whatever reason you get the order wrong while trying to solve it, or you don't arrive on time, just try again. When you do it right, a door will open so you can continue with the mission to escape the maze.

Now you know what to do to solve this puzzle!