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Maps for training in Fortnite

 List of the most popular maps used for aiming training, building, and editing

The popular multiplayer game Fortnite brings together gamers from all over the world. Competitive shooter contains several game modes and many mechanics, so to become a true professional, you need to constantly train. Normal matchmaking is ineffective in this regard, so ideally you should use separate practice maps. There are a lot of them: one part is created by the developers themselves, and the other by gamers.

In this guide, we will look at a huge variety of cards and show you what they are good for and how to use them.

How to install and download maps

First, how to activate all the cards and add them to your game. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Launch Fortnite and open creative mode.
  2. Upon completion of the download, you will find yourself in a special location with a large orange crack.
  3. Standing with your back to it, you will see a blue crevice. Move towards her.
  4. Pay attention to the inscription "Recommended". Aim and interact with her.
  5. This will open a menu with a list of popular training maps.
  6. Scroll down and find the line where you should enter the server code.
  7. Enter one of the desired codes below to be credited to the training card.

Maps for training "aim" in Fortnite

"Aim" is a special indicator that shows how quickly and accurately the player aims at the desired point. This parameter determines how effective you are in shooters in general. The cards discussed below are designed to hone this indicator, which you should ideally bring to automatism. They have separate targets, both stationary and moving, which you must hit in the allotted time. Usually, maps contain a difficulty level adjustment so that players can increase their "skill" gradually.

Map code: 7562-1598-0199 - Map name: Box Fight Practice Map v2

Map code: 7562-1598-0199 - Map name: Box Fight Practice Map v2

In fact, this is a universal map that will allow you to hone your skills in both construction and accurate shooting. Of the advantages of the map, one can single out the presence of a simple AI, which can return fire or launch mobile targets in the right order. The bonus of all this is that in certain areas you can further hone your movement and maneuvering skills.

Map Code: 5531-1890-2291 - Map Name: Flea's Shotgun Aim v1

Map Code: 5531-1890-2291 - Map Name: Flea's Shotgun Aim v1

This map is intended solely for training aiming when using shotguns. There are many different tests, a huge slope with ice, and several dozen targets. If you love shotguns, then you will have a lot of fun training on this map.

Card Code: 3847-4226-5095 - Card Name: Teadoh - All-Around Options to Practice

Increasing the skill on this map is associated with the destruction of waves of the walking dead. You can practice shooting at targets or moving platforms.

Map Code: 8022-6842-4965 - Map Name: Skaavok Aim Trainer Chapter 2

Like the first map we reviewed, Skaavok Aim Training is a versatile one. Here you can hone your shooting skills at targets, bots or other players. After opening the game lobby, select the desired weapon, mode, and other additional settings. You can start time trials, free play mode, warm-up or PvP. Many players, including experienced professionals, consider this map to be one of the best for training "aim".

Map code: 2889-5729-6480 - Map name: Cosmos Fast Aim Training

A great option for practicing aiming in the game. The map is designed for all platforms, including consoles and mobile phones. The minimalistic location is often used by international players and is recommended by English-speaking streamers such as Tfue, Symfuhny, and Chap.

Map code: 0631-4923-5407 - Map name: Elite Squad

The plot of the map is as follows: one player or a whole team is locked up on a spaceship, which is literally crammed with a variety of mini-games related to training "aim". A great option if you want to practice random aiming.

Card Code: 9354-4652-0704 — Card Name: AIM ISLAND

Another iconic map created by the famous mapmaker Teadoh. The author updates it monthly, on the map, there is access to all types of weapons that are in the regular game. The player can choose different training modes and weapons.

Map Code: 2732-3053-0999 - Map Name: Trickshot Death Run - Got Aim Pt. 3

An aiming skill map that focuses on helping you sharpen your marksmanship while on the move. There are many tests, and several levels of difficulty. Each test contains several stages, and in addition to shooting, you will have to perform successful maneuvers. The map will be useful even for those gamers who already have high aiming skills.

Map code: 2544-9478-3276 - Map name: Chicken aim practice!

This map allows players to compete against each other in PvP mode, as well as shoot jumping chickens. There is nothing ordinary, some unique mechanics. A great option for improving aiming at small, moving targets. If you learn how to hit chickens, you can hit larger targets with ease. For example, other gamers.

Code Card: 7264-2987-8032 — Title Card: Season 4 WARM-UP

This map was released as a warm-up for Season 7 but was later updated to include weapons from Chapter 2 of Season 8. Surely the mapmaker continues to update his creation and adds all the available equipment from each next season. The author of the map is Teadoh. The current versions of his warm-up cards allow you to hone your shooting or keep your skills up to date before the start of the new season.

Code Card: 0302-3674-9098 — Name Card: Fiend Slayer II

Great way to improve headshots. On this map, you can train your aiming skill with your friends. Contains many different elements of the game. In the story, you, along with three other people, find yourself in a complex stuffed with the living dead. The goal is one - to survive, using weapons and other equipment to destroy zombies. For the earned currency, you can buy improvements.

Map Code: 3411-8390-0877 - Map Name: The Bow Gun Game

If at the time of reading this article there are still bows in the game, then you can practice shooting them on this map. Maps of the Gun Game series are notable for the fact that after each kill you will receive a new weapon. True, in this case, we are talking exclusively about combat bows.

Code Card: 4827-0257-7982 — Title Card: Season 6 Warm Up

Teadoh has created quite a few warm-up maps dedicated to the different seasons of the game. You will be able to use the map for both warm-up and skill improvement. You will be able to fight against other players in the duel mode (1 vs 1), and use a variety of weapons, including a bow. The bonus is that the action will take place in the open air, and not in a confined space, as on most other training maps.

Card code: 3443-2839-6606 - Card name: Combat Training Course

On this versatile map, you can train your aim and building skills. An excellent solution for those who want to excel in all aspects of the game. Comprehensive training will allow you to learn fast and correct building, as well as aiming from behind the cover.

Card Code: 5037-4603-6272 - Card Name: Aim Facility (All-in-One Training Course)

The map is sharpened exclusively for aiming training. Against the background of the rest, it is characterized by increased complexity. One of the most popular maps in this direction.

Map Code: 4580-2260-2868 - Map Name: Selage's Aim Facility

An ideal solution for those who seem to know how to aim well, but still consider themselves an average player.

Map code: 1264-7527-4843 - Map name: Practice Park 2

The map is considered one of the best training areas in the game. This is easily confirmed by the number of downloads.

Card Code: 9166-5951-6941 - Card Name: Teadoh's Impossible Warm-Up

An excellent training card, which, in fact, combines all the elements of the warm-up. You will build and shoot at various targets that appear between the barriers. Once you get into the rhythm, you can significantly improve your movement and shooting. Random targets are perfect for simulating a real building battle.


  • Different types of goals
  • Can upgrade melee, medium, and ranged combat
  • Possibility to improve other aspects.

Fortnite Construction Training Maps

The building is an integral part of the Fortnite gameplay. Through this process, you can disguise yourself, take cover from projectiles, or bypass and attack enemies in a way that they do not expect. Most decisive rounds (frags) are climbed around buildings. Therefore, it is very important to master the construction technique professionally, since it has a special role in the game.

Map Code: 9228-6511-4528 - Map Name: Pan's Edit Course Season 2

One of the most popular maps in the creative segment, Pan Edit Course Season 2 offers gamers the perfect opportunity to improve their building skills in the game.

Map Code: 0120-9071-8042 - Map Name: Edit + Aim Parkour Season 2 Chapter 3

This map is quite popular among gamers as it provides an opportunity to practice building as well as improve shooting. This map mode will allow you to significantly increase your level, learn how to build structures, and effectively destroy enemies.

Map Code: 8244-9672-8499 - Map Name: Pan's Edit Course Season 2 Chapter 3

The building is an important part of Fortnite, which significantly increases the chances of gamers surviving and winning. Therefore, you can use this card and choose the perfect strategy for the game.

Map code: 7815-3063-6749 - Map name: Edit Wars 2.0 Lava

As the name suggests, gamers will have to participate in a war that will primarily focus on building structures. Quite an interesting mode that gets more and more intense as the number of participants increases.

Map code: 8469-2496-3292 - Map name: Warm Up + Aim Training 2

Before jumping into a competitive match in Fortnite, we recommend using this creative warm-up map. It offers players the opportunity to practice constructing structures and get used to the variety of weapons available.

Map Code: 8046-2576-4953 — Map Name: Best 1v1 Map

As the name suggests, this is one of the best creative cards that will give you a lot of fun. With its help, you will achieve amazing results in construction.

Map code: 3357-0716-1639 - Map name: Edit WarZ

Another popular creative map that will help gamers improve their building skills. The map contains several challenges, which makes it more fun. Especially when you play with friends.

Map code: 6883-7955-9350 - Map name: Aim + Edit Course with 256 bots

Creative maps are very important in Fortnite, which helps players improve in all aspects at once. The card in question is one of these options, allowing you to get the most out of the training process. With Aim + Edit Course with 256 bots, gamers can improve their building skills as well as sharpen their aim.

Map Code: 8737-0506-3735 - Map Name: CanDook's Piece Control Edit Course

On this map, you can work on improving aiming, control over the structure, and the speed of its modification. Suitable even for those who do not have experience in building structures and modifying them.

Key Features:

  • Great for beginners and pros.
  • It also allows you to improve your combat skills.

Map Code: 3219-0330-9962 - Map Name: Teadoh's Realistic Edit Map

On this realistic tutorial map, you will be able to practice and improve your building and editing skills, which will come in handy later in the main modes. Also suitable for warm-up.

Key Features:

  • Fifteen separate trials.
  • Great for practicing control, wall takeout, and editing.

Map code: 2878-0330-8756 - Map name: The Building Center

The Building Center is a thoughtful course that will introduce you to the basics of building in Fortnite. Best suited for beginners, and pros will be able to consolidate the previously learned basics. He will teach you how to build some of the most popular structures. Repeat the tests several times to increase the speed of building structures. Thanks to this, when you get into a difficult situation in the game, you can rely on muscle memory. The difference between pros and regular gamers is related to how fast they not only build but also modify buildings.

Key Features:

  • Training in the basics of construction.
  • Intuitive and easy for beginners.
  • A slow start that can be accelerated over time.

Map Code: 1618-1071-3977 - Map Name: MachineRite Peeking Course

Knowing the basics of building, you should also learn how to edit buildings, which is especially important in combat. machinehead models moving targets with different movement speeds. Edit the wall to get the perfect angle, then try building boxes or ramps around stairs or rooftops.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to improve the perception of the environment in Fortnite.
  • Teaches the correct use of covers and structures for effective and safe shooting.

Map Code: 6131-4510-9848 — Map Name: Building/Aim/Edit Map

This map is a great tool for practicing all your skills in Fortnite. However, most gamers use it to learn how to edit stairs. There is a huge staircase that you can climb up. Once you reach the top, you can repeat the process.

Key Features:

  • Great for editing practice.
  • The environment is similar to the main game locations and contains traps, the ability to edit walls, and bots that shoot at you.

Card Code: 6855-7619-4769 - Card Name: Ultimate Warmup Course

The next level to practice building after you master the basic skills. This map will help you hone your building and editing skills. You will not be able to become a professional, but you will gain enough knowledge of editing and building to create structures that will allow you to hide from the enemy.

Key Features:

  • A rather complicated tool, since you will have to build and edit structures.
  • The card contains a timer and a built-in counter to monitor performance.

Map code: 9650-7226-8979 - Map name: Arena Box Fights

Many new players are wondering what is the use of building. There are several instances in Fortnite where players need to build and fight at the same time, and in order to survive in such confrontations, you need to become an experienced builder. This creative course matches players of similar skill levels to play against each other as if they were facing off in a real game.

Key Features:

  • You can play with 2-16 players of the same level.
  • Ability to compete with more advanced players.
  • You can watch other players until the next round starts.

Map Code: 8303-6313-1626 - Map Name: Build Battle Arena

Definitely one of the most unique and elaborate maps for building training. You will find yourself in an industrial area. Grab supplies and weapons and take on up to 15 other players on a map created by Senix.

Key Features:

  • Game sessions for up to 16 gamers.
  • The opportunity to practice the construction of popular buildings.
  • All possible weapons are at your disposal.
  • Resurrection in case of death.
  • Unlimited building materials.

Map Code: 7158-9899-2770 - Map Name: The Build Fight Arena

This is a classic battle arena. Build Fight Arena is a course in which two (or more) players fight against each other while honing their building skills. Don't be discouraged if you lose at first. Regular training on this map will soon greatly increase your building skills.

Key Features:

  • Gain experience, are under pressure in a competitive environment.
  • You have to fight with other players.
  • Be patient: at first you will lose, but soon you will make significant progress.
  • Professional gamers use these cards all the time as a warm-up before competitive games.

Map Code: 7440-4394-8340 - Map Name: Nine in One Edit Course by CanDook

If you want to outsmart your opponents with unusual structures, then it is advisable to learn how to effectively and quickly edit buildings. Wise and well-timed change of structures will allow you to suddenly attack your target, inflicting a fatal blow. The 9-in-1 Editing Course contains nine levels of difficulty to improve your editing skills.

Key Features:

  • Nine difficulty levels to help improve building and editing.
  • Test your skills on the beginner difficulty level and work your way up to hardcore levels.
  • Time trials.

Card code: 3814-3020-7591 - Card name: SANDWICHOW WARMUP COURSE

Another well-researched classic assembly/aiming/editing course. Some parts are identical to other courses. The main idea of ​​this course is to combine key aspects from other creative maps. Most individual cards cover some specific aspect. For example, editing or building. This is a course that focuses on aiming, editing, and building at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Combines aiming, editing, and building challenges.

Map Code: 6277-3564-7805 - Map Name: Raider464's Piece Control FreeBuilding

Unlike other courses, the Free Building map already has pre-built structures. Therefore, they must learn to maneuver, respond and build in a limited space.

Key Features:

  • Pre-placed structures all over the map complicate the process.
  • The map is updated every 3 minutes, returning you to your starting point.

Map Code: 5085-4395-8615 - Map Name: ManuA12's Combat Tunneling Map

This map allows you to practice tunneling. Pretty simple but well-thought-out training course, especially for honing competitive endgames.

Key Features:

  • You will be able to practice various forms of tunneling in Fortnite.
  • Great for practicing competitive endgames (arena, tournaments).

Map code: 0563-9687-6084 - Map name: Pandvil Realistic PVP Map

If there are no competitive events, professionals use this card to improve their building skills and compete with each other. Companies such as Benjyfishy, ​​Letshe, MrSavage, Bugha, Clix, and many more use this code to warm up. Each time you spawn in a random place. Pave the way to victory, but be careful; this card is no different from the main ones, so you will receive damage from falls.

Key Features:

  • Always spawn in a random location in battle royale mode.
  • The ability to compete with friends.

Card Code: 6055-7683-6855 - Card Name: Cook's Warm-up Course

This building/editing course will allow you to develop muscle memory. That is, you have to practice the same actions over and over again.

Key Features:

  • You can build for hours, getting to the end is almost impossible.
  • Simple and intuitive.
  • This map can be used by players of any level (beginners for training and professionals for warm-up).