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NFS Unbound story campaign will be playable offline


NFS Unbound story campaign will be playable offline

The day before yesterday, Electronic Arts announced Need for Speed ​​Unbound, the new installment in the popular racing game series. A new interview with the Criterion studio brought a lot of interesting information. For example, we learned that the campaign will be playable offline, and after launch, we will get a lot of free content in updates.

Physics engine and gameplay

  • The announcement of the game running at 60 frames per second refers not only to graphics but also to the physics engine, thanks to which we will get more responsive controls and more control over cars.
  • The studio responsible for the game, Criterion, boasts that Need for Speed ​​Unbound has the most powerful physics engine of any of its developments to date. The level of difficulty is supposedly comparable to the leading racing simulators, but the game will be designed so that beginners can easily start the game.
  • The most unusual element of the game is the graphics, which combine realistic elements with elements inspired by street art. This should be in harmony with the gameplay, in which stylish driving will be rewarded with an afterburner.
  • The game will once again miss the view from behind the wheel. We will have the opportunity to play with a camera placed on the hood or bumper.
  • Police units should become much more diverse, and the player will have to choose tactics for the specific type of cops chasing him. At the same time, we will get a lot of opportunities to avoid contact with law enforcement officers, i.e. using a police frequency scanner.
  • The game will be cross-platform play, allowing owners of different platforms to have fun together. However, progress will not be shared between different versions of the game.
  • Demo and beta tests are not planned.
  • You can look forward to much more intensive development of the game after the release with updates than in previous releases.


  • The authors listened to the voices of the fans. Their suggestions meant that we would be able to play the single-player campaign offline.
  • The campaign will tell the story of two friends who are separated by theft in the family auto repair shop. The hero, controlled by the player, will have to return the priceless car by winning street races.
  • The authors promise an extensive plot. Side characters will have their own stories and personalities, as well as unique modifications to cars.
  • Each race requires money to "buy back", so losses will come at a cost. Players will also have the option to place smaller bets, for example on the victory of a particular driver in a given race.
Need for Speed ​​Unbound is coming to PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 on December 2 this year.