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Multiplayer in Gotham Knights: How to Play Online Co-Op With Friends

 We explain how the online co-op feature is unlocked in Gotham Knights and how you can play with your friends to fight crime on the streets as a duo.

Multiplayer in Gotham Knights: How to Play Online Co-Op With Friends

Gotham Knights, the new open-world adventure from Warner Bros. with up to 4 protagonists, offers the possibility of sharing a game with another player simultaneously through its online functions. In other words, the work has a marked cooperative multiplayer facet that will surely delight many users.

In this entry of our guide, we want to show you how to unlock Gotham Knights multiplayer and what you have to do to be able to play cooperatively online with your friends. We clarify what you can do and what not, and the general characteristics of this modality so that you have no doubts.

How to unlock Gotham Knights cooperative multiplayer?

In order to access the multiplayer mode of Gotham Knights, you first need to advance a bit in the game's history :

  • You must complete the first main missions until you reach at least mission 1.3 "Weird Science".
  • From this point on, you will receive a notice in the Belfry that multiplayer has already been unlocked.
At the beginning of the game, the multiplayer functions are locked with a padlock, but as you can see, you only have to play the introduction and the first few tutorials for the possibility of playing with another player to be unlocked. Once unlocked, multiplayer will always be available.

Multiplayer Features

Gotham Knights multiplayer allows 2 players to share a game at the same time, both in an open world throughout the city of Gotham, as well as doing main story missions or side activities.

These are the main characteristics of cooperative online:

  • When playing multiplayer: one of the two users will serve as the host of the match, while the other will be the guest.
  • Note that the guest: Keeps its own gear and customization, but makes enemies' strength balance to the level of both players.
  • The city in which it is played: will always be the one of the host game (ie, its crimes, available missions, etc). However, the invited player can complete missions and when they return to their game they will be given the option to replay them or skip them when the time comes.
  • Both players: they can choose the same character if they wish or play with a different one each.
  • You can explore the city freely: to the extent that the two players can be separated from each other regardless of distance, it is not necessary to work together completing activities (although it is recommended).

In addition to this, remember that the game offers a social wheel located on the left crosshead of the control pad that allows you to perform certain gestures to communicate with the other player in the game.

How to invite and play with your friends to Gotham Knights

If you have already unlocked multiplayer in your Gotham Knights game and want to start using this feature, all you have to do is follow these steps:

How to invite a friend?

To invite a friend to your Gotham Knights game, do the following:

  • First load your game.
  • Once inside the game, open the pause menu and go to the "Social" option.
  • Now move to the "Friends" tab.
  • The list of your friends will appear here. Hover over the profile of the friend you want to invite to your game.
  • Hold X (on PS) or A (on Xbox) to send your friend an invite.
  • Wait for your friend to join your game.

If all goes well, your friend should immediately join your game, wherever you are. From then on you will form a group and you can start enjoying the game together.

Please note that in order for your friend to be able to join you must have your game's online privacy settings set correctly. By default, the option to play with friends should be allowed, but if you want to check your privacy, you can do it through the social wheel of the left crosshead of the control pad.

How to join a quick match?

If what you want is to join the game of any other player in the world quickly in Gotham Knights, follow these steps:

  • In the main or pause menu of the game, access the "Multiplayer" option.
  • Select "Quick Match".
  • Choose your character.
  • Now select "Main Story".
  • The game will start the matchmaking process to randomly join another player's game.

Does Gotham Knights have local co-op? (split screen)

If you are wondering if Gotham Knights offer split-screen local co-op, we are sorry to tell you that it does not, the game does not have this option and it is something that the developers themselves have confirmed in the FAQ section of their website.

The reason for this is probably due to the fact that splitting the screen in a game of this type is something that consumes a lot of resources, so it is not feasible to offer this option if you want to maintain stable performance. The only option available to share your game with a friend is by using the online features described earlier in this post.