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How to quickly level up and upgrade the battle pass in Overwatch 2


How to quickly level up and upgrade the battle pass in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play game, which means that many cosmetic items (and even heroes) can be obtained by unlocking the Battle Pass. Instead of player or account levels, there is now just "Battle Pass Rank". Many players will want to unlock all the items available in it as quickly as possible. We tell you how to speed up the process of pumping it.

You can earn some XP just by completing matches, but there are much better methods if you want to level up quickly in Overwatch 2. There are two main ways to gain experience and level up in the game:

  1. Complete daily, weekly, seasonal and persistent challenges.
  2. Finish matches.

Completing matches is the easiest way to earn experience, but each battle will only earn you a small amount of XP. Instead, it's better to focus on completing challenges, as they will earn gamers thousands of experience points per day if completed regularly.

Many of these challenges are specific to specific heroes. Therefore, in order to level up faster, you should change heroes instead of favoring your main characters. Be sure to check the available challenges in the main menu of the game and focus on completing them.

Challenges in Overwatch 2 are broken down into four categories: Daily, Weekly, Seasonal, and Recurring. Let's take a closer look at how they work. The game also indicates that most of the challenges cannot be completed in custom matches and training.

Complete Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are the most lucrative in Overwatch 2 and are also the easiest to complete. There are 6 daily challenges to choose from, but only the first 3 you complete will earn you experience. This means you can choose which Daily Challenges to focus your energy on. This also means that after you complete your first 3, you should forget about the rest if you want to level up quickly. Instead, focus on completing weekly and seasonal challenges.

You will receive 3,000 XP for completing a daily challenge, up to a maximum of 9,000 XP per day. This means that completing 3 new Daily Challenges each day will net you a total of 63,000 XP for the week. Each subsequent level of the Battle Pass requires 10,000 XP, so for these challenges, you will receive 6 levels of BP.

The easiest challenge is to get the first win of the day. You can also play three matches by queuing for all roles. Some tests are completed with a group, and others offer to endure or deal a certain amount of damage.

Complete Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges take longer than Daily Challenges, and each one yields more experience. You can receive rewards for all weekly challenges. Unlike daily ones, their number is not limited to gaining experience only for the first ones.

Each completed Weekly Challenge earns 5,000 XP, and with 11 Weekly Challenges available each week, you can earn up to 55,000 XP, enough to level up 5 levels of the Battle Pass. Better yet, many of these weekly challenges overlap with daily ones. For example, you might have a daily challenge to win one match, and a weekly challenge to win 10. In this case, you can work on two tasks at the same time.

Typically, weekly challenges ask you to win several victories, deal a certain amount of damage, or perform the necessary team actions.

Take part in seasonal challenges

Seasonal Challenges are a good additional source of experience. They have many seasonal challenges to complete (41 in total in Season 1). Each of them will give you either 500 or 1000 experience points, with the exception of a couple of challenges "Experienced participant" and "Veteran participant", for which you will receive 3000 and 5000 XP, respectively.

Seasonal Challenges are often hero-specific, which means you'll have to play as many different characters to get them more effectively, rather than just picking your favorites all the time.

They are available on various maps and modes. There are tests dedicated to the skills of the characters, and there are also more general tasks. They must be completed before the end of the season.

Complete ongoing challenges

Finally, there are permanent challenges that can only be completed once. Most of them reward titles and cosmetics, but the first 9 challenges will earn you Battle Pass XP. They are all designed to reward the first win of a certain type, such as the first win with a support hero, or the first win in a team fight.

Each of these challenges will earn you 500 XP, and for completing all 9 you will receive a total of 4500 experience. That's about half of what you would normally get in a day just by completing 3 daily quests. But at the beginning of the season, this method can be a good help.

How to quickly level up the battle pass in Overwatch 2?

To complete all levels of the Battle Pass in Overwatch 2, you need to earn 10,000 XP for each level. There are 80 levels in total, so you need to earn 800,000 XP throughout the season. This way you can unlock all the rewards without spending real money.