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Gotham Knights: How to Solve the Sudoku Puzzle in Kane's Office

 Stuck with the sudoku puzzle in Kane's office from the Gotham Knights Voice of the Tribunal mission? We show you what is the correct solution to complete it.

Gotham Knights: How to Solve the Sudoku Puzzle in Kane's Office

The history of Gotham Knights sometimes puts us in front of some other intellectual predicament that we must be able to resolve if we want to move forward, as specifically happens with the sudoku puzzle in Kane's office during mission 6.2 "The voice of the Court" corresponding to case 06: Jacob Kane.

If you've come this far, it's probably because you're stuck and can't find the right solution to this puzzle. Do not worry, in this entry of our guide below we show you what you must do to be able to solve it and move on.

What is the solution to the sudoku puzzle?

Mission 6.2 "The Voice of the Tribunal" from the main story of Gotham Knights leads us to infiltrate Kane's tower. During this mission, at one point while trying to reach Kane, we will arrive at his office and we will have to overcome a sudoku puzzle on a wall in order to find the private elevator.

How is sudoku solved?

Sudoku is a classic Japanese mathematical game whose main rule is that no symbol can appear twice in the same row or column. That is, the symbols cannot be repeated horizontally or vertically (although they can be repeated diagonally).

Knowing this, we can solve the large sudoku puzzle on the wall in Kane's office that has various symbols.

  • In this case, you can only spin the symbols on the 7 white plates.
  • The symbols that are in the 9 black boxes are fixed and cannot be changed.
  • Remember, you can rearrange the white squares, but make sure that no symbol repeats horizontally or vertically.

sudoku solution

If you need a clear and concise visual aid of how you should order the symbols of the sudoku puzzle, you can consult the following image (it simply imitates the position in which we have solved the sudoku):

In reality, this is the only solution to the sudoku puzzle in Kane's office, since he has no other possible solution.

After you have solved the sudoku the puzzle wall will open and you will be able to access a secret room. Here, in case you get stuck, just keep in mind that you have to scan the globe next to the big painting on the wall with the AR to find the private elevator.

Now you know what to do to advance this mission!