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Guide to cloaks in ArcheAge

 Understanding how to get a cape and improve it

Why wear a raincoat? First, it's beautiful. However, the cloak in ArcheAge is not only a stylish accessory but also an important piece of equipment that significantly affects the strength of the character. Compared to other pieces of equipment, the cloak requires less cost, but there are some nuances here, knowing which you can significantly save both time and precious resources. In this guide, we will tell you how and where to get the cape you need.

Guide to cloaks in ArcheAge

First cloak

The very first cloak is purchased in the guild shop. Of course, this means that first, you will have to find a guild for yourself, which must be at least 3 levels. Guilds levels 1 and 2 do not have access to capes. Next, you will need to complete daily guild quests until you accumulate 150 guild contribution points. This will take you a few days, after which you can buy a cape for the points you earn.

Think about what type of raincoat is right for you. There are 5 types of raincoats in total. Their main difference from each other is in the main characteristic provided by the cloak, and after upgrading to a certain grade, another characteristic appears on the cloak, so choose the type of cloak carefully, otherwise, you will end up with the wrong item. You can buy five different cloaks in the guild shop:

  • shabby ash-gray cloak that increases intelligence and reduces the casting time
  • worn ash-gray cloak that increases strength and dexterity
  • ash gray stacked robe that increases strength, blocks,s and parry chance
  • ash gray satin cape that increases agility and running speed
  • a long ash-gray cloak that increases the strength of the spirit and the amount of health

Cloak Synthesis

The guild cloak can be upgraded by increasing its quality using the synthesis mechanic. After a certain level of improvement, the cloak can move to a new shooting range, becoming even more powerful, but more on that below. At the moment, there are 12 synthesis grades in ArcheAge: common, uncommon, rare, unique, epic, legendary, relic, age of miracles, age of legends, age of legends, age of myths, and age of the Twelve. The normal item is the weakest, and the Twelve-era item is the most powerful. With the increase in grade, the bonus characteristics provided by the cloak will grow.

Synthesis is carried out using other items of the same type, or special resources that vary depending on the type of equipment. Cloaks require soot-covered stones. During synthesis, the equipment experience bar will crawl up, and when it reaches the end, the item will move to a new level. The higher the quality of the item, the more experience you will need to gain for synthesis. Sooner or later you will hit the ceiling, above which the synthesis of the object is impossible. In this case, the equipment will need to be awakened, which will enhance its characteristics and increase the maximum level of synthesis.

Cloak Awakening

Awakening is the process of transferring an item to a new shooting range, that is, to a higher quality level. The awakening process is carried out with the help of special scrolls. These scrolls are personal, so you have to save up for them yourself.

When using the scroll, awakening is not guaranteed. It is likely that you will have to spend several scrolls until the awakening is successful. On average, it takes 3 scrolls to awaken one cloak, but it all depends on your luck. In addition, there is a chance that upon awakening the cloak will break and then you will have to spend a lot of resources to fix it. In short, be mentally prepared.

epherian shooting range

Purchasing a cloak from the guild shop will give you an Epherian cloak. This is the first tier. The Epherian Cloak can only be synthesized until the Age of Miracles grade, after which it can be awakened. It's time for the first time to upgrade the cloak to a new shooting range. To do this, you will need an Epherian Cloak of the Age of Miracles and a Delphic Scroll of Awakening the Cloak Cutter.

Delphic shooting range

Everything is the same as in the previous case, but this time the cloak will need to be upgraded to the era of legends. Then we buy an Ernard scroll of a cloak cutter and awaken the cloak again.

Ernard Shooting Range

As you may have guessed, the cloak needs to be synthesized before the grade of the era of legends. We buy an Efenian scroll and get the coveted Efenian cloak - the first cloak of the top tier. The Scroll of the Epen Cloak Cutter is much more expensive than the previous one and will require a certain amount of time, especially if you want to earn it, relying solely on your own strength.

Efensky shooting range

On the Efenian grade, one of two possible secondary characteristics is unlocked on the cloak. You can look at the available characteristics and change one for another in the item upgrade menu. To awaken the Efenian cloak, you will need to upgrade it to the grade of the era of myths.

To access this additional bonus, you will have to upgrade the cloak to the grade of the Twelve era.

Primal Efen shooting range

To awaken the original Efenian cloak, you will need to upgrade it to the grade of the era of myths.

Eternal shooting gallery

The third tier of Efen cloaks, was introduced into the game quite recently. We take the original Efenian cloak with a grade not lower than the Age of Myths and apply on it a scroll of awakening into an eternal Efenian cloak. The scroll is quite expensive, so get ready for a long farm, especially if luck decides to turn to you in a famous place. It is possible that the resources needed to awaken the cloak are better spent on something else (for example, armor) since the increase in character strength from the new cloak grade will be relatively small.

With a successful transition to a new shooting range, you will receive the legendary Eternal Efenian Cloak. The base awakening chance is 25%, and each failure increases the chance by 5%.

In the event that you have the Primal Ephen Cloak of the Age of the Twelve, then upon awakening, it will also be converted into the Eternal Ephen Cloak of the legendary grade, but the extra experience for synthesis is transferred to a new item, so the next upgrade will be cheaper.

Cloak repair

It was mentioned above that when trying to awaken, there is a chance that the cloak, like any other piece of equipment, will break. Luckily, the broken item can still be used, but it will no longer be possible to try to awaken it again. First, you will need to repair it, which is done using the Ramian Scroll of Restoration. The scroll can be purchased for 10,000 honor points or received as a reward for completing a weekly quest on the Glittering Coast.


The cloak can be further strengthened by applying a rune to it. There are five different rune types for cloaks:

The cloak can be further strengthened by applying a rune to it. There are five different rune types for cloaks:

  • lunar shadow diamond that increases agility
  • lunar diamond of power, increasing strength
  • lunar diamond of hope that increases stamina
  • lunar diamond of unsteady spells that increases intellect
  • lunar diamond of illumination, which increases the strength of the spirit