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Guide to Grounded - how to get to the laboratory

 We tell you how to get to the laboratory and find the code to restore power

Grounded has a lot of interesting and secret locations, including the Lab, which many gamers flocked to immediately after it was added during the early access period to the game. And if at first, it was impossible to get there, then with the release of the full version of the game it became quite real, but the way inside is dangerous and long.

In this guide, we will show you how to get to the laboratory, where to find the password to turn on the power, and what threats you may encounter.

How to prepare for a trip

On the way to the laboratory, you will have to go through thin branches at extreme heights, fight spiders, as well as satisfy your hunger and monitor dehydration. Proper preparation will greatly simplify the task. Before heading out, there are a few key items you need to take with you:

  • Dandelion: Used for soft landings in case of a fall.
  • Food and Water: As usual, take enough with you so that you don't die of thirst or hunger while traveling.
  • Armor and Weapons: On your way, you will encounter enemies, so make sure you have high durability armor and weapons.
  • Bandages: One way or another, you will receive damage. Stock up on bandages to restore health.
  • Torch: Your journey can take up most of the day/night cycle, so be sure to keep a torch handy.

How to get to the laboratory

So, you are ready to hit the road! As you might have guessed from the name, you need to head towards the Hedgerow biome, where the only entry point to the lab is located. To get started, go to the southeastern outskirts of the map. If you open the in-game map, you will see a large empty area representing the Hedgerow biome.

Head into this area, keeping your eyes on the shoulder blade sticking out of the ground. As soon as you see it, find the fence closest to you and go inside. You will see a big red cable, a green paper clip and a small branch that will be the start of the ascent.

Please note that there is a research station above this place with a few muesli bars that can replenish satiety. Climb up the winding path following the red cable and find the juice box hidden among the branches ahead. This will be the first place where you use the rope to get through the fence. Climb up the rope to the next area.

Once you land, you will have two options: go left or right. Be careful, as common spiders and weavers are hiding in the area. The path to the left is the safest. There are fewer enemies, but you will have to make a decent jump to get to the next piece of the rope. If you decide to go in that direction, use a bunch of dandelions to get down safely. If you decide to go to the right side, there will be more enemies, but access to the next part of the path is easier.

As a bonus for going to the right, a small lab outpost can be visited. Inside it has water, muesli bars and various notes available for study. Red cables lead in the direction of this laboratory, it will be easier for you to navigate the terrain. Return to the door and continue along the large branch, but do not go up to the very end. Mushrooms grow on the branch on the left side. Follow them, and right around the corner you will find the next part of the path.

As soon as you go down the second cable, you will find yourself next to a giant flying saucer. There will be only minor opponents here. Follow to the other side to access the third cable. Use it and get to the broken part of the laboratory filled with pouches and small spiders. Collect various items and go through another door, up the large branch. You have finally reached the final zipline that will take you to the Hedge Lab. The fun begins!

How to find the password and turn on the power

You have finally reached the secret laboratory. There is only one thing left to do - turn on the power. To do this, you need to find parts of the password for the computer, which is located in the room in which you immediately found yourself. By now, you've probably noticed a giant piece of paper pinned to a window labeled "Password". There are two doors to choose from - one leads to the power switch, and the other leads deeper into the laboratory. Before moving on, press the keys on the computer. If you don't do this, you won't be able to access the rest of the lab.

Exit to the corridor through the only opening door. Climb up and break the web holding the stuck door. You will enter the analyzer room, where the first part of the password is located. Be careful, as a weaver can sit here. Kill the spider, take the code and some bandages. This room has three doors that you can open. One is located next to the password part, another is in the middle of the room, and the third is in the right corner with a cable.

Go to the corridor in the middle and open the stuck door. Do not enter the corridor itself. It was necessary to knock down this door in order to simplify the task in the future and return to the computer faster. Keep in mind that you will have to fight several enemies. They are very dangerous and can deal devastating damage, so be on the lookout and try to fight them individually.

Return to the analyzer and prepare to descend the zip line to the next part of the password. Before you do this, be sure to knock down the nearest berry. If you jump on the rope before you do it, then you will simply fall off it. Throw a stone, shoot a couple of arrows, or knock down a berry. As soon as you get rid of it, go down the cable.

You will enter a small room and see the next part of the password in the corner. There is a cosmetic item to your right as you enter the room. After you take part of the password and this item, go to the door covered with cobwebs and open it. Go to the room with two bags and go up the ramp. Move to the room that is connected to the corridor marked above. Once you get to the blue room, follow the ramp diagonally and continue up.

Climb up the long tunnel to the supply room and stock up on everything you need. Once you have collected the required items, go down the rope to the next part of the password. About halfway down there will be an open hatch with a light. This hatch is your next location. Time your zip line and jump to the hatch.

A weaver and small spiders hide in the hatch. Jump down, eliminate the spiders and take the items and the next part of the password from the table. Facing the table, go through the door on the left side. So you will return to the blue room, from where you got into the supply room.

Once you return to the blue room, go diagonally across the corridor. Jump on the cable to go to the last part of the password. You will run into a branch that stands in the way, causing you to fall down. Luckily, you'll land on another branch so you can jump back onto the rope and keep going.

Land in the tiny room and take the last part of the password to collect the whole code. It's time to go back to the computer and turn on the power. Drop down the hole in the room, land on the big branch and go down to the open lab door.

Return through the tunnels back to the room with the computer and enter the password. You will be able to access the room using the switch. Go into the room, take the gas mask, chip, and laboratory notes and pull the lever.

This completes the lab study.