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How to upgrade tools, weapons and armor in Grounded


How to upgrade tools, weapons and armor in Grounded

Choosing the right gear in Grounded is key to survival. It is equally important to improve your equipment as the character develops. In this guide, we will tell you how to build and use a blacksmith shop, as well as reveal the key points for upgrading equipment.

You can improve weapons, tools, and armor in the game using the blacksmith workshop. This will make the gear much more durable and powerful, and while the upgrades won't provide significant stat boosts at first, later upgrades will help players a lot.

How to open and create a blacksmith shop in Grounded

To unlock the Blacksmith Shop, you need to buy the corresponding crafting recipe from the robot BURG.L. The drawing will cost 100 grains of knowledge.

These points can be obtained by completing robot quests, as well as by learning new recipes, scanning objects, or interacting with purple blobs.

We recommend opening the workshop as early as possible, as it will help you a lot in the early stages of the game, especially when fighting more powerful opponents.

To craft a blacksmith shop, you will need one shard of fragile quartzite and marble, four coarse ropes, and two drops of juice.

By selecting an item available for upgrade in the blacksmith shop menu, you will see its current level, the cost of further pumping, and the effects that this will give. It is impossible to cancel updates and return spent resources - in case of an error, you will have to start over.

How to upgrade weapons and tools in Grounded

Tools, weapons, and armor are pumped along the same path from levels 1 to 5: this way you can increase the base indicators of damage, durability, or protection. In the beginning, only fragile bars are required for pumping:

  • Level 1: 2 fragile bars. Effect: Damage +5%, Durability +5% .
  • Level 2: 4 fragile bars. Effect: Damage +10%, Durability +10% .
  • Level 3: 6 fragile bars. Effect: Damage +15%, Durability +15% .
  • Level 4: 8 fragile bars. Effect: Damage +20%, Durability +20% .
  • Level 5: 10 fragile bars. Effect: Damage +25%, Durability +25% .

After level 5, the player needs to choose one of five upgrade paths. The "Mighty" variant gives a greater increase in damage and durability. The remaining four options give a smaller increase in parameters, but endow the weapon with unique properties: fresh, spicy, salty, or sour.

These four types of enhancements cannot be applied to ranged weapons or special types of equipment such as Peppermint Mace, Salted Morning Star, Sharp Ember Katana, or Sour War Axe.

The components necessary for further pumping, and its effects are presented below:

  • Level 6: 5 grains (minty/sour/spicy/salt). Effect: Damage +30%, Durability +30% .
  • Level 7: 10 grains (minty/sour/spicy/salt). Effect: damage + 35%, durability + 45% .
  • Level 8: 5 pebbles (minty/sour/spicy/salt). Effect: Damage +40%, Durability +40% .
  • Level 9: 10 pebbles (minty/sour/spicy/salt). Effect: Damage +45%, Durability +45% .

If you are leveling the "mighty" variant, then you will need the same amount of the corresponding grains and pebbles, and the characteristics of the tool from levels 6 to 9 will increase by 35% / 45% / 55% / 65%, respectively. In this case, the equipment will not receive any effect of the elements.

How to upgrade armor in Grounded

Protective equipment in Grounded is improved in a similar way to upgrading tools and weapons. Up to level 5, equipment is improved uniformly, and after the upgrade, it is divided into two branches - “Heavy” or “Slim”. The recipe for crafting shields can be purchased from the robot BURG.L.

  • Level 1: 2 fragile shields. Effect: Defense +5%, Durability +5% .
  • Level 2: 4 fragile shields. Effect: Defense +10%, durability +10% .
  • Level 3: 6 fragile shields. Effect: Defense +15%, durability +15% .
  • Level 4: 8 fragile shields. Effect: Defense +20%, durability +20% .
  • Level 5: 10 fragile shields. Effect: Defense +25%, durability +25% .
From level 6, the player will have a choice of two ways to improve. The Heavy variant greatly increases the armor and durability of the equipment, while the Slim variant, although it provides a lower stat gain, will infuse some of the armor with unique bonus skills.

  • Level 6: 5 durable shields.
  • Level 7: 10 durable shields.
  • Level 8: 5 Superb Shields.
  • Level 9: 10 Superb Shields.
"Heavy" armor does not give additional effects and with each level increases the characteristics of protection and durability by 35%/45%/55%/65%, respectively.

Slender Armor increases stats by 30%/35%/40%/45% and adds a unique skill based on armor type.