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How to get free Competition Points in Overwatch 2? - LEGAL

How to get free Competition Points in Overwatch 2? - LEGAL

 Here's how to earn Overwatch 2 Competitive Points, a type of free currency that allows you to unlock special cosmetic skins.

Overwatch 2 has made the move to free-to-play and that implies, as usual, the arrival of a series of special currencies. One of them are the so-called Competition Points. With them, you can get skins for the weapons of the Heroes, specifically golden skins for the weapons.

It is a type of special premium currency, which cannot be easily obtained and here we will tell you how to get hold of it:

How to get free Competition Points in Overwatch 2?

To earn Competitive Points so you can use them to unlock golden weapons, the only way is to play Competitive Matches. This type of game is not available from the beginning, you will have to meet some win requirements. You will have to play for a long time to do it.

It is possible to get points in two ways in this game mode:

  • For winning a Competitive Match: 10 points.
  • For drawing a Competitive Match: 3 points.

Golden weapons cost 3,000 points, so you're going to have to win... a lot of games. Arm yourself with patience.

Warning and beware of hacks and scams

We want to spend a few words to highlight an important issue. Aside from the methods we've outlined above, there are no other "easy" or "official" ways to get free Competitive Points in Overwatch 2, no matter how hard they try to make you believe otherwise.

In this regard we would like to communicate, as we usually do for these F2P games, that you take into consideration the following:

  • Beware of potential hack scams on the net.
  • Do not take unnecessary risks and be careful with whom you share your personal data.
  • If not through the in-game store or reputable dealers, do not purchase Competition Points or trust purported offers for them that you see online.
  • If someone, be it a person, website or app, offers Competition Points cheaper than their official price or free, and it is not through a special and official promotion of Blizzard Activision or a partner, it is better not to risk it.
  • In cases of fraud you could be banned or even worse, fraudulent use of your account and/or credit card could be made and you could find yourself in trouble, you are ultimately responsible, be very careful.