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How to enable bots in Apex Legends: guide

 What you need to do to activate bots in Shooting Range mode in Apex Legends. Bots through Easter eggs.

A few years ago, Respawn Entertainment unexpectedly released Apex Legends, a competitive battle royale, and within the first week received a base of 25 million gamers. A huge figure, and even more so for such a short period of time. The success is easy to explain: Apex Legends draws heavily on Titanfall, Respawn's other famous universe, and the company itself has even called the game a spin-off of that franchise. However, Apex stands on two legs far better than anything the studio has released so far.

How to enable bots in Apex Legends: guide

Bots on the shooting range by default

The Shooting Range is a zone heavily used by players for training and is ideal for testing legends (characters), weapons, and inventory. In the training area for this purpose there are targets and bots located next to them, but with one caveat: they are motionless. These bots are quite suitable in order to learn how to shoot in the torso or in the head. However, there is a nuance: in a game match, real opponents are in constant motion. It is logical that passive bots will not be able to portray the style of the game, in one form or another, corresponding to the actions of real players. The conclusion suggests itself: for a significant increase in experience, training with moving bots will be much more productive.

How to enable mobile bots

To diversify your training, warm up before matches or just shake up your skill a little, especially for playing without a second player or team - for all this you need to activate mobile bots.

What needs to be done for this:

  1. In the main menu, in the upper left corner, select the type of mode "Shooting Range".
  2. The character (Legend) can initially be anything since in the future you will have to change it, however, it is strongly recommended to choose a hero who can move vertically (this will simplify one of the important points). Let's say it's Pathfinder.
  3. Start shooting range mode.
  4. At the end of the loading of the mode and the map, having appeared on the "Shooting Range", exit the compartment and move to the left side, to the farthest left bunker (cave). Enter inside.
  5. At the entrance to the bunker or being already inside it (possibly even later), you need to get rid of all your weapons (including those available by default) and ammunition. This should be done before changing the hero (more on this in the paragraphs below).
  6. Once inside the cave, look up. In the dark, the balcony (bridge) will be barely visible, and your goal is to get on it. This bridge is almost invisible, but it is definitely there.
  7. In order to climb up, the previously chosen Pathfinder legend is perfect. Cling to the wall and climbing up to the bridge (remember to get rid of all weapons if you haven't already).
  8. On the bridge, you need to turn around to face the exit and position yourself exactly in the center so that the sight is aimed at the flag. Go close to the ledge, hold down the M key and move the mouse as far back as possible. In other words, you have to rest, crouch and change character. There is an alternative option: set the squat to another key. Assign the Crouch Toggle function to the C key, save, return to the game, hold C and change the character.
  9. At this point, you must choose any other hero.
  10. And the most important point - if all of the above actions were done correctly, then when you return to the game after choosing another legend, you will hear a single characteristic shutter (or click) sound. This means that the bots are already activated.
  11. Now move to the training ground: the bots are in active movement, they can attack and move around the map.

Agree, it is not so difficult to understand the difference between a passive and an active bot: an active bot is a much more interesting target than a passive one, and training takes on a different, more complete, and verified meaning - both for a single player and for a duet or team. Training with an active bot will give you more experience and better prepare you for a real match.